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Obediah Hardesty - I01596 - Individual Information - PhpGedView
Obediah Hardesty  ‎(I01596)‎
Obediah Hardesty

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 26 January 1758 Virginia
Death: 29 July 1830 ‎(Age 72)‎ Glencoe, Belmont, Ohio
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 26 January 1758 Virginia

Marriage Marriage Mary Hilliard D'Aubelieul - 1783 ‎(Age 24)‎

Marriage Marriage Mary Hilliard D'Aubelieul - 12 November 1784 ‎(Age 26)‎ Virginia

Death Death 29 July 1830 ‎(Age 72)‎ Glencoe, Belmont, Ohio

LDS Baptism 15 May 1999 ‎(168 years after death)‎ IFALL

LDS Endowment 12 June 1999 ‎(168 years after death)‎ IFALL

Buried at 8 August 1999 ‎(169 years after death)‎

Burial Burial Turk-Hardesty Cem, Belmont, Ohio

Globally unique Identifier AD2546A7DCD7A3DD41E6C76BDDD5CDB2
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Immediate Family  (F0171)
Mary Hilliard D'Aubelieul
1764 - 1831
Rebecca Hardesty
1783 - 1850
Urias Hardesty
1784 - 1848
Keziah ‎(Cassannah Elizabeth)‎ Hardesty
1786 - 1852
John Hardesty
1792 - 1818
Lewis Hardesty
1793 - 1880
Solomon Hardesty
1795 - 1841
Sarah Hardesty
1797 - 1874
Catherine Hardesty
1798 -
Mary Polly Hardesty
1805 - 1907


Shared Note
Private 1st PA Regt in Capt. John Finley's Co. and served 7years."‎(OBEDIAH HARDESTY, REV. WA R soldier buried here according tocourt records. DAR Roster #3 gives OBEDIAH HARDESTY b 175 8 Va., died7-29-1830, buried Turk Cem., Richland Twp., Belmont Co., O. Pvt. 1stRegt. Pa. Li ne. Pens act of 1828 in Belmont Co., O. Served under Capt.J. Finley. Ref: S 46362, Pa. Archi ves: DAR magazine Apr. 1953, p 567.Appl for pens. 1828 at St. Clairesville. 59th NSDAR Repor t.)‎ ‎( PAArchives, 5th series, p. 721, v. 2. "Officers and Privates in 1stContinental PA Reg ." Also, "Ohio Records and Pioneer Families", V. 3,po. 82-83. Records of Revolutionary War a nd 1812 War burials in BelmontCounty, Ohio.)‎

"A Richard Hardesty was pensioned 1840 while living in Richland Twp. BornEngland 1751, d 184 7 age 96 years, bur in Private Cem. on WheelingCreek. His wife Mary bur. on same farm. ‎(1s t Pa. Rifle Rgt.)‎"

‎(Cemetery and Family Records of Belmont County, Ohio. )‎

This Richard Hardesty may have been a near relative of our ObediahHardesty, possibly/probabl y a brother. The extensive research of Dot SueYoung reasons that there appear to be two Hard esty families in BelmontCounty, and in Washington County, Pennsylvania, with unique given na mesthat do not reoccur in families of siblings, if they were closelyrelated, as one might e xpect.

* Washington Co., PA reference ‎(above and below)‎ comes from Dot Sue‎(Boaker)‎ Young, re: "Asse ssment Roll for the Year 1785," Morgan Twp.,Washington Co. Also lists Hezekiah Hardesty in t he same township,possibly Obediah's brother. In 1784, the roll lists Richard, Hezekia, andF rancis Hardesty, but no Obediah until 1785. ‎[In 1785 through 1795 aRichard, a Francis, an d a Samuel Hardesty are on the Ohio County, WV taxrolls.]‎ ‎(See Lechey, Howard L., "Ten Mil e Country and its PioneerFamilies," Pub. Waynesburg Republican, pp. 8,9,24,26, & 30. (Also l istsa Thomas and a Caleb Hardesty in the same township regarding signers of apetition for c reation of a new state.)‎

The 1850 census of Belmont County listed a ROBERT HARDESTY, age 68, ‎[b.1782 in VA]‎ a given n ame which does not reoccur in closely succeedinggenerations. Other Hardesty names which ar e found in tax rolls andcensuses which do not often repeat are Richard, Ralph, Hezekiah, Hen ry,and Francis.

