Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with H

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Haering, Edwin Jacob (ABT. 1920-ABT. 1955)
Haering, Edwin R (Private-)
Haering, Ray (-UNKNOWN)
Hafichek, Fedir (-UNKNOWN)
Hafichek, Michel (15 MAR 1855-15 MAY 1937)
Hafichek, Patricia (7 JUL 1898-20 FEB 1990)
Hagerman, Charles (1874-1957)
Hagerman, James Nelson (--living--)
Hagerman, John Albert (--living--)
Hagerman, Mary Melissa (--living--)
Haggas, Andrew (Private-)
Haggas, Christiana (-UNKNOWN)
Haggas, David (Private-)
Haggas, Michael (Private-)
Haggas, Richard (Private-)
Haggas, Robert (Private-)
Hague, ? (--living--)
Hahn, Sue Ann (--living--)
Haigh, Ada (1880-UNKNOWN)
Haigh, Christiana (1878-BET. JUL - SEP 1961)
Haigh, Eliza (1876-UNKNOWN)
Haigh, Martha (1874-UNKNOWN)
Haigh, Mary A (1869-UNKNOWN)
Haigh, Robert H (1873-UNKNOWN)
Haigh, Stephen S (1846-UNKNOWN)
Haigh, Thomas (1870-UNKNOWN)
Haines, Adrain James (--living--)
Haines, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hainline, Sarah D (15 DEC 1821-UNKNOWN)
Hains, Everett (-UNKNOWN)
Hains, Gary Ronald (--living--)
Hains, Lester Dale (--living--)
Hains, Mary Ann (--living--)
Hainsworth, Barbara (--living--)
Hainsworth, Fred T (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hainsworth, Jabez (1825-UNKNOWN)
Hainsworth, Joseph (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hainsworth, Sarah (1853-BET. APR - JUN 1920)
Hainsworth, Sarah Aslett (1858-BET. APR - JUN 1914)
Hainsworth, Tom (28 OCT 1891-22 MAY 1972)
Halderman, Violet Elizabeth (--living--)
Hale, Amanda K (--living--)
Hale, Diane K Froelich (--living--)
Hale, Florrie (Private-)
Hale, Mollie (1752-1814)
Hales, ? (--living--)
Hall, Alfred (ABT. 1847-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Alonzo (29 JUL 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Alta (4 JAN 1893-ABT. 1972)
Hall, Benjamin James (--living--)
Hall, Brittany Nicole (--living--)
Hall, Crystal (Private-)
Hall, Dennis James (--living--)
Hall, Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Eileen Vera (22 AUG 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Ellen M (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Floyd (26 JAN 1900-28 JAN 1900)
Hall, Four Son (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Frank Bertram (19 AUG 1906-13 FEB 1907)
Hall, Frederich (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Gary Herbert (--living--)
Hall, Gemma Louise (Private-)
Hall, George William (22 DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Harold Raymond , Jr (--living--)
Hall, Harry Bertram (1871-1938)
Hall, Henry J (ABT. 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Herbert Edwin (18 SEP 1850-5 FEB 1916)
Hall, Jane (--living--)
Hall, Jessica Louise (--living--)
Hall, John (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)
Hall, John (Private-)
Hall, John William (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Judy (Private-)
Hall, Julia Mae (ABT. 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Lola (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Mabel (Private-)
Hall, Margaret (ABT. 1833-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Margatet Fanny (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Mildred (Private-)
Hall, Morgan Fitzpatrick (--living--)
Hall, Ralph Vernon (7 FEB 1895-12 OCT 1918)
Hall, Richard B (25 SEP 1854-25 JAN 1928)
Hall, Sarah Kate (--living--)
Hall, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Three Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Three Son (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Two Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Two Son (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Virgil (11 FEB 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Virginia Susan (25 DEC 1902-UNKNOWN)
Hall, William (ABT. 1849-UNKNOWN)
Hall-Smith, Kathrine Susanna (Private-)
Hallas, ? (--living--)
Halliley, Ada (1873-18 JUN 1941)
Halliwell, Elizabeth (MAR 1824-20 NOV 1895)
Halliwell, William (25 FEB 1859-18 AUG 1939)
Hally, ? (--living--)
Hamaker, Samuel M (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblen, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblen, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblin, David (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblin, David Schuyler (Private-)
Hamblin, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblin, Elizabeth (18 NOV 1832-25 AUG 1895)
Hamblin, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblin, Larry Earl (Private-)
Hamblin, Norman (-UNKNOWN)
Hamblin, Norman (1811-UNKNOWN)
Hamblin, Scott Tyler (Private-)
Hamblin, Traci Lynn (Private-)
Hamelyn, Giles (-UNKNOWN)
Hamelyn, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Bessie (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Fay (1888-1888)
Hamilton, Hannah Eliza (ABT. 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Jessie C (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Larkin P (10 DEC 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Maude (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Myrtle (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Rebecca (--living--)
Hamilton, Ruth (22 JAN 1719/20-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Thomas (--living--)
Hamilton, William (ABT. 1682-UNKNOWN)
Hamlin, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Hamlin, Eleazer (-UNKNOWN)
Hammell, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Hammell, John (1805-UNKNOWN)
Hammell, Michael (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hammell, William (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hammond, (Private-)
Hammond, James (Private-)
Hammond, Margaret (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)
Hammontrell, Living (--living--)
Hamon, ? (--living--)
Hampton, Joseph M (--living--)
Hance, Elizabeth (SEP 1741-JUN 1833)
Hancock, Arthur (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hancock, Fanny Maria (19 SEP 1874-9 JAN 1921)
Hancock, George W (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hancock, Robert (1 JAN 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hancock, Robert Gordon (--living--)
Hancock, Sarah Maria (1862-BET. OCT - DEC 1937)
Hancock, William (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Handly, Lissie O (-UNKNOWN)
Hankins, Austin Burrel (Private-)
Hankins, Fred (Private-)
Hankins, Gavin Conner (Private-)
Hanks, Hezekiah (AFT. 1809-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, ? (--living--)
Hannam, Mary (1829-20 FEB 1911)
Hannam, Sarah (13 AUG 1765-26 SEP 1837)
Hanson, Bayleigh Island Skaye (--living--)
Hanson, Destiny Ada Leigh (--living--)
Hanson, Jim (--living--)
Hanson, Justin (--living--)
Hanson, Kiler Kenneth (29 OCT 1909-25 OCT 1999)
Hardacre, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Ann (1826-10 APR 1889)
Hardacre, Ann E (ABT. 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Elizabeth (ABT. 1811-BEF. 1881)
Hardacre, Elizabeth Mary (20 JAN 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Ellen (ABT. 1875-1876)
Hardacre, Ellis (19 JUL 1831-8 JUL 1892)
Hardacre, Hannah (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Jane (ABT. 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Jeremiah (21 JUN 1830-27 MAR 1896)
Hardacre, John (ABT. 1840-1 SEP 1882)
Hardacre, Margaret (ABT. 1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Martha (ABT. 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Mathilda (ABT. 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Sabina Hannah (28 NOV 1870-31 MAR 1923)
Hardacre, Stephen (ABT. 1805-17 JAN 1806)
Hardacre, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Thomas (ABT. 1803-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Thomas (ABT. 1861-25 OCT 1885)
Hardacre, Thomas (-BET. 1844 - 1851)
Hardacre, Thomas (ABT. 1829-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Thomas (ABT. 1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, Turner (ABT. 1770-15 DEC 1815)
Hardacre, Twin (29 AUG 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, William (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardacre, William Turner (1798-12 JUN 1841)
Hardaker, Alice Ann (ABT. 1868-JAN 1886)
Hardaker, Catherine (ABT. 1833-UNKNOWN)
Hardaker, Elizabeth (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardaker, Evelyn (ABT. 1903-SEP 1931)
Hardaker, Florence (ABT. 1894-DEC 1946)
Hardaker, George (ABT. 1872-JUN 1936)
Hardaker, Jane Ellen (ABT. 1874-DEC 1958)
Hardaker, John Thomas (ABT. 1863-21 OCT 1906)
Hardaker, Joseph (ABT. 1870-JUL 1938)
Hardaker, Robert (ABT. 1880-AUG 1950)
Hardaker, Walter (ABT. 1916-MAY 1939)
Hardaker, William (ABT. 1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardaker, William Henry (ABT. 1865-AUG 1931)
Hardcastle, Dorothy (1691-JUL 1749)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (Private-)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, (Private-)
Hardesty, (Private-)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (ABT. 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (Private-)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (25 MAR 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (18 MAR 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (1804-1870)
Hardesty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardesty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Abner (1824-1883)
Hardesty, Ace or Asa (-21 JAN 1921)
Hardesty, Ada Luella (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ada S (AUG 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Addie May (DEC 1883-APR 1935)
Hardesty, Adeline (11 DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Adonijah (21 JAN 1841-4 JUL 1923)
Hardesty, Albert Maywood (16 SEP 1856-1 NOV 1929)
Hardesty, Alexander (1830-25 SEP 1910)
Hardesty, Alfred (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Alfred (1 FEB 1866-25 FEB 1933)
Hardesty, Alfred (Private-)
Hardesty, Alfred Harve (13 MAR 1911-25 MAR 1994)
Hardesty, Alice (Private-)
Hardesty, Alice (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Allen (13 JAN 1860-SEP 1924)
Hardesty, Allen (29 JUN 1926-8 JUL 1928)
Hardesty, Allice (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Allie (8 JAN 1891-16 FEB 1891)
Hardesty, Alta (12 MAR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Alva Adonijah (14 MAY 1883-2 SEP 1942)
Hardesty, Alvin (16 SEP 1875-23 NOV 1948)
Hardesty, Amanda Jane (1832-AFT. 1850)
Hardesty, Amanda Jane (ABT. 1860-1946)
Hardesty, Amelia (1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, America Sylvia (1 JAN 1858-8 OCT 1890)
Hardesty, Amy (10 APR 1816-1904)
Hardesty, Amy Ellen (16 JAN 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Anderson Buehl (26 JAN 1869-31 MAY 1961)
Hardesty, Andrew J (1826-1839)
Hardesty, Ann (--living--)
Hardesty, Ann (1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ann (--living--)
Hardesty, Ann M (1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Anna B (JAN 1877-9 NOV 1877)
Hardesty, Annie (1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Anthony (1817-BEF. 1870)
Hardesty, Anthony B (12 AUG 1901-12 FEB 1987)
Hardesty, Antonette (19 FEB 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, April Kathleen (--living--)
Hardesty, Aquilla (21 FEB 1799-19 MAR 1879)
Hardesty, Arline (Private-)
Hardesty, Arthur (ABT. 1754-1827)
Hardesty, Arthur (ABT. 1782-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Arthur (2 FEB 1878-8 SEP 1952)
Hardesty, Augusta Noble (7 FEB 1879-19 JUL 1950)
Hardesty, Baby (--living--)
Hardesty, Barbara Jean (Private-)
Hardesty, Barbara Lois (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Beatrice (Private-)
Hardesty, Ben (Private-)
Hardesty, Benjamin , Sr (1735-OCT 1818)
Hardesty, Benjamin (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Benjamin (BET. OCT - DEC 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Benjamin (ABT. 1820-BEF. 1892)
Hardesty, Benjamin F (APR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Benjamin F (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Benjamin M (1874-1931)
Hardesty, Benona (JAN 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Bergen (13 FEB 1915-7 JAN 1994)
Hardesty, Bernice L (--living--)
Hardesty, Bertha (1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Bertha Malinda (17 JUN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Bertie Lou (17 JUL 1928-15 FEB 1929)
Hardesty, Beryl (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Bessie (7 JUL 1888-1963)
Hardesty, Bessie Ilene (5 JUL 1891-1 JAN 1967)
Hardesty, Beth (11 AUG 1918-17 NOV 2001)
Hardesty, Beth Eileen (--living--)
Hardesty, Betty June (Private-)
Hardesty, Bill or Will (ABT. 1877-14 JUN 1923)
Hardesty, Blain (--living--)
Hardesty, Bonita Louise (Private-)
Hardesty, Bruce (1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Burl Leon (27 JAN 1893-15 FEB 1949)
Hardesty, Caleb (14 MAR 1836-26 DEC 1861)
Hardesty, Caleb (-1844)
Hardesty, Caleb (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Caleb (1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Caleb (1749-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Caleb (1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Caleb (11 OCT 1825-6 DEC 1895)
Hardesty, Caleb W (1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Candice Michelle (--living--)
Hardesty, Carl R (8 SEP 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Carl Thomas (1 JUN 1918-7 JAN 1978)
Hardesty, Carol Ann (Private-)
Hardesty, Carolina (ABT. 1833-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Carolyn Edna (19 JUL 1941-27 JUN 1993)
Hardesty, Catherine (1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Catherine (1798-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Catherine J (5 JUN 1829-7 NOV 1908)
Hardesty, Cathryn Maude (--living--)
Hardesty, Cecil Donald (24 AUG 1907-21 JUN 2000)
Hardesty, Cecil Maywood (13 MAR 1912-26 JUN 1991)
Hardesty, Celia (--living--)
Hardesty, Charity (25 JUN 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charity (29 JAN 1776-30 JAN 1849)
Hardesty, Charles (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charles (25 JUL 1859-13 APR 1863)
Hardesty, Charles (1768-ABT. 1843)
Hardesty, Charles (21 OCT 1858-JUN 1897)
Hardesty, Charles B (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charles Edward (--living--)
Hardesty, Charles Edward (31 MAY 1854-15 MAY 1918)
Hardesty, Charles Edward (26 JUL 1892-30 JAN 1958)
Hardesty, Charles Everett (5 DEC 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charles L (1 SEP 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charles M (1867-1947)
Hardesty, Charles W (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Charles Wilbert (25 SEP 1910-4 OCT 1964)
Hardesty, Charlie (1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Chester Blair (28 MAR 1881-1972)
Hardesty, Christopher (4 JAN 1834-14 NOV 1886)
Hardesty, Christopher (Private-)
Hardesty, Christopher Columbo (6 OCT 1861-1 JAN 1899)
Hardesty, Clair Alan (Private-)
Hardesty, Clara (Private-)
Hardesty, Clara Bell (13 FEB 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Clarence (MAY 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Clarence (28 JUL 1892-21 OCT 1892)
Hardesty, Clarence Frederick (23 MAR 1923-3 APR 1923)
Hardesty, Clarence Glenn (Private-)
Hardesty, Clarence Henry (28 APR 1905-5 JUL 1982)
Hardesty, Claud (ABT. 1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Claud Henry (Private-)
Hardesty, Clellan W (24 MAR 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Cleveland (14 SEP 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Clinton Samuel (13 NOV 1912-4 JUN 1987)
Hardesty, Cloyd (10 MAY 1896-14 AUG 1980)
Hardesty, Coleman (1884-1885)
Hardesty, Cora B (1860-WFT Est. 1861-1954)
Hardesty, Crilla J (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Curtis (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Cyrena (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Dallas Madison (2 NOV 1874-8 DEC 1959)
Hardesty, Daniel (1795-2 AUG 1843)
Hardesty, Daniel (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Daniel (1816-1894)
Hardesty, Daniel (1812-13 FEB 1895)
Hardesty, Daniel ? (1829-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Daniel I (15 MAY 1844-1857)
Hardesty, Daniel W (1877-1945)
Hardesty, Darius Nay (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Dave Crockett (23 FEB 1885-1947)
Hardesty, David (12 JUL 1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, David (24 APR 1836-27 NOV 1935)
Hardesty, David (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, David (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, David Glenn (Private-)
Hardesty, David Rupel (Private-)
Hardesty, Deborah Ellen (--living--)
Hardesty, Delia (5 NOV 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Delia C (10 JAN 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Delilah (APR 1855-NOV 1942)
Hardesty, Disher (22 JUL 1907-FEB 1984)
Hardesty, Don Schuyler (16 MAY 1885-15 JUN 1979)
Hardesty, Donald Lee (Private-)
Hardesty, Donna (Private-)
Hardesty, Donna JoAnne (Private-)
Hardesty, Dorthy E (1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eddie (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Edith (29 NOV 1877-30 DEC 1961)
Hardesty, Edith (Private-)
Hardesty, Edith (2 MAR 1914-29 AUG 1989)
Hardesty, Edith (8 SEP 1892-19 JUN 1958)
Hardesty, Edith (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Edith Blanche (6 DEC 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Edith M (17 OCT 1864-16 JUN 1867)
Hardesty, Edmund Alexander (14 FEB 1843-28 APR 1940)
Hardesty, Edmund M (18 OCT 1866-18 JUN 1894)
Hardesty, Edna May (4 JUN 1896-11 DEC 1918)
Hardesty, Edwin (--living--)
Hardesty, Effie (27 AUG 1895-8 APR 1929)
Hardesty, Elaine Gay (--living--)
Hardesty, Electa Florence (1858-WFT Est. 1882-1952)
Hardesty, Elinore Reed (Private-)
Hardesty, Elisha (ABT. 1788-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elisha Edmund (27 MAY 1838-17 AUG 1917)
Hardesty, Elisha I (1753-28 MAR 1847)
Hardesty, Eliza (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eliza (1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eliza (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eliza (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eliza Ann (BET. OCT - DEC 1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eliza Ellen (1816-22 SEP 1859)
Hardesty, Eliza Ellen (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Eliza Jane (7 SEP 1863-1 MAR 1937)
Hardesty, Eliza Jeanette (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (1822-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (-21 JUN 1833)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1808-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (22 MAR 1800-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (18 APR 1803-28 JUN 1843)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (10 APR 1817-11 DEC 1909)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (25 NOV 1842-30 JUN 1905)
Hardesty, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elizabeth K (Private-)
Hardesty, Elizabeth Leah (16 AUG 1841-28 FEB 1920)
Hardesty, Elizabeth V (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ella (ABT. 1871-5 JUN 1964)
Hardesty, Ella (1875-1883)
Hardesty, Ella (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ellen (ABT. 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ellen (1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ellis (1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elmer (FEB 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elmer (17 DEC 1876-27 MAR 1956)
Hardesty, Elmer Loyd (16 SEP 1912-21 FEB 1998)
Hardesty, Elsie (10 APR 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Elsie Jane (26 NOV 1864-8 MAR 1950)
Hardesty, Emily (1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Emily (1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Emily (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Emily E (14 FEB 1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Emily Opal (5 JUL 1871-12 SEP 1944)
Hardesty, Emma (JAN 1922-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Emma (1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ethel (--living--)
Hardesty, Evaline (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ewing (--living--)
Hardesty, Ezra (Private-)
Hardesty, Ezra Israel (27 APR 1840-19 JUN 1916)
Hardesty, Fairy Mavis (Private-)
Hardesty, Female (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Fern (Private-)
Hardesty, Florence Maye (2 MAY 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Flossie (24 FEB 1896-19 NOV 1964)
Hardesty, Flossie (5 JUL 1893-2 MAR 1977)
Hardesty, Flossie Pearl (13 AUG 1899-17 JUL 1975)
Hardesty, Floyd (Private-)
Hardesty, Floyd (Private-)
Hardesty, Floyd (30 APR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Floyd (30 APR 1900-21 JUN 1963)
Hardesty, Forrest Bruce (--living--)
Hardesty, Frances (BET. JAN - MAR 1852-BET. JAN - MAR 1852)
Hardesty, Frances (1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Frances Jean (--living--)
Hardesty, Francis J (1790-MAY 1880)
Hardesty, Francis T (28 JUN 1860-21 APR 1934)
Hardesty, Frank (1 DEC 1869-WFT Est. 1870-1959)
Hardesty, Frank Rev (22 OCT 1880-10 JUN 1932)
Hardesty, Frank (1757-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Frank Allen (Private-)
Hardesty, Frank Bruce (12 OCT 1867-17 FEB 1930)
Hardesty, Frank D (24 AUG 1856-2 JAN 1926)
Hardesty, Frank J (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Frank J (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Franklin Allen (9 APR 1889-12 FEB 1963)
Hardesty, Franklin Pierce (1 JAN 1853-17 MAR 1942)
Hardesty, Fred (8 OCT 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Frederick (ABT. 1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, French Edwin (Private-)
Hardesty, G Wilmer (4 DEC 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Gail Burl (6 AUG 1927-4 MAR 1987)
Hardesty, Garrison (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Gemima (MAR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George (1620-1666)
Hardesty, George (1641-24 JAN 1693/94)
Hardesty, George (BET. 1749 - 1776-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George (Private-)
Hardesty, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George (1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George (1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George A (17 JUL 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George Daugherty (3 JAN 1842-2 APR 1894)
Hardesty, George Hodges (1809-5 MAY 1847)
Hardesty, George Hugh (9 FEB 1875-15 MAR 1951)
Hardesty, George Nicholas (--living--)
Hardesty, George Nicholas , Jr (--living--)
Hardesty, George S (1874-1944)
Hardesty, George W (ABT. 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George Washington (3 OCT 1872-21 NOV 1960)
Hardesty, George Washington (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, George Washington (28 APR 1879-21 AUG 1934)
Hardesty, George Washington (14 FEB 1825-15 JAN 1903)
Hardesty, George Washington (20 OCT 1837-24 JAN 1915)
Hardesty, George Washington (ABT. 1843-6 AUG 1851)
Hardesty, George Worth (29 JAN 1874-7 MAR 1963)
Hardesty, Georgia (6 APR 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Georgia (28 JUL 1864-9 AUG 1896)
Hardesty, Georgia (21 SEP 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Georgia Ruth (--living--)
Hardesty, Georgiana (1862-1880)
Hardesty, Gertrude (1905-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Gilbert Nolan (14 FEB 1907-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Gladys (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Gladys Geneva (27 MAR 1895-16 JUL 1993)
Hardesty, Gladys Irene (29 AUG 1925-9 SEP 1993)
Hardesty, Glennys (BET. 1893 - 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Goldie (18 JUL 1888-24 OCT 1970)
Hardesty, Goldie Pearl (Private-)
Hardesty, Graham (--living--)
Hardesty, Grant (23 AUG 1866-18 DEC 1931)
Hardesty, Greenville Penn (3 MAR 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Guy F (14 APR 1908-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Gwendolyn Bernice (Private-)
Hardesty, Haddock Warren (1833-1911)
Hardesty, Hannah (1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Hannah Q (1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Harley (2 NOV 1893-23 DEC 1953)
Hardesty, Harold (1905-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Harold Paul (Private-)
Hardesty, Harold R (Private-)
Hardesty, Harriet (11 MAY 1789-31 OCT 1888)
Hardesty, Harriet (4 APR 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Harriet A (1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Harriet L (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Harriet L (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Harriet M (16 NOV 1876-3 NOV 1894)
Hardesty, Harry (15 MAR 1875-4 APR 1875)
Hardesty, Harry H (1860-AFT. 1903)
Hardesty, Harvey (14 AUG 1861-8 MAY 1938)
Hardesty, Hattie B (2 SEP 1887-9 OCT 1967)
Hardesty, Hazel (1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Hazel Helen (7 SEP 1887-1931)
Hardesty, Helen (16 NOV 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Helen Mariah (12 OCT 1900-2 APR 1980)
Hardesty, Helen Ware (Private-)
Hardesty, Helma Cross (6 FEB 1902-15 FEB 1965)
Hardesty, Henry (1794-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Henry (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Henry (1836-1845)
Hardesty, Henry Alfred (21 OCT 1873-1928)
Hardesty, Henry C (31 DEC 1853-1927)
Hardesty, Henry C (21 JUL 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Henry Harlan (22 NOV 1859-12 DEC 1939)
Hardesty, Henry Jackson (9 AUG 1872-23 JAN 1949)
Hardesty, Henry N (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Henry Osmond (10 SEP 1869-17 AUG 1958)
Hardesty, Herbert (BET. JUL - SEP 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Herman (--living--)
Hardesty, Hezekiah Danial (2 SEP 1763-1846)
Hardesty, Howard (30 NOV 1919-23 JUN 1981)
Hardesty, Howard D (9 APR 1912-JUL 1983)
Hardesty, Hugh Soloman (25 NOV 1902-17 JUL 1963)
Hardesty, Ida Alwilda (26 JAN 1855-7 DEC 1918)
Hardesty, Ida B (12 SEP 1856-22 AUG 1942)
Hardesty, Ida Mae (6 JUN 1894-21 JUL 1932)
Hardesty, Iden (ABT. 1883-ABT. 1920)
Hardesty, Infant (-31 JAN 1895)
Hardesty, Iona Pearl (--living--)
Hardesty, Iral (JUN 1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Irene (1900-20 APR 1900)
Hardesty, Isaac (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Isaac Newton (OCT 1859-16 DEC 1920)
Hardesty, Isaac Sylvester (13 MAR 1876-12 MAR 1932)
Hardesty, Isabella (JUN 1796-3 DEC 1880)
Hardesty, Isabella (ABT. 1776-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Isabelle (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Isophene (1861-1877)