The "Assessment Roll for 1785" for Morgan Township, Washington County,Pennsylvania, lists Ob ediah Hardesty and a Hezekiah Hardesty - possiblybrothers? In 1784 Richard, Hezekiah, and F rancis Hardesty are listed,but no Obediah. Did Obediah join these, his brothers ‎[?]‎, in 1785 ? Whatis known of our Hardesty family is that Obediah Hardesty, born 1758, isthe only one o f his family KNOWN to have settled in Ohio.

Apparently Obediah came to Ohio in 1794, from Washington Co, ‎(MorganTwp., now part of Green e County, partitioned from Washington Co.)‎ PA*,having purchased land in Jefferson County, Oh io, and then sold that landwhen they moved in 1796 to Belmont County. The earliest proof o fresidency is given by: "Obediah Hardesty: - Jacob Coleman of Belmont Co.,O. sells to Obedi ah. Wit: Elijah Dyson and Ralph Hardesty." ‎[Possiblythis is Ralph Hardesty, possibly nephe w, son of brother ___ [eitherRichard, Thomas, Francis, or John]‎, who married a "Rebecca War ren"?]

‎(The Ten Mile Country and Its Pioneer Families, Lechey, Howard L.,Waynesburg Republican, pp . 8,9,24,26,30.)‎

Another source lists three Hardesty men as signers of a petition for anew state, taken fro m the Papers of the Continental Congress, as Thomas,Caleb, and Francis Hardesty, sometime af ter 1780, all from WashingtonCounty, Pennsylvania, at or near the same time our Obediah wa s there.‎(Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 48, Folios 251-56. pp 89-96.)‎

- - - - - - -

1820 Census Index, Belmont County, Richland Twp. page 215:

Lewis Hardisty
Richard "
Robert "
Solomon "
Susan "
Urias "
Henry "
Obediah Hardesty

- - - - - - - - -

1827 Enumeration of Belmont County ‎(GRBC Vol VII)‎ p. 61, Richland Twp.:

Obediah Hardesty
Urias Hardesty

The 1830 census for Richland Township lists:

Richard, age 70-80, ‎(1750-1760)‎
John, age 30-40, ‎(1790 - 1800)‎
Solomon, age 30-40, ‎(1790 - 1800)‎
Robert Hardesty, age 40-50, ‎(1780 - 1790)‎
Urias Hardesty, age 40-50, ‎(1780 - 1790)‎
Obed Hardesty, age 20-30, ‎(1800 - 1810)‎ w/1 male 20-30, and 1 female.

These names ‎(Richard, John, Robert, and Samuel --- the last three asveterans of the War of 1 812)‎ are all listed as buried in a privateHardesty Cemetary in Colerain Township, but appear s to actually be inRichland Twp., Belmont County. ‎[note: this is not the Turk-Hardesty Cemetery, which is in Richland Twp., Section 23, NW corner, just outsideColerain Twp.]‎

The 1850 census also lists a William Hardesty and wife ‎[?]‎ Sarah A. withfive children rangin g in ages from 10 to 1 years old. Sarah A. is eitherthe eldest child, or the wife with an in correct age ‎[should have been32?]‎ The former case seems most likely, and it fits with infor mationfrom the Turk-Hardesty cemetery information that Mary Turk, wife ofWilliam Hardesty d ied in 1849, before the census.

From correspondence from Jan Keeline Cozad, 12/96: Jan lists similarchildren of Obediah an d Mary Polly Paris Hardesty, however, she alsolists a son Robert, born 1785-90, VA or PA, wh o m. ____, had childrenSamuel ‎(1811)‎, Daniel ‎(1816)‎, John ‎(1822)‎, Sarah ‎(1825)‎, and Eliza ‎(1827)‎. She does not list William as a son.

Later notes ‎(than the above)‎: These recurring Hardestys with different orvarying given name s ‎(Richard, Robert, Francis, etc.)‎ DO show up inHardesty genealogies of the Hardesty familie s of Coshocton County, Ohio,the files of Gwen Hardesty Oliver. ‎(GED file received 12/96)‎

From her extensive records, our Obediah Hardesty is by age a contemporaryof the children o f Robert and Elizabeth ‎(__?__)‎ Hardesty, that Robertbeing born in Anne Arundel Co, Maryland . This Robert had four brothers -Thomas, Peter, John, and Richard. None of them have liste d wives ordeath/burial places. They are of the proper age/generation to have beenthe same a s Obediah's father's age/generation.