Hardesty, Ivonne (Private-)
Hardesty, Jacob (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jacob T (1816-16 JUN 1899)
Hardesty, James (ABT. 1790-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James (1834-2 MAY 1898)
Hardesty, James (25 FEB 1906-AUG 1979)
Hardesty, James (--living--)
Hardesty, James (1854-WFT Est. 1882-1945)
Hardesty, James (--living--)
Hardesty, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James (ABT. 1828-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James ? (1822-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James B (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James H (1851-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James Harvey (4 MAY 1862-ABT. 1881)
Hardesty, James Henry (10 APR 1870-28 NOV 1944)
Hardesty, James Joshua (24 MAY 1834-2 MAY 1898)
Hardesty, James Madison (1820-24 AUG 1872)
Hardesty, James Madison (8 OCT 1846-11 JUN 1938)
Hardesty, James Madison (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James Madison (1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, James Marcus (--living--)
Hardesty, James Raymond (28 FEB 1888-2 JUN 1977)
Hardesty, James Richard (Private-)
Hardesty, James Richard (Private-)
Hardesty, James Tucker (29 MAY 1926-24 FEB 1992)
Hardesty, James W (1872-1905)
Hardesty, James Walter (29 MAY 1870-29 JUN 1948)
Hardesty, James Walter (29 MAY 1870-3 OCT 1934)
Hardesty, Jane (21 MAR 1840-27 DEC 1908)
Hardesty, Jane (1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jane ? (1814-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jane A (1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jane M (12 APR 1863-21 APR 1926)
Hardesty, Jane Rupel (Private-)
Hardesty, Janet (Private-)
Hardesty, Jasper (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jasper Earl (Private-)
Hardesty, Jasper Newton (26 DEC 1836-28 SEP 1899)
Hardesty, Jay (--living--)
Hardesty, Jay Dyer (25 MAY 1873-5 MAR 1932)
Hardesty, Jean Jane (6 SEP 1805-26 NOV 1850)
Hardesty, Jeanne (Private-)
Hardesty, Jennie B (28 MAY 1893-14 JUN 1981)
Hardesty, Jennifer Sue (7 SEP 1958-31 DEC 1992)
Hardesty, Jeremiah (ABT. 1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jerilyn Gladys (Private-)
Hardesty, Jerome M (18 MAR 1864-15 SEP 1934)
Hardesty, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jesse (1 JAN 1853-2 SEP 1921)
Hardesty, Jesse Cleveland (25 OCT 1886-2 SEP 1921)
Hardesty, Jesse Leonard (12 MAR 1899-24 DEC 1971)
Hardesty, Jesse Obediah (12 OCT 1812-3 JAN 1875)
Hardesty, Jesse Reagan (28 JUL 1871-15 MAR 1948)
Hardesty, Jessie B. (ABT. 8 APR 1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jessie J (24 JUN 1888-20 MAY 1954)
Hardesty, John (1791-1870)
Hardesty, John (1765-1818)
Hardesty, John (1813-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (1829-1904)
Hardesty, John (1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (1792-1818)
Hardesty, John (4 MAR 1881-BET. OCT - DEC 1952)
Hardesty, John (1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (26 JAN 1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (ABT. 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (1800-16 SEP 1885)
Hardesty, John (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John (1866-1947)
Hardesty, John (ABT. 1817-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John B (11 FEB 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John Beard (1859-1940)
Hardesty, John Dean (Private-)
Hardesty, John Dean (Private-)
Hardesty, John E (23 OCT 1861-31 MAR 1892)
Hardesty, John E (6 MAR 1869-20 NOV 1870)
Hardesty, John E (1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John Earl (10 SEP 1897-7 FEB 1898)
Hardesty, John Earl (Private-)
Hardesty, John Earl (22 SEP 1891-13 MAR 1935)
Hardesty, John Edward (8 JAN 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John Franklin (--living--)
Hardesty, John Frederick (15 DEC 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John G (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John H (2 FEB 1854-23 APR 1930)
Hardesty, John H (18 NOV 1901-6 DEC 1972)
Hardesty, John Harley (ABT. 1908-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John L (3 JAN 1925-26 NOV 1926)
Hardesty, John Obediah (1812-AFT. 1845)
Hardesty, John R (ABT. 1817-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John Thornton (14 DEC 1880-17 DEC 1931)
Hardesty, John W (20 JUN 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John W (AUG 1855-20 JUN 1915)
Hardesty, John W (JAN 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John W (4 OCT 1844-22 OCT 1926)
Hardesty, John Warren (1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, John Wesley (4 AUG 1872-3 MAY 1953)
Hardesty, John Will (19 JUN 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Jonas Robert (1877-1936)
Hardesty, Joni Kay (--living--)
Hardesty, Joseph (1864-1925)
Hardesty, Joseph (1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joseph (11 JUL 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joseph (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joseph (21 SEP 1902-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joseph (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joseph Lee (1891-1891)
Hardesty, Joseph Noah (1828-1872)
Hardesty, Joseph Noah (28 NOV 1827-24 AUG 1872)
Hardesty, Josephine (22 JAN 1924-26 JUN 1984)
Hardesty, Joshua (1789-AUG 1834)
Hardesty, Joshua (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joshua (23 SEP 1828-26 JAN 1889)
Hardesty, Joshua Morton (14 FEB 1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Joycelyn Irean (Private-)
Hardesty, Judiah (1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Julia Ann (21 OCT 1820-22 JAN 1868)
Hardesty, Karen Sue (--living--)
Hardesty, Karl (1905-1978)
Hardesty, Kathleen (Private-)
Hardesty, Keala Harriet (25 MAR 1907-4 APR 2000)
Hardesty, Kelly (ABT. 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Keziah (31 OCT 1837-12 MAY 1912)
Hardesty, Keziah (Cassannah Elizabeth) (24 APR 1786-1852)
Hardesty, Landon Knox (15 SEP 1911-16 MAR 1999)
Hardesty, Larry Alan (--living--)
Hardesty, Laura Ann (12 MAR 1880-22 MAY 1948)
Hardesty, Laura Ellen (28 JUL 1868-19 NOV 1910)
Hardesty, Laura L (1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Laura Marue (1876-1954)
Hardesty, Lee (JAN 1886-1951)
Hardesty, Lela Blanch (12 JUL 1916-18 FEB 2003)
Hardesty, Lela M (JUN 1890-20 NOV 1900)
Hardesty, Lena (ABT. 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Leo (6 MAY 1897-11 NOV 1918)
Hardesty, Leon (14 MAR 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Leona (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Leonard (--living--)
Hardesty, Leonard Bruce (DEC 1862-WFT Est. 1863-1952)
Hardesty, Lester (FEB 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lewis (1793-ABT. 1880)
Hardesty, Lil (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lila Mae (Private-)
Hardesty, Lillian F (1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lillie Mae (24 MAR 1881-1 JUN 1951)
Hardesty, Lily (14 DEC 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lily M (23 JAN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Linda (Private-)
Hardesty, Linda Ann (Private-)
Hardesty, Linda Kay (Private-)
Hardesty, Linna (--living--)
Hardesty, Linnie Mae (5 MAY 1861-14 APR 1946)
Hardesty, Living (--living--)
Hardesty, Living (--living--)
Hardesty, Living (--living--)
Hardesty, Living (--living--)
Hardesty, Living (--living--)
Hardesty, Living (--living--)
Hardesty, Lizzan (14 OCT 1855-1 AUG 1856)
Hardesty, Lois (1896-18 OCT 1988)
Hardesty, Lorena (SEP 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Louis (Private-)
Hardesty, Louis Orval (5 APR 1880-3 FEB 1960)
Hardesty, Louisa (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Louisa Jane (1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Louise Jane (Private-)
Hardesty, Lucille (1905-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lucinda (Private-)
Hardesty, Lucinda (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lucinda or Synthia Ann (1858-1884)
Hardesty, Lucy (1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lucy (28 JUL 1867-1889)
Hardesty, Lucy Ann (3 MAR 1832-28 JAN 1912)
Hardesty, Lucy B (1870-1935)
Hardesty, Lucy Belle (26 APR 1877-JUN 1932)
Hardesty, Lucy May (14 SEP 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lula (1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Lulie (1868-1898)
Hardesty, Lulu (1880-ABT. NOV 1930)
Hardesty, Lulu Blanche (18 JAN 1895-6 OCT 1938)
Hardesty, Lydie (7 SEP 1793-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mabel (NOV 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Madison (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Margaret (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Margaret (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Margaret Josephine (14 JUL 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Margaret Mary (1897-1969)
Hardesty, Maria J (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Marie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Marie (29 OCT 1916-MAY 1985)
Hardesty, Marion (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Marion Urias (7 NOV 1864-25 NOV 1932)
Hardesty, Marshall Glade (Private-)
Hardesty, Martha (28 APR 1862-6 JUN 1944)
Hardesty, Martha (1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Martha (1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Martha Adeline (27 MAR 1873-31 JAN 1875)
Hardesty, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Martha E (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Martha Ellen (Private-)
Hardesty, Martin (31 MAY 1870-15 JUL 1870)
Hardesty, Martin Luther (21 MAY 1885-12 MAR 1955)
Hardesty, Martin Theodore (18 AUG 1859-1 APR 1924)
Hardesty, Martin V (1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (1785-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (ABT. 1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (28 JAN 1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (13 OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (ABT. 1803-ABT. 1850)
Hardesty, Mary (BET. JUL - SEP 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (Private-)
Hardesty, Mary (20 APR 1782-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary (1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary ? (1824-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary A (1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary A (1852-AFT. 1880)
Hardesty, Mary Alice (10 NOV 1865-10 APR 1946)
Hardesty, Mary Ann (1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Ann (MAR 1834-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Beth (Private-)
Hardesty, Mary E (20 SEP 1844-2 OCT 1859)
Hardesty, Mary E (7 JUL 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Elizabeth (20 MAY 1876-10 JUL 1959)
Hardesty, Mary Ellen (1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Ellen (18 DEC 1859-1 JAN 1920)
Hardesty, Mary Ellen (1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Ellen (1821-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Frances (12 MAY 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Frances (22 OCT 1857-20 OCT 1918)
Hardesty, Mary Jane (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Jane (16 MAR 1843-15 MAR 1907)
Hardesty, Mary Jane (11 DEC 1854-9 APR 1890)
Hardesty, Mary L (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Lannie (--living--)
Hardesty, Mary Louise (1 NOV 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mary Lucinda (21 AUG 1828-31 MAR 1901)
Hardesty, Mary May (16 NOV 1876-26 FEB 1952)
Hardesty, Mary Melissa (4 NOV 1859-14 JUL 1914)
Hardesty, Mary Polly (27 DEC 1805-11 AUG 1907)
Hardesty, Mattie (9 MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mattie Irene (7 JAN 1884-25 DEC 1949)
Hardesty, Maud (1 MAY 1905-4 JUN 1983)
Hardesty, Maurice F (Private-)
Hardesty, Maurine (--living--)
Hardesty, May (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, May Belle (14 AUG 1890-21 AUG 1951)
Hardesty, McClintock (16 SEP 1872-1953)
Hardesty, Medie (24 NOV 1886-10 JUL 1887)
Hardesty, Melinda (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Melinda (1847-ABT. 1851)
Hardesty, Melville (1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Melvin Leroy (1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Mercer McKenzie (23 DEC 1844-9 SEP 1928)
Hardesty, Merle (--living--)
Hardesty, Methaniel Newton (30 SEP 1880-20 MAY 1958)
Hardesty, Michael (Private-)
Hardesty, Michael Glenn (Private-)
Hardesty, Mildred Dortha (18 OCT 1914-MAR 1992)
Hardesty, Mildred J (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Milton Willis (25 FEB 1855-27 DEC 1930)
Hardesty, Minnie Belle (30 OCT 1860-17 DEC 1943)
Hardesty, Miranda (1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Miriam Ruth (Private-)
Hardesty, Morgan M (14 SEP 1852-15 AUG 1915)
Hardesty, Myrtle (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Myrtle (15 APR 1887-1964)
Hardesty, Myrtle (1910-29 MAR 1992)
Hardesty, Myrtle Leona (20 JAN 1881-11 MAY 1959)
Hardesty, Nancy (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy (1821-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy (19 DEC 1797-15 OCT 1891)
Hardesty, Nancy (1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy (1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy (18 AUG 1826-17 JUN 1917)
Hardesty, Nancy (1802-APR 1881)
Hardesty, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy Ann (ABT. 1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy Ann (23 JAN 1799-1 DEC 1876)
Hardesty, Nancy Ann (10 OCT 1825-11 JAN 1911)
Hardesty, Nancy E (25 DEC 1851-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy Ellen (31 DEC 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nancy Jane (1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Naomi (1820-1847)
Hardesty, Neil (--living--)
Hardesty, Nelda (21 JAN 1901-24 JUN 1977)
Hardesty, Nell (1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Nellie (23 FEB 1875-10 FEB 1926)
Hardesty, Nellie F (4 NOV 1883-18 JAN 1967)
Hardesty, Nellie M (23 AUG 1864-3 AUG 1938)
Hardesty, Neoma (18 FEB 1825-4 APR 1846)
Hardesty, Nettie (16 JUN 1879-JAN 1948)
Hardesty, Nicholas (25 DEC 1887-21 MAR 1968)
Hardesty, Nina (2 AUG 1900-24 FEB 1967)
Hardesty, Noah (23 AUG 1882-MAR 1968)
Hardesty, Noah (1854-AFT. 1880)
Hardesty, Noah (1851-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Noah Obediah (24 DEC 1811-1887)
Hardesty, Obediah (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Obediah (26 JAN 1758-29 JUL 1830)
Hardesty, Obediah (1817-3 MAY 1879)
Hardesty, Odus (11 MAR 1868-6 JUL 1956)
Hardesty, Olive Eden (11 SEP 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Olive Emaline (8 DEC 1878-12 FEB 1954)
Hardesty, Olive G (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Oliver (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Omar J (30 AUG 1896-15 MAY 1972)
Hardesty, Opal (Private-)
Hardesty, Otis (16 JAN 1887-16 JAN 1887)
Hardesty, Pakekepa (-14 APR 1985)
Hardesty, Paris Nicholas (12 AUG 1908-22 DEC 1988)
Hardesty, Patrica Ann (Private-)
Hardesty, Patricia J (24 APR 1954-21 JUL 1982)
Hardesty, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Paul (1909-13 DEC 1967)
Hardesty, Paul (JUL 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Paul Curtis (--living--)
Hardesty, Paul Lewis (Private-)
Hardesty, Pauline (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Pearl (6 AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Pearl (JUN 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Pearl Clyde (30 AUG 1874-24 NOV 1917)
Hardesty, Peter (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Phillip Francis (21 JUL 1848-19 OCT 1927)
Hardesty, Phoebe (1844-1933)
Hardesty, Phoebe Cedelia (1852-1932)
Hardesty, Polly (22 MAY 1819-7 JUN 1899)
Hardesty, Priscilla (1808-BEF. 1855)
Hardesty, Rachel (12 SEP 1790-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Rachel (14 FEB 1811-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ralph (Private-)
Hardesty, Ralph Jr. (ABT. 1801-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ralph (1908-1909)
Hardesty, Ralph (1781-1848)
Hardesty, Ray (--living--)
Hardesty, Ray M (12 OCT 1892-1 NOV 1918)
Hardesty, Raymond (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Rea B (2 FEB 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Reason B (16 MAR 1841-29 SEP 1906)
Hardesty, Rebecca (ABT. 1804-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Rebecca (1818-ABT. 1885)
Hardesty, Rebecca (1783-1850)
Hardesty, Rebecca Ann (1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Rebecca E (1835-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Rebecca Elizabeth (12 MAY 1836-6 JAN 1910)
Hardesty, Reva M (Private-)
Hardesty, Rex Dee (Private-)
Hardesty, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard (28 NOV 1826-9 JUN 1902)
Hardesty, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard (1810-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard (--living--)
Hardesty, Richard (14 APR 1774-20 JUL 1852)
Hardesty, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard (20 JUL 1785-1861)
Hardesty, Richard (1815-1874)
Hardesty, Richard (--living--)
Hardesty, Richard (30 MAR 1878-13 APR 1878)
Hardesty, Richard A (3 MAR 1881-22 MAY 1968)
Hardesty, Richard Allen (--living--)
Hardesty, Richard Allen (--living--)
Hardesty, Richard B (1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard B (1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard C (5 APR 1804-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Richard G (15 SEP 1755-28 MAR 1847)
Hardesty, Richard Haddock (Private-)
Hardesty, Richard Haddock (26 OCT 1916-1989)
Hardesty, Roberson R (ABT. 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (1780-3 OCT 1861)
Hardesty, Robert (SEP 1947-1997)
Hardesty, Robert (1817-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (Private-)
Hardesty, Robert (27 JUN 1910-18 AUG 1912)
Hardesty, Robert (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (1842-1852)
Hardesty, Robert (BET. OCT - DEC 1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (ABT. 1784-ABT. 1862)
Hardesty, Robert (ABT. 1814-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert (ABT. 1755-1 OCT 1834)
Hardesty, Robert Earl (2 JAN 1929-4 JUN 1989)
Hardesty, Robert F (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert G (Private-)
Hardesty, Robert Marvin (23 MAR 1881-30 DEC 1936)
Hardesty, Robert W (NOV 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Robert Warren (Private-)
Hardesty, Ronald (13 SEP 1893-19 AUG 1988)
Hardesty, Roxie Ann (7 JUL 1843-8 APR 1920)
Hardesty, Roxie S (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Roy C (10 NOV 1900-1948)
Hardesty, Roy Ezra (5 AUG 1947-6 OCT 1995)
Hardesty, Roy T (SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ruby (Private-)
Hardesty, Ruby (NOV 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ruby Maye (10 FEB 1915-1993)
Hardesty, Russell (1891-1899)
Hardesty, Russell (19 MAY 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Ruth (ABT. 1842-BET. 1883 - 1885)
Hardesty, Sabina (Private-)
Hardesty, Sally Ann (--living--)
Hardesty, Sally Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sam (29 JUN 1901-1959)
Hardesty, Samuel (1788-JUL 1814)
Hardesty, Samuel (1811-3 FEB 1862)
Hardesty, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Samuel (1811-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Samuel (1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Samuel (1810-13 NOV 1884)
Hardesty, Samuel (ABT. 1799-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Samuel (1814-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Samuel Clinton (27 JUN 1855-17 JUL 1936)
Hardesty, Samuel Stuart (11 JUL 1873-15 FEB 1939)
Hardesty, Samuel T (10 MAR 1849-13 MAY 1931)
Hardesty, Sandara Kay (3 OCT 1956-29 APR 1974)
Hardesty, Sandra Michelle (--living--)
Hardesty, Sarah (1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah (2 JAN 1797-20 NOV 1874)
Hardesty, Sarah (24 FEB 1805-30 OCT 1864)
Hardesty, Sarah (1859-WFT Est. 1860-1953)
Hardesty, Sarah (1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah (1823-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah ? (1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah A (1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah Agnes (19 NOV 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah Ann (ABT. 1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah Ann (ABT. 1821-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sarah Elizabeth (13 MAR 1846-20 NOV 1933)
Hardesty, Sarah Sally (4 JUL 1786-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Shadrack L (1871-1956)
Hardesty, Shelburne (--living--)
Hardesty, Shelburne (MAY 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sherman (1888-1953)
Hardesty, Shirley Ann (--living--)
Hardesty, Silas (1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Silas W (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Simeon (1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Solomon (22 NOV 1819-8 AUG 1875)
Hardesty, Solomon (2 JAN 1795-14 AUG 1841)
Hardesty, Solomon W (4 NOV 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Sophia (25 JUN 1806-1900)
Hardesty, Stanley W. (23 MAR 1892-27 JAN 1946)
Hardesty, Stella (FEB 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Steve (BET. 1893 - 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Steve (1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Steven Dominick (--living--)
Hardesty, Susan (14 FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susan (21 JAN 1821-18 DEC 1880)
Hardesty, Susan (Private-)
Hardesty, Susan (1817-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susan (1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susan (24 FEB 1805-30 OCT 1864)
Hardesty, Susan (1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susan (--living--)
Hardesty, Susan (20 JAN 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susan Elizabeth (11 NOV 1861-20 DEC 1944)
Hardesty, Susan Marie (--living--)
Hardesty, Susanna (23 APR 1803-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susannah Gail (Private-)
Hardesty, Susie (1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Susie E (17 AUG 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Tessie (24 JUN 1888-25 JUN 1888)
Hardesty, Thelma (Private-)
Hardesty, Thelma May (12 JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Theodore (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (1869-1942)
Hardesty, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (1891-1892)
Hardesty, Thomas (1820-7 AUG 1887)
Hardesty, Thomas (16 OCT 1790-21 OCT 1893)
Hardesty, Thomas (1821-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (ABT. 1780-ABT. 1780)
Hardesty, Thomas (1817-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (22 NOV 1860-27 MAY 1913)
Hardesty, Thomas (Private-)
Hardesty, Thomas (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas (-1946)
Hardesty, Thomas B (1673-14 FEB 1741/42)
Hardesty, Thomas E. (13 OCT 1876-12 FEB 1953)
Hardesty, Thomas Imes (17 NOV 1838-14 OCT 1911)
Hardesty, Thomas J (24 APR 1806-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas J (21 APR 1831-26 APR 1894)
Hardesty, Thomas Jeff (1844-1852)
Hardesty, Thomas Jefferson (15 JUN 1855-11 FEB 1936)
Hardesty, Thomas Jefferson (ABT. 1823-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas Warren (1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Thomas Warren (27 AUG 1868-9 DEC 1934)
Hardesty, Thornton Fleming (15 JUN 1833-10 OCT 1910)
Hardesty, Truman (--living--)
Hardesty, Un-named infant son (28 JUL 1892-28 JUL 1892)
Hardesty, Uriah (5 JUN 1818-13 OCT 1882)
Hardesty, Uriah (ABT. 1831-28 SEP 1864)
Hardesty, Urias (11 MAR 1784-29 JAN 1848)
Hardesty, Urias J (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Valley (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Vera (Private-)
Hardesty, Vicki Lynne (--living--)
Hardesty, Virginia (1828-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Virginia (Private-)
Hardesty, Virginia Lynn (--living--)
Hardesty, Virginia Reed (10 NOV 1894-14 JUN 1969)
Hardesty, W G (14 JAN 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Walter (1813-3 MAR 1886)
Hardesty, Walter (21 FEB 1882-18 MAY 1907)
Hardesty, Walter Wade (26 JUN 1909-4 JAN 1993)
Hardesty, Wanda Wave (Private-)
Hardesty, Warren (ABT. 1815-ABT. 1890)
Hardesty, Warren Haddock (14 JUN 1876-21 JUL 1936)
Hardesty, Weeden (1847-1858)
Hardesty, Wilhemina (27 FEB 1866-7 MAR 1959)
Hardesty, Willard M (SEP 1892-20 FEB 1893)
Hardesty, William (1760-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (BET. OCT - DEC 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (14 OCT 1845-3 JUL 1929)
Hardesty, William (1824-1889)
Hardesty, William (1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (8 JAN 1824-3 NOV 1874)
Hardesty, William (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (17 MAR 1879-DEC 1971)
Hardesty, William (1812-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William (1710-17 FEB 1759)
Hardesty, William (16 JUN 1792-16 OCT 1855)
Hardesty, William Dutcher (14 MAR 1857-1930)
Hardesty, William E (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William E (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William Eugene (SEP 1949-MAR 1981)
Hardesty, William H (24 JUN 1849-2 NOV 1860)
Hardesty, William H (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William H (1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William H Jr. (12 APR 1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William H (1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William Henry (ABT. 1844-1935)
Hardesty, William Huston (18 DEC 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William I (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William J (6 APR 1864-22 AUG 1894)
Hardesty, William M (AUG 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William M (1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William M (13 NOV 1830-27 NOV 1892)
Hardesty, William P (23 MAR 1811-9 SEP 1873)
Hardesty, William R (SEP 1839-AFT. 1920)
Hardesty, William Ray (10 FEB 1936-16 JUL 1974)
Hardesty, William Ross (-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William Soloman (16 MAR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, William T (30 APR 1834-30 OCT 1924)
Hardesty, William Thomas (17 JUN 1812-25 JUL 1889)
Hardesty, William V (19 OCT 1880-20 DEC 1965)
Hardesty, Willie (25 MAR 1875-14 APR 1875)
Hardesty, Wilma (--living--)
Hardesty, Wilmer (21 AUG 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardesty, Wilson (13 OCT 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardgrave, Laura Josephine (30 SEP 1875-8 FEB 1963)