Further, from notes by Roger Cox ‎(letters 1/97)‎ a Richard HARDESTY was awitness to Obediah' s will. This could likely have been a brother, aslisted on this "unknown" Hardesty father' s family chart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hardesty Notes Received from Roger Cox, 1/21/97 & from Becky McPeak1/22/97

Regarding Mary "Polly" Paris, wife of Obediah Hardesty:

Her real name may have been "Mary Hilliard D'Aubolieul."

One older query ‎(Note 1)‎ asked for the name of her father "___ Paris," asutler with LaFayett e's army. ‎(That name possibly being "James," thoughsurely not his original, French name.)‎

No reply that may have been forthcoming was given, however a laterreference from D.A.R. appl ications ‎(Note 2)‎ gave the information that

"...Obediah's wife was named "Mary" in his will, and "family tradition"says that she was th e daughter of a French soldier, and that sincenobody could pronounce her name, she was calle d 'Polly from Paris.' Aquery in Genealogy & History Mag., July 15, 1941, p. 44, query No. 35 74‎[see above]‎ says that she was born in Virginia, the daughter of a French'sutler,' in 1764 . Some family letters say her name was something likeHilliard D'Aubolieul..."

Continuing the above quote, but separating here for emphasis, because wedelve into another p erson and surname entirely, perhaps, we have:

"...In the same magazine, Sept. 15, 1941, query no. 3907 ‎[Note 3]‎, thename HILLYARD is give n as a possibility for the last name, as well asHAWLEY, for the Nancy Ann we have down as HO LLEY who married Samuel orHaddock WARREN. A few of Obed and Haddock's children married eac h other‎[sic]‎."

Same source ‎(photocopies from Roger Cox)‎ also give copies of other St.Clairsville Library ge nealogy data, among them the references to RichardHARDESTY, the same name as a witness who s igned Obediah's petition for apension from the Revolutionary War. This Richard Hardesty wa s in BelmontCounty in 1795, came from now Martin's Ferry ‎[W. Virginia]‎ with an oxteam."

From Hardesty research by Helen W. Wallace, "Correspondence Volunteer"for the Belmont Co. Ch apter OGS, ‎(again from papers from Roger Cox)‎,there are ‎(among other items)‎ lists of lands o wned by Hardestys.

From a list for taxation in 1802 ‎(p. 149)‎ there is Obadiah Hardesty, 2July 1800 on McMahon' s ‎[Creek]‎...

"After the Belmont County Court House and Goal ‎(jail)‎ was erected in1800, the first deed ent ered upon the book of the County Recorderpertained to a lot nead Stewartsville which had onc e belonged to ObediahHardesty. He had purchased from Robert Johnson this tract of land, lo t#24 in the 6th township of the third range, and "Obed" had sold it toHenry and Rebecca Lin go in 1790. ‎(!)‎ On Oct 13, 1800, Lingo had sold itto Robert Bell and it is remembered to b e the first deed recorded onBelmont County Books." ‎(- a note by Marie Hickman attributed t o researchof Mrs. M. T. Ochseinbein.)‎

and in 1803's list ‎(p. 154)‎ Obadiah Hardesty ‎("&?")‎ John Hardesty -Wheeling Creek, Richard H ardesty, Wheeling, Francis Hardesty, Ohio‎("River?" "County, WV?")‎.

On the 1805 residents tax lists there are:

"Obediah Hardesty - 280 acres R3T5S35,
John Hardesty - 100 acres R3T6S24,
Francis Hardesty - 116 acres R2T4S32, and
Richard Hardesty - 309 acres R3T6S23."

These sections are all very near each other in and around the areas ofGlencoe, Neff's Landin g, and Stewartsville. Further, the history ofRichland Township says that a Richard Hardest y probably was the firstsettler in this area of Belmont County, settling in 1795.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Hardesty Notes from Becky McPeak 1/22/97

Certified Marriage Records:

Marriage of Robert HARDESTY to Nancy McMULLIN, January 5, 1809, BelmontCounty. Vol. B, p. 22 .

John HARDESTY and Elizabeth PERSEL, Sept. 19, 1811. Vol. B, p. 43.