Hardin, David Jeremy (Private-)
Hardin, David Marion (Private-)
Hardin, Dorchester (Private-)
Hardin, Francis Marion (5 MAR 1887-23 DEC 1968)
Hardin, Grace (-UNKNOWN)
Hardin, Harold (19 DEC 1920-26 APR 2002)
Hardin, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hardin, James (Private-)
Hardin, James (Private-)
Hardin, Jean Hogden (Private-)
Hardin, Jerry Cleo (Private-)
Hardin, John L (15 JUL 1893-1893)
Hardin, Joseph L (Private-)
Hardin, Kimberly Anne (Private-)
Hardin, Martha Bell (APR 1885-1959)
Hardin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hardin, Mary Beth (Private-)
Hardin, Mary E (-UNKNOWN)
Hardin, Nannie B (24 FEB 1892-27 FEB 1892)
Hardin, Norma (26 JAN 1916-11 MAR 1916)
Hardin, Orland (Private-)
Hardin, Peggy Jo (Private-)
Hardin, Russell H (12 JUL 1889-7 NOV 1971)
Hardin, Tammy Kay (Private-)
Hardin, Tess (-UNKNOWN)
Hardin, William E (Private-)
Hardin, William Murray (18 MAR 1857-12 FEB 1898)
Hardin, William Murray (4 MAY 1917-20 JUN 2002)
Hardin, William Murray (Private-)
Harding, (Dorothy Mayhew?) (20 MAY 1895-JAN 1990)
Harding, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardister, Jesse B (ABT. 1785-19 FEB 1850)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (-BET. 1871 - 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (ABT. 1834-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (16 APR 1907-16 APR 1907)
Hardisty, ? (ABT. 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (ABT. 1550-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (--living--)
Hardisty, ? (27 MAR 1762-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (Private-)
Hardisty, ? (Private-)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? Mrs (1812-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, ? (ABT. 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, ? (-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, Aaron Graham (--living--)
Hardisty, Aaron Thomas (--living--)
Hardisty, Abbie Rebecca (--living--)
Hardisty, Abraham Dickinson (BET. JUL - SEP 1838-BET. APR - JUN 1839)
Hardisty, Ada (BET. JAN - MAR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ada (BET. APR - JUN 1881-BET. OCT - DEC 1882)
Hardisty, Ada (BET. JUL - DEC 1873-1974)
Hardisty, Ada (MAR 1910-1914)
Hardisty, Ada (DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ada (BET. JUL - SEP 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ada (BET. OCT - DEC 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ada (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ada (--living--)
Hardisty, Ada Lilian (BET. JUL - SEP 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ada M (--living--)
Hardisty, Adam (--living--)
Hardisty, Adam James (--living--)
Hardisty, Adam John (--living--)
Hardisty, Adam Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Adam Roy (--living--)
Hardisty, Adrian Peter (--living--)
Hardisty, Agnes (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Agnes Pearl (16 JAN 1875-3 AUG 1935)
Hardisty, Aime (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (Private-)
Hardisty, Alan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan (16 NOV 1911-13 SEP 1985)
Hardisty, Alan E (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan H (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan Sidney (--living--)
Hardisty, Alan Sidney (--living--)
Hardisty, Alastair (--living--)
Hardisty, Alastair David (--living--)
Hardisty, Albert (BET. OCT - DEC 1873-BET. OCT - DEC 1913)
Hardisty, Albert (BET. JUL - SEP 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Albert (2 APR 1924-FEB 1999)
Hardisty, Albert (ABT. 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Albert (BET. APR - JUN 1868-BET. JUL - SEP 1891)
Hardisty, Albert (3 APR 1910-3 AUG 1992)
Hardisty, Albert (--living--)
Hardisty, Albert (BET. JAN - MAR 1918-BET. JAN - MAR 1918)
Hardisty, Albert (1 SEP 1865-23 AUG 1884)
Hardisty, Albert Clyde Doll (1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Albert E (BET. JAN - MAR 1913-BET. OCT - DEC 1950)
Hardisty, Albert Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Albert Edward (BET. JUL - SEP 1896-5 AUG 1916)
Hardisty, Albert F (--living--)
Hardisty, Albert Guest (28 JUN 1891-BET. JUL - SEP 1974)
Hardisty, Albert Irwin (14 JUN 1889-BET. JUL - SEP 1970)
Hardisty, Albert J (--living--)
Hardisty, Albert J (1906-BET. JAN - MAR 1968)
Hardisty, Albert James Stewart (4 SEP 1894-23 JAN 1960)
Hardisty, Albert Victor (23 APR 1885-BET. APR - JUN 1974)
Hardisty, Albert Walter (20 JUL 1913-JUL 1984)
Hardisty, Albert William John (--living--)
Hardisty, Alcinda (22 NOV 1843-3 MAR 1926)
Hardisty, Alexander (BET. JAN - MAR 1888-BET. APR - JUN 1962)
Hardisty, Alexander (BET. JUL - SEP 1861-BET. JUL - SEP 1903)
Hardisty, Alexander Darren A (--living--)
Hardisty, Alexander Eugene (--living--)
Hardisty, Alexander George (BET. JUL - SEP 1919-BET. JAN - MAR 1972)
Hardisty, Alexander Jordan (--living--)
Hardisty, Alexander Nelson B (31 AUG 1916-OCT 1988)
Hardisty, Alexander Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Alexander Raymond (--living--)
Hardisty, Alexander Ross (Private-)
Hardisty, Alexandra Claire (Private-)
Hardisty, Alexandra J (--living--)
Hardisty, Alexandra Maud (BET. APR - JUN 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alfred (BET. OCT - DEC 1878-BET. OCT - DEC 1883)
Hardisty, Alfred (BET. APR - JUN 1868-BET. JAN - MAR 1933)
Hardisty, Alfred (BET. JUL - SEP 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alfred (BET. JUL - SEP 1886-BET. JAN - MAR 1948)
Hardisty, Alfred (BET. APR - JUN 1879-BET. APR - JUN 1916)
Hardisty, Alfred (1869-BET. JAN - MAR 1933)
Hardisty, Alfred (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alfred (14 APR 1905-BET. JUL - SEP 1972)
Hardisty, Alfred Crowther (1836-BET. JAN - MAR 1891)
Hardisty, Alfred Henry (BET. APR - JUN 1850-BET. JUL - SEP 1928)
Hardisty, Alfred Lewis (BET. JAN - MAR 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alfred N (BET. JAN - MAR 1914-BET. JAN - MAR 1914)
Hardisty, Alfred Oliver (--living--)
Hardisty, Alga Ethel (17 OCT 1884-4 DEC 1885)
Hardisty, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (ABT. 1869-AUG 1955)
Hardisty, Alice (23 MAR 1806-20 JUN 1833)
Hardisty, Alice (26 APR 1801-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (BET. OCT - DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (2 SEP 1604-APR 1674)
Hardisty, Alice (ABT. 1759-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (BET. OCT - DEC 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (--living--)
Hardisty, Alice (--living--)
Hardisty, Alice (--living--)
Hardisty, Alice (BET. OCT - DEC 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice (1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice Eliza (BET. JAN - MAR 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Alice Evelina (26 OCT 1886-17 JUL 1933)
Hardisty, Alice Evelyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Alice Jane (BET. JUL - SEP 1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Alice Matilda (1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice May (8 NOV 1902-21 DEC 1921)
Hardisty, Alice May (1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alice Victoria (--living--)
Hardisty, Alisia Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Alison (1832-1877)
Hardisty, Alison Joy (--living--)
Hardisty, Alison Mary Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Allan (--living--)
Hardisty, Allan James M (BET. OCT - DEC 1879-BET. JUL - SEP 1883)
Hardisty, Allan S (--living--)
Hardisty, Alonzo Godfrey (1 FEB 1945-BET. OCT - DEC 1969)
Hardisty, Alsey (ABT. 1782-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Alva Adonijah (--living--)
Hardisty, Alwyne Spencer (10 JAN 1912-7 FEB 1991)
Hardisty, Alwynne (13 JAN 1952-BET. JUL - SEP 1952)
Hardisty, Amanda Suzann (--living--)
Hardisty, Amanda Y (--living--)
Hardisty, Amber Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Ambrose (ABT. 1754-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ambrose James (BET. APR - JUN 1878-BET. OCT - DEC 1963)
Hardisty, Ambrose James (BET. APR - JUN 1849-BET. JUL - SEP 1929)
Hardisty, Amelia (BET. APR - JUN 1857-BET. JAN - MAR 1936)
Hardisty, Amelia (ABT. 1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Amos (BET. JAN - MAR 1845-BET. APR - JUN 1901)
Hardisty, Amos Arthur (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-12 OCT 1917)
Hardisty, Amos Arthur (BET. APR - JUN 1870-BET. OCT - DEC 1870)
Hardisty, Amos Harry (BET. JAN - MAR 1879-31 DEC 1944)
Hardisty, Amy (BET. JAN - MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Amy (14 DEC 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Amy (--living--)
Hardisty, Amy-Jane Enid (--living--)
Hardisty, Andre (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrea (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrea (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Carson (12 JAN 1851-30 JUN 1884)
Hardisty, Andrew Duncan (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Glenn (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew J (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Jackson (10 AUG 1869-10 APR 1923)
Hardisty, Andrew James (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew John (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew John (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Scott (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, Andrew Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, Angela (--living--)
Hardisty, Angela J (--living--)
Hardisty, Angela M (--living--)
Hardisty, Anita Helen (Private-)
Hardisty, Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Ann (ABT. 1829-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (BET. OCT - DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (BET. APR - JUN 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (1778-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (22 FEB 1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (29 DEC 1664-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (BET. APR - JUN 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (1791-DEC 1817)
Hardisty, Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Ann (ABT. 1860-11 MAY 1933)
Hardisty, Ann (19 JAN 1830-23 JAN 1830)
Hardisty, Ann (5 JAN 1775-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (7 NOV 1714-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (ABT. 1575-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (23 MAY 1753-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann (31 MAY 1770-ABT. 1773)
Hardisty, Ann Doreen (--living--)
Hardisty, Ann Eliza (BET. JAN - MAR 1872-BET. APR - JUN 1898)
Hardisty, Ann Elizabeth (ABT. 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ann M (--living--)
Hardisty, Ann Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Ann P (--living--)
Hardisty, Ann Watkin (BET. APR - JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anna (1860-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anna (--living--)
Hardisty, Anna Isabella (22 SEP 1880-11 DEC 1934)
Hardisty, Anna Lee (4 SEP 1899-19 NOV 1979)
Hardisty, Anna Lureta (9 FEB 1884-29 MAY 1979)
Hardisty, Anna Phyllis (--living--)
Hardisty, Anne (3 OCT 1633-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anne (BET. JUL - SEP 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anne (BET. JAN - MAR 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anne E (BET. OCT - DEC 1870-BET. JUL - SEP 1950)
Hardisty, Anne E (--living--)
Hardisty, Anne Elizabeth (20 APR 1878-9 APR 1935)
Hardisty, Anni (ABT. 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anni (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. OCT - DEC 1882-BET. JUL - SEP 1954)
Hardisty, Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. JUL - SEP 1897-JAN 1957)
Hardisty, Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. JAN - MAR 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. OCT - DEC 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. JAN - MAR 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. JUL - SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie (1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. APR - JUN 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. JUL - SEP 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. APR - JUN 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. APR - JUN 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (5 AUG 1886-21 APR 1897)
Hardisty, Annie (1825-31 MAY 1862)
Hardisty, Annie (BET. APR - JUN 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie (5 APR 1899-7 JUN 1985)
Hardisty, Annie Allison (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie E (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie E (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie E (1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie L (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie Leila (BET. APR - JUN 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie Louisa (BET. APR - JUN 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Annie M (--living--)
Hardisty, Annie Mayfield (23 FEB 1903-2 OCT 1969)
Hardisty, Annie Sophia (1831-BET. JAN - MAR 1917)
Hardisty, Annie Turner H (BET. APR - JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Anon (Private-)
Hardisty, Anthony (--living--)
Hardisty, Anthony Frederick P (--living--)
Hardisty, Anthony J A (--living--)
Hardisty, Anthony John (--living--)
Hardisty, Anthony John (--living--)
Hardisty, Anthony Weatherhead (--living--)
Hardisty, Anthony William (--living--)
Hardisty, April Dawn (--living--)
Hardisty, Apryl Noel (--living--)
Hardisty, Archibald (29 APR 1847-1 AUG 1928)
Hardisty, Aretta Doris (Private-)
Hardisty, Arlene (--living--)
Hardisty, Arnold Hey (23 NOV 1910-BET. OCT - DEC 1982)
Hardisty, Arthur (BET. JUL - SEP 1919-BET. OCT - DEC 1961)
Hardisty, Arthur (21 OCT 1900-BET. APR - JUN 1971)
Hardisty, Arthur (BET. JUL - SEP 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Arthur (2 FEB 1873-BET. OCT - DEC 1970)
Hardisty, Arthur (BET. JAN - MAR 1872-BET. APR - JUN 1872)
Hardisty, Arthur (1605-4 SEP 1658)
Hardisty, Arthur (6 NOV 1893-14 AUG 1968)
Hardisty, Arthur (--living--)
Hardisty, Arthur (--living--)
Hardisty, Arthur (13 DEC 1899-31 DEC 1899)
Hardisty, Arthur (BET. APR - JUN 1857-BET. APR - JUN 1900)
Hardisty, Arthur (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Arthur (6 JAN 1710/11-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Arthur (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Arthur (23 JUN 1668-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Arthur D (--living--)
Hardisty, Arthur H (5 DEC 1675-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Arthur Hobson (BET. OCT - DEC 1872-BET. OCT - DEC 1937)
Hardisty, Arthur James (17 NOV 1906-BET. JUL - SEP 1983)
Hardisty, Arthur R (--living--)
Hardisty, Arthur Winn (28 MAY 1912-19 APR 1964)
Hardisty, Asa (5 NOV 1906-14 OCT 1992)
Hardisty, Asa Dale (20 NOV 1929-11 FEB 1930)
Hardisty, Asalene (12 JUL 1921-26 JUL 1921)
Hardisty, Aubrey (--living--)
Hardisty, Audrey (BET. OCT - DEC 1930-BET. APR - JUN 1933)
Hardisty, Augustus Edwin (BET. JAN - MAR 1879-BET. JUL - SEP 1880)
Hardisty, Barbara (--living--)
Hardisty, Barbara (--living--)
Hardisty, Barbara (--living--)
Hardisty, Barbara (--living--)
Hardisty, Barbara A (BET. JAN - MAR 1920-BEF. 1991)
Hardisty, Barbara A (--living--)
Hardisty, Barbara J (--living--)
Hardisty, Barbara Sue (Private-)
Hardisty, Barbara T (--living--)
Hardisty, Barnabas (15 AUG 1763-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Barrie (--living--)
Hardisty, Barry G (--living--)
Hardisty, Barry Jon (--living--)
Hardisty, Beatrice (1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Beatrice (BET. JAN - MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Beatrice (--living--)
Hardisty, Beatrice (BET. JUL - SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Beatrice (--living--)
Hardisty, Beatrice Mary (BET. JUL - SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Becky Jean (Private-)
Hardisty, Belle (6 MAY 1882-20 NOV 1972)
Hardisty, Ben (BET. OCT - DEC 1899-BET. OCT - DEC 1926)
Hardisty, Benjamin (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Benjamin (1838-BET. JAN - MAR 1908)
Hardisty, Benjamin (18 JUN 1727-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Benjamin (BET. JAN - MAR 1865-BET. OCT - DEC 1950)
Hardisty, Benjamin (20 APR 1774-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Benjamin (--living--)
Hardisty, Benjamin Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Benjamin Elver (-1967)
Hardisty, Benjamin Franklin (29 MAR 1861-1 FEB 1936)
Hardisty, Benjamin Hamlet (ABT. 1806-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Benjamin Malcolm (BET. OCT - DEC 1877-BET. OCT - DEC 1950)
Hardisty, Benjamin P Dryhurst (--living--)
Hardisty, Benjamin Swifton (11 OCT 1882-6 JUL 1961)
Hardisty, Benn (1 FEB 1907-BET. JAN - MAR 1973)
Hardisty, Bernard (--living--)
Hardisty, Bernard (13 AUG 1918-JAN 2001)
Hardisty, Bernard Mitchell (--living--)
Hardisty, Bernard Norman (--living--)
Hardisty, Bernice (--living--)
Hardisty, Bert (--living--)
Hardisty, Bertha (BET. APR - JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Beryl (--living--)
Hardisty, Beryl M (--living--)
Hardisty, Beryl Mary (5 JUL 1931-1961)
Hardisty, Bessie (12 JAN 1924-DEC 2002)
Hardisty, Bessie (Private-)
Hardisty, Bessie (--living--)
Hardisty, Bessie (BET. APR - JUN 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Bessie (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Bessie (BET. JUL - SEP 1876-BET. JAN - MAR 1882)
Hardisty, Bethany Jayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Bethany Rose (--living--)
Hardisty, Betty (ABT. 1780-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Betty (1809-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Betty (ABT. 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Betty (14 FEB 1788-9 MAR 1788)
Hardisty, Betty (--living--)
Hardisty, Betty J (--living--)
Hardisty, Betty M (--living--)
Hardisty, Betty M (--living--)
Hardisty, Betty May (Private-)
Hardisty, Betty Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Beverley Lorraine (--living--)
Hardisty, Beverley Sandra (--living--)
Hardisty, Beverly Ellen (Private-)
Hardisty, Billy (--living--)
Hardisty, Billy Joe (--living--)
Hardisty, Binns (BET. JAN - MAR 1840-BET. JAN - MAR 1876)
Hardisty, Binns Albert (30 SEP 1860-BET. JUL - SEP 1935)
Hardisty, Blair (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Blakey (27 SEP 1803-20 DEC 1865)
Hardisty, Blanche Mary (BET. JUL - SEP 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Blandor (25 MAR 1870-19 DEC 1870)
Hardisty, Bonnie Morvia (Private-)
Hardisty, Bradley Ian (--living--)
Hardisty, Brandon Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Brenda (--living--)
Hardisty, Brenda (--living--)
Hardisty, Brian (--living--)
Hardisty, Brian (--living--)
Hardisty, Brian (BET. OCT - DEC 1928-BET. APR - JUN 1943)
Hardisty, Brian D (--living--)
Hardisty, Brian M (BET. JUL - SEP 1930-BET. OCT - DEC 1934)
Hardisty, Brian Mortimer Manning (Private-)
Hardisty, Brock Meuchel (--living--)
Hardisty, Bryan Stuart (--living--)
Hardisty, Burton Loyd (4 AUG 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Bushrod (24 JAN 1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Cade Ward (--living--)
Hardisty, Callum Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Calvin (24 JAN 1827-13 DEC 1845)
Hardisty, Calvin (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Calvin (--living--)
Hardisty, Carmi Jo (Private-)
Hardisty, Carol (--living--)
Hardisty, Carol Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Carol Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Carole (--living--)
Hardisty, Carole L (--living--)
Hardisty, Caroline (--living--)
Hardisty, Caroline M (--living--)
Hardisty, Carrie May (31 JUL 1863-10 JAN 1916)
Hardisty, Carrie Suzanna (Private-)
Hardisty, Catherine (--living--)
Hardisty, Catherine (--living--)
Hardisty, Catherine (BET. APR - JUN 1898-BET. APR - JUN 1953)
Hardisty, Catherine (BET. APR - JUN 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Catherine Annie (BET. JUL - SEP 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Cathleen (--living--)
Hardisty, Cecil (30 MAY 1928-14 JUL 1998)
Hardisty, Celia (22 AUG 1904-30 DEC 1986)
Hardisty, Celia (17 MAR 1855-2 DEC 1926)
Hardisty, Celia Autney (3 JUL 1856-8 SEP 1923)
Hardisty, Chad Eugene (Private-)
Hardisty, Chancellor Roy (--living--)
Hardisty, Charity (22 FEB 1718/19-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (25 JUL 1904-BET. JUL - SEP 1977)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. OCT - DEC 1857-BET. OCT - DEC 1897)
Hardisty, Charles (1819-BET. JUL - SEP 1886)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. OCT - DEC 1851-24 JUL 1914)
Hardisty, Charles (ABT. 1829-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (10 APR 1831-3 JUL 1863)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. JAN - MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (1817-BET. APR - JUN 1888)
Hardisty, Charles (1839-20 OCT 1864)
Hardisty, Charles (ABT. 1793-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. JUL - SEP 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. JUL - SEP 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (2 SEP 1850-5 MAY 1919)
Hardisty, Charles (1798-31 JUL 1881)
Hardisty, Charles (10 JAN 1817-9 JAN 1876)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. JAN - MAR 1878-BET. JUL - SEP 1888)
Hardisty, Charles (1834-BET. JAN - MAR 1903)
Hardisty, Charles (1 FEB 1918-MAR 2000)
Hardisty, Charles (1848-24 APR 1928)
Hardisty, Charles (1865-BET. OCT - DEC 1931)
Hardisty, Charles (12 JUN 1884-1968)
Hardisty, Charles (6 NOV 1695-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (1835-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (1794-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (3 MAY 1932-12 SEP 2001)
Hardisty, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (1817-BET. OCT - DEC 1867)
Hardisty, Charles (26 NOV 1836-16 NOV 1916)
Hardisty, Charles (ABT. 1792-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. JAN - MAR 1878-6 APR 1952)
Hardisty, Charles (BET. JAN - MAR 1894-BET. OCT - DEC 1946)
Hardisty, Charles A (1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles Alfred (3 MAY 1866-BET. APR - JUN 1908)
Hardisty, Charles Bertram (BET. OCT - DEC 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles C (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles Daniel (30 NOV 1906-17 JAN 1959)
Hardisty, Charles Edward (1912-1913)
Hardisty, Charles Ernest (28 AUG 1936-JAN 2001)
Hardisty, Charles Forbes (BET. JUL - SEP 1853-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, Charles Forbes (4 JAN 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles Forbes (AUG 1852-26 OCT 1852)
Hardisty, Charles Francis (22 FEB 1913-SEP 1994)
Hardisty, Charles Gordon (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (BET. JAN - MAR 1876-BET. OCT - DEC 1957)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (19 APR 1899-BET. JAN - MAR 1976)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (13 MAY 1863-BET. OCT - DEC 1937)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (16 MAR 1883-APR 1884)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (23 JAN 1905-JAN 1989)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (1 APR 1881-17 DEC 1975)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (11 OCT 1914-19 DEC 2000)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (12 OCT 1885-3 FEB 1968)
Hardisty, Charles Henry (BET. OCT - DEC 1856-BET. JAN - MAR 1929)
Hardisty, Charles John (BET. JAN - MAR 1903-BET. OCT - DEC 1970)
Hardisty, Charles Laffette (2 JUL 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles Leslie (26 SEP 1902-15 NOV 1982)
Hardisty, Charles Norman (BET. JAN - MAR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles O (ABT. 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles R (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles R(obert) (ABT. 1866-BET. JUL - SEP 1923)
Hardisty, Charles Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles Rodney (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Charles Trevor (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles W (BET. OCT - DEC 1927-BET. JUL - SEP 1927)
Hardisty, Charles W (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles W (--living--)
Hardisty, Charles William (18 JAN 1893-BET. JAN - MAR 1974)
Hardisty, Charles William (28 OCT 1844-24 OCT 1924)
Hardisty, Charlie (--living--)
Hardisty, Charlie (7 JUL 1903-BET. APR - JUN 1982)
Hardisty, Charlotte Clara (DEC 1844-27 FEB 1852)
Hardisty, Charlotte Katherine (--living--)
Hardisty, Charlotte Stewart (--living--)
Hardisty, Charmaine Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Cheryl A (--living--)
Hardisty, Cheryl Dawn Y (--living--)
Hardisty, Cheryl Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Christiana Jane (ABT. 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Christina Katheryn (Private-)
Hardisty, Christine (--living--)
Hardisty, Christine Elaine (Private-)
Hardisty, Christine Sandra (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher (ABT. 1664-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Christopher (13 FEB 1780-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Christopher (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher (6 FEB 1632/33-17 JUL 1709)
Hardisty, Christopher (ABT. 1585-14 MAY 1651)
Hardisty, Christopher (6 APR 1767-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Christopher (30 MAR 1804-BET. JAN - MAR 1891)
Hardisty, Christopher (ABT. 1793-9 MAY 1874)
Hardisty, Christopher Chad (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher Charles (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher Columbus (ABT. 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Christopher Craig (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher David (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher David (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher G (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher Harold (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher John (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher Paul (Private-)
Hardisty, Christopher R (--living--)
Hardisty, Christopher Ray (25 JUN 1823-19 FEB 1875)
Hardisty, Christopher Weatherhead (23 JUL 1979-FEB 2002)
Hardisty, Christopher William (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire Alison (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire Fiona (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire Jennifer (Private-)