Thomas IAMS and Mary HARDESTY, Aug. 8, 1823, Inf. Solomon HARDESTY. Vol.B., p. 68

Jesse CAMPBELL & Catherine HARDESTY, Jan 14, 1822

Lewis HARDESTY & Sarah WARREN, Sept. 24, 1814

Solomon HARDESTY & Catherine WARREN, Oct. 26, 1815. Vol. B., p. 79

John HARDESTY & Mary BELL, Jan. 5, 1815. Vol. B., p. 75.

Archibold HARDISTY and Elizabeth DAVIS, Dec. 20, 1847, Guernsey County,Book D, p. 155

Asa LARRICK ‎(?)‎ & Sarah Jane Hardesty, Dec. 11, 1858, Guernsey Co., Book
B., p. 217.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

...Of Richard HARDESTY, Rev. War Soldier ‎(Note 4)‎ buried in Belmont Co.,

"1st Pa Rifle Regt. Pensioned 1840 while living in Richland Twp. Br 1751,England. Mar Mary _ __. Children: Richard, Samuel, and John. D Mch 1847,age 96 years, Wheeling Creek. Bur privat e cem on Wheeling Creek, BelmontCo. ... He and his wife went to housekeeping after being mar ried in Mch1792. and was buried on the farm ‎(same)‎ at Wheeling Creek. Sons Richardand Samue l served in 4th Ohio Mil Mch 1812. His son John served in 1stOhio Inf in Was of 1812. Fur in for Mrs. A. L. McFARLAND, St.Clairsville." ‎[Note 4 - centennial map of the county, 1879, McF arlandsowned land between Glencoe and St. Clairsville.]‎

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Maryland Marriages: ‎(Note 5)‎

HARDESTY, Francis - 13 Jan. 1703 - Ruth GATHER
HARDESTY, Henry - 28 Jun. 1777 - Ann SELMAN
HARDESTY, John - 25 July 1775 - Catherine THOMPSON
HARDESTY, Joshua - 5 Oct. 1746 - Keziah TAYLOR
HARDESTY, Edward - 25 Dec. 1792 - Ruth CHANEY
HARDESTY, John - 26 July 1788 - Henrietta CHANEY
HARDESTY, Thos. - 24 Dec. 1778 - Jane CRAWFORD
HARDESTY, Thomas - 5 Jan 1797 - Ann CHANEY
HARDESTY, William - 29 Nov. 1781 - Williaminah MARR

Other items from Becky McPeak:

Purchase agreement to buy from Jacob Coleman several items of animals,tools, furniture, kitc hen items including "fifteen pounds of Pewter, oneWeavers Loom and Gun." Mar 1, 1804. ‎(Note : witnessed by Elijah Dyson &Ralph HARDESTY.)‎ - Vol. A., p. 273

Land Records of Belmont County - Indenture ‎("agreement to sellproperty?")‎ by Obediah Hardest y and his wife Mary, of Richland Twp,Belmont County for $900 to Abraham Engle, Aug. 27, 180 4. Vol. A p. 285.‎[What land did they sell???]‎

- - - - - - -
Obediah Hardesty's Will:

"In the name of God, Amen, I Obediah Hardesty of the County of Belmontand state of Ohio bein g at present weak in body but of Sound mind andmemory blessed by God for his Mercies but Cal ling to mind the state ofMortality knowing that man is Mortal and Born to Die Do make - Constitute and appoint this my Last will and Testament first reckommending mySoul to Almighty Go d the giver and my Body to Be Buried in a Christianlike makker after my decease and as regar ds my real and personal Estatewchih it pleased God to bless me with while on earth my Desir e is for itto be distributed in manner and form following ‎(viz)‎ that all my justdebts and F uneral Expenses be paid, my Desire is that then my SonSolomon Hardesty Shall have one Hundre d Dollars to be paid out of myestate by my Executor who will hereafter be appointed in thi s my will -the Balance of all my real and personal Estate I will and bequeath untomy Dear a nd Beloved wife Mary Hardesty so long as she liveth and at theDecease of my Dear and Belove d wife my will is that all the estate Bothreal and personal be sold at Publich Sale and Divi ded among my belovedchildren as follows ‎(viz)‎ My Son Urias Hardesty to have three Dollars i naddition to what he has received the balalnce to be equally divided amongmy Children by na me as floows Rebecca Hardesty, Keziah Hatcher, LewisHardesty, Solomon Hardesty, Sarah Warren , Catherine Campbell, Mary Iams,and I do hereby appoint Crawford Welsh of the County and Sta te aforesaidSole Executor of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking allother will s by me made in Witness whereof I hve hereunto set my hand andseal the Eleventh Day of May i n the year of our Lord one thousande EightHundred and Thirty......

"Obediah ‎(his X mark)‎ Hardesty ‎(seal)‎

" Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the above name obediah Hardestyto be his last wil l and Testament in the presents of us who havehereunto subscribed our names as witnesses i n the presents of theTestator.

"Crawford Welsh
"George Meek"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Letters Testamentary on the estate of Obediah Hardesty deceased":appointment of Crawford We lsh as executor. ‎(Aug. 2, 1830)‎ appointment ofappraisers Henry Meek, William Nichol, and Han ce WILEY. Hance Wileybeing a neighbor, and some of whose sons married Warrens, some of whos esiblings were married to Hardestys. Hance Wiley was also named as acreditor of Obediah' s estate and was paid $4 on July 31, 1830, ‎(to"Wiley, Scarpe (?)‎ & Dillon") and on Feb 9, 18 31 an additional $1. ‎[JRW]‎

Among the estate notes of debts and credits was $32,66 due him on his RevWar pension, and th e note that his real estate was sold to Thomas Iams‎(his son in law)‎ for $2,506. the final am ount of Obediah's estate, afterpaying debts and expenses was $2,942.74 1/4.

Petition for deed for property which Obediah sold in 1828 to one PhillipLaning, which Lanin g sold to one John Ault, but for which a deedtransfer was not made before Obediah died. Th e land was 4 acres insection 35 of Township 5, Range 3, which is shown on the 1879 plat ma padjacent to McMahon's Creek in the town of Glencoe.

JRW - 1/22/97

Footnotes to 1/21 & 1/22 letters:

1 - "Genealogy & History," ‎(Morristown Library, Morristown NJ ???)‎‎[query]‎ No. 3574, July 15 , 1941, Vol. 2, no. 6, whole no. 23, p. 44

2 - #225380 - Addie L. Hardesty Pipkin, cousin of B. F. Hardesty, ‎[son ofSamuel, grandson o f Solomon, ggrandson of Obediah]‎ enrolled in 1926;#222385 - Lucille Hardesty Robinson, daugh ter of B. F. Hardesty'scousin, Alfred. Sources ‎[for these DAR applications}‎ say that most o fthe information came from family letters and papers, some documents.

A later paper in the collection of photocopies from Roger Cox listsdetails of a DAR applicat ion for a Jessie M. Cassanova, #330298, citesalso previous applications for Mrs. Otta Warre n McCommon, Shadyside,Ohio ‎(#328521)‎ and for Miss Harriet E. Craig, Bellaire, Ohio ‎(#293568 )‎and in the body of that application ‎(for Jessie Cassanova)‎ says"...complete record on appl ication of Lorena Baumberger." ‎(This is InezBaumberger, late of Kent, WV. Cites Pennsylvani a archives, Fifth Series,Vol. 2, p 721.)‎

3 - Text of that query from photocopy: "Warren ‎(Waring)‎ Haddock,Claudsberry, Hillyard, Hawle y; Md., Del., O. Par. Of Haddock, Caleb,Lavin & Claudsberry Warren ‎(or Waring?)‎ These ch'n w ere b. ‎(Mead Twp?)‎,Sussex County, Del. If I had missing generation, could tie to line of Sampson Waring, the immigrant of Prince Georges Co, Md. Haddock was born1766, d. Mar. 17, 183 0 Belmont Co., O.; md. Del. 1789 Nancy AnneHillyard ‎(or Hawley)‎, b. May 7, 1768."

4 - "The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American RevolutionBuried in the State of Oh io", 1930, page 172.

5 - "Maryland Marriages, 1634 - 1777, p. 79 & p. 94-95.

* * * * * * * * * * *

From "I show Obediah Hardesty b April 17,1761in Maryland and die d July 29, 1830 in Belmont County, Ohio. MarriedMary Paris b. about 1764 in France and die d October, 1831. Daughter MaryHardesty b Dec., 1806 in Belmont Co., Ohio and died August 24 , 1907 inMorrow Co., Ohio. Married on August 6, 1823 in Belmont Co., Ohio toThomas Iams. Sr c for data: History of Morrow Co., Ohio. CongressTownship, p 689/90."