Hardisty, Claire Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Claire P (--living--)
Hardisty, Clara (--living--)
Hardisty, Clara (--living--)
Hardisty, Clara (BET. APR - JUN 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara (BET. OCT - DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara (BET. JUL - SEP 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara (BET. OCT - DEC 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara (BET. JUL - SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara (--living--)
Hardisty, Clara Alda (11 JUN 1891-7 JAN 1979)
Hardisty, Clara Elizabeth (20 SEP 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara Hannah (BET. OCT - DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clara Victoria (1868-1933)
Hardisty, Clare Joy (--living--)
Hardisty, Clarence (BET. OCT - DEC 1910-4 JAN 1938)
Hardisty, Clarence (JUL 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clarence (1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clarice (1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Clarice May (12 MAY 1912-21 AUG 1968)
Hardisty, Claude Girling (24 MAR 1898-BET. APR - JUN 1939)
Hardisty, Claude Kay (--living--)
Hardisty, Clayton (--living--)
Hardisty, Clem Lorain (30 OCT 1900-10 SEP 1965)
Hardisty, Clements (--living--)
Hardisty, Clifford (--living--)
Hardisty, Clifford (18 AUG 1909-SEP 1975)
Hardisty, Clifford M (--living--)
Hardisty, Clive R (--living--)
Hardisty, Clolis (--living--)
Hardisty, Clyde (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Colin (Private-)
Hardisty, Colin (14 JAN 1896-29 JAN 1971)
Hardisty, Colin A (--living--)
Hardisty, Colin Bruce (--living--)
Hardisty, Colin Clive (--living--)
Hardisty, Conrad (BET. APR - JUN 1923-BET. APR - JUN 1923)
Hardisty, Constance (--living--)
Hardisty, Constance (BET. JAN - MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Constance Hope (--living--)
Hardisty, Constance M (--living--)
Hardisty, Cora Ann (10 FEB 1896-14 AUG 1956)
Hardisty, Cora Belle (-1959)
Hardisty, Cora Ethel (20 APR 1873-5 JAN 1944)
Hardisty, Corinne Michelle Borba (--living--)
Hardisty, Cornelia Esther (9 JUL 1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Cornelius (13 MAY 1846-28 MAY 1919)
Hardisty, Cornelius (1809-BET. JAN - MAR 1880)
Hardisty, Courtney Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Craig D (--living--)
Hardisty, Craig William (--living--)
Hardisty, Cyril (30 MAY 1928-29 JAN 1933)
Hardisty, Cyril (14 MAY 1913-1 OCT 1974)
Hardisty, Cyril (1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Cyril G (BET. APR - JUN 1913-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Cyrus H (24 OCT 1837-1876)
Hardisty, Dale William (31 AUG 1929-31 JUL 1987)
Hardisty, Dallas (22 APR 1917-1918)
Hardisty, Daniel (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel (19 DEC 1892-9 JAN 1983)
Hardisty, Daniel (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel (4 MAY 1903-NOV 2002)
Hardisty, Daniel (BET. JUL - SEP 1855-BET. JUL - SEP 1909)
Hardisty, Daniel (1840-BET. OCT - DEC 1899)
Hardisty, Daniel Alva (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel Carl (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel James (Private-)
Hardisty, Daniel James (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel John (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel Luke (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel Matthew (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, Daniel Webster Vorhees Owen (24 JAN 1872-13 FEB 1898)
Hardisty, Daphne Anne (11 MAR 1929-26 MAY 1988)
Hardisty, Darold (Private-)
Hardisty, Darrell Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Darren Arthur (--living--)
Hardisty, Darryl John (--living--)
Hardisty, Darryl R (--living--)
Hardisty, Daughter (15 APR 1620-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, David (1823-26 MAY 1869)
Hardisty, David (BET. JAN - MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, David (--living--)
Hardisty, David (--living--)
Hardisty, David (--living--)
Hardisty, David (1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, David (--living--)
Hardisty, David (1759-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, David (6 JUN 1737-18 NOV 1812)
Hardisty, David (7 SEP 1806-BEF. 1881)
Hardisty, David (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, David (--living--)
Hardisty, David Allan (--living--)
Hardisty, David C C (--living--)
Hardisty, David Charles (--living--)
Hardisty, David Charles (--living--)
Hardisty, David Charles (--living--)
Hardisty, David Dryhurst (--living--)
Hardisty, David Edward (Private-)
Hardisty, David Ellis (12 FEB 1936-MAR 1998)
Hardisty, David G (--living--)
Hardisty, David Gallant (--living--)
Hardisty, David Garfield (--living--)
Hardisty, David H (--living--)
Hardisty, David Henry (--living--)
Hardisty, David I (--living--)
Hardisty, David J (--living--)
Hardisty, David James (--living--)
Hardisty, David John (--living--)
Hardisty, David John (--living--)
Hardisty, David John (--living--)
Hardisty, David Leroy (--living--)
Hardisty, David Lloyd (--living--)
Hardisty, David M (--living--)
Hardisty, David P R (--living--)
Hardisty, David Paul (Private-)
Hardisty, David R (--living--)
Hardisty, David Starr (BET. JUL - SEP 1856-BET. APR - JUN 1897)
Hardisty, David Thomas (--living--)
Hardisty, David William (--living--)
Hardisty, Dawn Lindsay (--living--)
Hardisty, Debbie Amanda (--living--)
Hardisty, Deborah (5 DEC 1720-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Deborah (1812-JUN 1880)
Hardisty, Deborah Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Deborah Rose (--living--)
Hardisty, Delilah (1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Deloris (--living--)
Hardisty, Deloris (--living--)
Hardisty, Delvan (--living--)
Hardisty, Demaine (23 SEP 1774-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Denise (--living--)
Hardisty, Denise A (--living--)
Hardisty, Dennis (--living--)
Hardisty, Dennis (18 APR 1814-18 SEP 1895)
Hardisty, Dennis (20 JUN 1929-JAN 1986)
Hardisty, Dennis E (--living--)
Hardisty, Dennis Fred (16 FEB 1903-DEC 1992)
Hardisty, Dennis Henry (23 AUG 1929-NOV 1990)
Hardisty, Dennis Leon (--living--)
Hardisty, Dennis R (--living--)
Hardisty, Deran (--living--)
Hardisty, Derek (--living--)
Hardisty, Derek (--living--)
Hardisty, Derek Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Derek R (--living--)
Hardisty, Derek W (--living--)
Hardisty, Derek W (BET. JAN - MAR 1929-BET. JAN - MAR 1929)
Hardisty, Diane (--living--)
Hardisty, Diane S (--living--)
Hardisty, Dianne (--living--)
Hardisty, Dinah (14 FEB 1808-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Dinah (--living--)
Hardisty, Dinah (BET. JUL - SEP 1856-BET. APR - JUN 1920)
Hardisty, Dominic Jonathan (Private-)
Hardisty, Donald (--living--)
Hardisty, Donald (--living--)
Hardisty, Donald (--living--)
Hardisty, Donald A R S (--living--)
Hardisty, Donald George (--living--)
Hardisty, Donna (--living--)
Hardisty, Donna (--living--)
Hardisty, Donna Faye (Private-)
Hardisty, Donna Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Dora (BET. APR - JUN 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Dora E (BET. JAN - MAR 1939-BET. OCT - DEC 1943)
Hardisty, Doreen (--living--)
Hardisty, Doreen (BET. JAN - MAR 1932-BET. OCT - DEC 1932)
Hardisty, Doreen (15 MAR 1932-20 MAR 1932)
Hardisty, Doreen F V (6 MAR 1925-JAN 1985)
Hardisty, Doris (-1969)
Hardisty, Doris (BET. APR - JUN 1900-3 MAY 1900)
Hardisty, Doris (15 JUL 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Doris (--living--)
Hardisty, Doris (10 JAN 1905-BET. OCT - DEC 1976)
Hardisty, Doris Ann Baines (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy (1 JUN 1606-SEP 1658)
Hardisty, Dorothy (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy (Private-)
Hardisty, Dorothy (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy (6 OCT 1666-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Dorothy Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy J (BET. JAN - MAR 1932-22 JUN 1986)
Hardisty, Dorothy J (Private-)
Hardisty, Dorothy M (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy M (--living--)
Hardisty, Dorothy Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Douglas (8 NOV 1930-JAN 1998)
Hardisty, Douglas (--living--)
Hardisty, Douglas Kenneth (3 JUL 1899-23 MAR 1944)
Hardisty, Doyle (Private-)
Hardisty, Drusilla (BET. JAN - MAR 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Dulcie Irene E (BET. APR - JUN 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Durham E (1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Dylan Dryhurst (--living--)
Hardisty, Dylan George (--living--)
Hardisty, Earl (30 NOV 1910-7 NOV 1983)
Hardisty, Earl Edward (Private-)
Hardisty, Earl Grover (22 AUG 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Earnest (BET. JAN - MAR 1883-BET. APR - JUN 1939)
Hardisty, Earnest (9 JUN 1901-10 JUN 1901)
Hardisty, Edgar (--living--)
Hardisty, Edgar Thomas (25 SEP 1880-BET. APR - JUN 1947)
Hardisty, Edith (7 OCT 1892-20 JUN 1967)
Hardisty, Edith (--living--)
Hardisty, Edith (BET. OCT - DEC 1873-JAN 1960)
Hardisty, Edith (29 JAN 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edith A (BET. JUL - SEP 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edith E (--living--)
Hardisty, Edith Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Edith Gertrude (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edith M (--living--)
Hardisty, Edith M (--living--)
Hardisty, Edith Marian (BET. APR - JUN 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edith May (ABT. 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edith White (7 JUN 1905-11 SEP 1989)
Hardisty, Edmond Joseph (12 SEP 1927-APR 1988)
Hardisty, Edmund (BET. JAN - MAR 1878-BET. APR - JUN 1965)
Hardisty, Edmund (--living--)
Hardisty, Edmund (1827-BET. OCT - DEC 1895)
Hardisty, Edmund (BET. APR - JUN 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edmund (24 SEP 1766-4 FEB 1864)
Hardisty, Edmund A (BET. JUL - SEP 1915-BET. APR - JUN 1921)
Hardisty, Edna (--living--)
Hardisty, Edna (--living--)
Hardisty, Edna Gertrude (11 NOV 1914-11 NOV 1914)
Hardisty, Edna Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Edna M (--living--)
Hardisty, Edna M (--living--)
Hardisty, Edna Marble (19 FEB 1908-23 MAY 1930)
Hardisty, Edna Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Edred Egbert (BET. JUL - SEP 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edward (24 MAY 1907-JAN 1987)
Hardisty, Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Edward (1790-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edward (1858-BET. OCT - DEC 1918)
Hardisty, Edward (1804-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Edward (1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edward (BET. JUL - SEP 1893-BET. JAN - MAR 1927)
Hardisty, Edward A (--living--)
Hardisty, Edward Brian (6 APR 1899-8 AUG 1982)
Hardisty, Edward Charles (3 AUG 1889-18 JUN 1904)
Hardisty, Edward Earl (12 MAR 1928-28 SEP 1998)
Hardisty, Edward James (--living--)
Hardisty, Edward W (--living--)
Hardisty, Edwin (BET. APR - JUN 1853-BET. JUL - SEP 1936)
Hardisty, Edwin (--living--)
Hardisty, Edwin (BET. JUL - SEP 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Edwin Leslie (2 JUN 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Effie Leona (9 JAN 1886-28 DEC 1898)
Hardisty, Eileen (BET. JUL - SEP 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eileen A (--living--)
Hardisty, Eileen M (--living--)
Hardisty, Eileen M (--living--)
Hardisty, Eileen M J (BET. APR - JUN 1938-BET. JAN - MAR 1940)
Hardisty, Elaine (--living--)
Hardisty, Eldred (--living--)
Hardisty, Eleanor (21 OCT 1879-14 DEC 1954)
Hardisty, Eleanor (ABT. 1732-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eleanor May (Private-)
Hardisty, Elenor Valentine Nell (JUN 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elgiva M E (--living--)
Hardisty, Elijah (BET. JAN - MAR 1867-BET. JUL - SEP 1910)
Hardisty, Elijah (8 MAY 1828-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elinor (8 OCT 1609-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eliza (BET. JAN - MAR 1863-BET. OCT - DEC 1916)
Hardisty, Eliza (BET. JUL - SEP 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eliza (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eliza (1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eliza (BET. APR - JUN 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eliza Allas (2 AUG 1876-16 FEB 1947)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (31 DEC 1876-21 MAY 1940)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1760-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1758-15 NOV 1854)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (26 MAY 1859-24 FEB 1889)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1787-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (BET. OCT - DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (ABT. 1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1823-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (5 NOV 1691-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1818-BET. APR - JUN 1896)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1911-1982)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1763-23 JAN 1764)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (28 MAY 1798-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (2 NOV 1678-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (BET. APR - JUN 1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (BET. JUL - SEP 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1813-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (6 MAR 1802-11 DEC 1859)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1808-23 NOV 1808)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (8 JUL 1784-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (5 MAY 1717-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth (16 AUG 1802-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth A (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth A (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Ann (BET. APR - JUN 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Ann (BET. JUL - SEP 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Charlotte J (BET. JAN - MAR 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Ellen (16 MAR 1896-BET. JUL - SEP 1976)