From DAR application of Ada Hardesty Edwards: Obediah b: July26, 1758.Says that as a privat e in Captain John Finley's company in FirstPennsylvania Regiment of the Rev. War Obediah win tered in Valley Forgeand was wounded seven times in as many different battles. Ref: Rev Wa rRecords - Dept of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Family Bible and recordsnow ‎(1925)‎ in th e possession of Laura L. Huttenlocker, 315 High St.Keokuk, Iowa.

From website ­http­://­www­.­morgansrangers­.­com­/­id70­.­htm­

Will of Obediah Hardesty:
In the name of God Amen, I, Obediah Hardesty, of the County of Belmont and
State of Ohio being at present weak in body, but of sound mind and memory
before God for his mercies, but calling to mind the state of Mortality
knowing that man is mortal and born to die. Do make Constitute and appoint
his my last will and testament first reckommending my soul to Almighty God
the giver and my Body to Be Buried in a Christian like manner after my
Demise----and as regards my real and personal Estate which it pleased Godto
bless me with while on earth my Desire is for it to be Distributed inmanner
and form following that my first debts and Funeral Expenses be paid, my
Desire is that then my son Solomon Hardesty shall have one HundredDollars to
be paid out of my estate by my Executor who will hereafter be appointe in
this my will.---The balance of all my real and personal Estate I will and
bequeath unto my Dear and Beloved wife Mary Hardesty, so long as sheliveth
and at the Decease of my Dear and Beloved wife, my will is that all the
estate Both real and personal be sold at Public sale and Divided among my
Beloved Children as follows: My Urias Hardesty to have tree Dollars in
addition to what he has received the balance to be equally Divided amongmy
Children by name as follows: Rebeccah Hardesty, Keziah Hatcher, Lewis
Hardesty, Solomon Hardesty, Sarah Warren, Catherine Campbell, Mary Iiams,and
I do hereby appoint Crawford Welsh of the Count and state aforesaid sole
Executor of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all otherwills
by me make in Witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the
Eleventh Day of May in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and
Obediah ‎(x)‎ Hardesty

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Close Relatives
Family with Mary Hilliard D'Aubelieul
Obediah Hardesty ‎(I01596)‎
Birth 26 January 1758 Virginia
Death 29 July 1830 ‎(Age 72)‎ Glencoe, Belmont, Ohio
6 years
Mary Hilliard D'Aubelieul ‎(I02592)‎
Birth 1764 France
Death 18 October 1831 ‎(Age 67)‎ Morriston, Ohio

Marriage: 1783
Rebecca Hardesty ‎(I00732)‎
Birth 1783 24 19 Virginia
Death 1850 ‎(Age 67)‎ , Muskingum, OH
14 months
Urias Hardesty ‎(I04783)‎
Birth 11 March 1784 26 20 Virginia
Death 29 January 1848 ‎(Age 63)‎ Montgomery Co, Indiana
2 years
Keziah ‎(Cassannah Elizabeth)‎ Hardesty ‎(I00741)‎
Birth 24 April 1786 28 22 VA
Death 1852 ‎(Age 65)‎ Belmont Co, Ohio
6 years
John Hardesty ‎(I00449)‎
Birth 1792 33 28 VA
Death 1818 ‎(Age 26)‎ Belmont Co., OH
1 year
Lewis Hardesty ‎(I01598)‎
Birth 1793 34 29 Ohio Co, VA
Death about 1880 ‎(Age 87)‎ Piatt County, IL
2 years
Solomon Hardesty ‎(I00549)‎
Birth 2 January 1795 36 31 Belmont, Ohio
Death 14 August 1841 ‎(Age 46)‎ Lee Co, Iowa
2 years
Sarah Hardesty ‎(I02751)‎
Birth 2 January 1797 38 33 Belmont Co, Ohio
Death 20 November 1874 ‎(Age 77)‎ Businessburg, Mead Township, Belmont Co, OH - Shiloh Cem
1 year
Catherine Hardesty ‎(I00546)‎
Birth 1798 39 34 Richland Twp., Belmont, OH
8 years
Mary Polly Hardesty ‎(I02800)‎
Birth 27 December 1805 47 41 Richland Township, Belmont, OH
Death 11 August 1907 ‎(Age 101)‎ West Point, Morrow Co, OH