Hardisty, Elizabeth H (NOV 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Houseman (BET. APR - JUN 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elizabeth M (--living--)
Hardisty, Elizabeth Olive (--living--)
Hardisty, Ella Evaline (30 MAR 1889-3 FEB 1979)
Hardisty, Ella Molly (Private-)
Hardisty, Elle Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Ellen (ABT. 1744-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen (ABT. 1814-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen (BET. JUL - SEP 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen (ABT. 1830-6 JUL 1868)
Hardisty, Ellen (1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen (1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen (BET. OCT - DEC 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen (DEC 1807-2 NOV 1882)
Hardisty, Ellen (BET. JUL - SEP 1918-BET. JAN - MAR 1920)
Hardisty, Ellen (BET. JUL - SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen Evangeline A (BET. JAN - MAR 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen Hollings (BET. JAN - MAR 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ellen Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Elliott Maxwell (--living--)
Hardisty, Ellis Leslie (27 JUN 1928-BET. APR - JUN 1981)
Hardisty, Elmer (19 DEC 1876-24 NOV 1965)
Hardisty, Elnora Alice (18 APR 1880-22 JUL 1969)
Hardisty, Eloise Mary A (--living--)
Hardisty, Elsestay (24 OCT 1885-20 MAY 1954)
Hardisty, Elsie (26 MAR 1927-17 MAR 1996)
Hardisty, Elsie (--living--)
Hardisty, Elsie (--living--)
Hardisty, Elsie (BET. APR - JUN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elsie (22 JAN 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elsie (BET. OCT - DEC 1942-BET. OCT - DEC 1942)
Hardisty, Elsie (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elsie (--living--)
Hardisty, Elsie Martha (BET. JAN - MAR 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elsie Wheatley (1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Elva May (10 APR 1882-1 DEC 1939)
Hardisty, Elwin Pearl (28 AUG 1909-15 MAY 1991)
Hardisty, Elza William (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emeline (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emerson (1 MAR 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emerson Barclay (--living--)
Hardisty, Emily (1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (BET. OCT - DEC 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (BET. APR - JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (--living--)
Hardisty, Emily (1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (--living--)
Hardisty, Emily (BET. JAN - MAR 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily (1881-BET. OCT - DEC 1895)
Hardisty, Emily (BET. JAN - MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily Brough (BET. JAN - MAR 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily Ellen (Private-)
Hardisty, Emily Georgina (21 JUN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily Margaret (BET. OCT - DEC 1889-BET. OCT - DEC 1964)
Hardisty, Emily Martha Crowther (BET. APR - JUN 1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emily S (1830-BET. APR - JUN 1913)
Hardisty, Emily Sellen (BET. JAN - MAR 1849-BET. JUL - SEP 1933)
Hardisty, Emma (BET. OCT - DEC 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma (ABT. 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma (BET. JUL - SEP 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma (--living--)
Hardisty, Emma Ann (BET. OCT - DEC 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma Florence (1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma Jane (BET. OCT - DEC 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma Jolie (--living--)
Hardisty, Emma Kemp (BET. JAN - MAR 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Emma Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Emma Lenora (16 JUL 1871-12 DEC 1941)
Hardisty, Emma Lewis (BET. OCT - DEC 1869-BET. JAN - MAR 1958)
Hardisty, Emma Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Emma Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Emma Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Emma Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, English (22 AUG 1834-1863)
Hardisty, Enoch Smith (BET. OCT - DEC 1887-BET. OCT - DEC 1944)
Hardisty, Eppa Vivian (8 DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eric (BET. JAN - MAR 1924-7 APR 1943)
Hardisty, Eric (28 MAR 1922-OCT 1993)
Hardisty, Eric (--living--)
Hardisty, Eric (--living--)
Hardisty, Eric A (--living--)
Hardisty, Eric J (--living--)
Hardisty, Eric James (25 NOV 1936-APR 1992)
Hardisty, Erica (--living--)
Hardisty, Erin Mackay (--living--)
Hardisty, Ernest (--living--)
Hardisty, Ernest (--living--)
Hardisty, Ernest (24 JAN 1902-BET. JAN - MAR 1976)
Hardisty, Ernest (4 SEP 1906-DEC 1985)
Hardisty, Ernest (20 JAN 1925-JUN 1988)
Hardisty, Ernest (BET. OCT - DEC 1874-BET. APR - JUN 1929)
Hardisty, Ernest (25 DEC 1906-BET. JUL - SEP 1965)
Hardisty, Ernest (BET. OCT - DEC 1905-BET. JUL - SEP 1968)
Hardisty, Ernest (1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ernest (BET. JAN - MAR 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ernest (--living--)
Hardisty, Ernest (BET. JAN - MAR 1880-BET. OCT - DEC 1958)
Hardisty, Ernest Claude (20 JUL 1903-DEC 1972)
Hardisty, Ernest Dale (Private-)
Hardisty, Ernest E (ABT. 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ernest E (--living--)
Hardisty, Ernest H (1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ernest James (23 FEB 1909-DEC 1992)
Hardisty, Ernest Lupton (BET. OCT - DEC 1878-BET. APR - JUN 1924)
Hardisty, Ernest Richard (BET. JUL - SEP 1872-BET. OCT - DEC 1948)
Hardisty, Ernest Richard (30 MAY 1903-BET. OCT - DEC 1970)
Hardisty, Ernest S (--living--)
Hardisty, Ernest Starr (BET. JUL - SEP 1891-BET. JAN - MAR 1943)
Hardisty, Esla (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Estal Willard (21 MAY 1911-3 MAY 1994)
Hardisty, Esther (BET. APR - JUN 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Esther (1812-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Esther Jane (BET. APR - JUN 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Esther M (BET. OCT - DEC 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ethan (--living--)
Hardisty, Ethel (--living--)
Hardisty, Ethel (1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ethel (BET. JUL - SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ethel (--living--)
Hardisty, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ethel (BET. APR - JUN 1881-1913)
Hardisty, Ethel (8 FEB 1908-15 FEB 1992)
Hardisty, Ethel (BET. JUL - SEP 1903-15 NOV 1903)
Hardisty, Ethel Annie (BET. APR - JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ethel Boardman (11 JUN 1876-BET. APR - JUN 1965)
Hardisty, Ethelbert (22 APR 1876-28 JAN 1955)
Hardisty, Etta Ethel (10 FEB 1889-27 JUN 1979)
Hardisty, Eugene (--living--)
Hardisty, Eugene Benjamin (15 FEB 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eugene Russell (Private-)
Hardisty, Eugene Warren (--living--)
Hardisty, Eugene Warren (--living--)
Hardisty, Eva (1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eva (BET. APR - JUN 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eva (BET. APR - JUN 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eva (BET. OCT - DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Eva G (--living--)
Hardisty, Evangela Melesia (7 APR 1874-8 MAR 1962)
Hardisty, Evelyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Evelyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Evelyn (BET. OCT - DEC 1888-DEC 1891)
Hardisty, Evelyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Evelyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Evelyn Joan Mary (BET. JAN - MAR 1923-BET. JUL - SEP 1923)
Hardisty, Evelyn Ruth (Private-)
Hardisty, Evy Lillian (14 DEC 1892-16 MAY 1893)
Hardisty, Fanny (BET. OCT - DEC 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fanny (25 OCT 1902-FEB 1983)
Hardisty, Fanny (BET. OCT - DEC 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fanny (1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fanny (BET. JAN - MAR 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fanny Grace (1871-BET. JUL - SEP 1963)
Hardisty, Fay (--living--)
Hardisty, Fay Louisa (16 FEB 1881-5 SEP 1964)
Hardisty, Female (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Female (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Female (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Festus Bryan (26 MAY 1896-1 FEB 1966)
Hardisty, Filipe (--living--)
Hardisty, Floma (Private-)
Hardisty, Flora (BET. JUL - SEP 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Flora Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Florence (BET. APR - JUN 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence (BET. JAN - MAR 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence (Private-)
Hardisty, Florence (BET. OCT - DEC 1878-13 NOV 1970)
Hardisty, Florence (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence (1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence (BET. JUL - SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence Eleanor (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence Isabella (--living--)
Hardisty, Florence Lilly (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence M (1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florence Marvin (1906-AFT. 1937)
Hardisty, Florence Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Florence Maxine (6 AUG 1917-13 MAR 1987)
Hardisty, Florence Sarah (31 AUG 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Florrie (20 MAR 1897-BET. JUL - SEP 1980)
Hardisty, Florrie (BET. APR - JUN 1894-BET. APR - JUN 1960)
Hardisty, Florrie Diane (--living--)
Hardisty, Forrest H (8 MAR 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frances (22 JUL 1771-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frances (ABT. 1795-ABT. 1850)
Hardisty, Frances (1709-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frances (9 AUG 1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frances (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frances E (--living--)
Hardisty, Frances Hannah L (--living--)
Hardisty, Frances Hester (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frances L (BET. JAN - MAR 1917-BET. OCT - DEC 1917)
Hardisty, Frances M (--living--)
Hardisty, Frances Marie (28 JAN 1901-16 SEP 1982)
Hardisty, Francis (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-BET. JUL - SEP 1958)
Hardisty, Francis (ABT. 1834-BET. JAN - MAR 1895)
Hardisty, Francis (21 SEP 1802-3 MAR 1883)
Hardisty, Francis (26 DEC 1734-1802)
Hardisty, Francis (10 MAR 1670/71-23 APR 1734)
Hardisty, Francis (27 FEB 1705/06-BET. 1734 - 1742)
Hardisty, Francis (8 FEB 1912-24 FEB 1913)
Hardisty, Francis (26 OCT 1821-31 OCT 1824)
Hardisty, Francis (ABT. 1603-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Francis Eugene (--living--)
Hardisty, Francis G (--living--)
Hardisty, Francis Henry S (BET. OCT - DEC 1844-BET. APR - JUN 1920)
Hardisty, Francis Trey (24 MAR 1756-1834)
Hardisty, Francis W (1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frank (BET. JUL - SEP 1880-BET. JUL - SEP 1880)
Hardisty, Frank (7 JUL 1885-7 JUL 1960)
Hardisty, Frank (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-BET. JAN - MAR 1968)
Hardisty, Frank (BET. OCT - DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frank (ABT. 1878-9 JUL 1930)
Hardisty, Frank (10 OCT 1887-21 MAY 1949)
Hardisty, Frank (27 SEP 1901-14 AUG 1974)
Hardisty, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frank (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frank (21 OCT 1960-29 JUL 1977)
Hardisty, Frank Marwood (BET. OCT - DEC 1901-BET. JAN - MAR 1939)
Hardisty, Frank Victor (--living--)
Hardisty, Frank W (19 NOV 1918-20 MAR 1919)
Hardisty, Frank White (--living--)
Hardisty, Franklin (5 APR 1860-15 DEC 1917)
Hardisty, Franklin D (1812-1886)
Hardisty, Fraser Bevis (11 SEP 1944-1991)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. APR - JUN 1930-BET. OCT - DEC 1950)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. JAN - MAR 1877-BET. APR - JUN 1914)
Hardisty, Fred (2 JUN 1922-SEP 1994)
Hardisty, Fred (1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fred (26 AUG 1896-MAR 1992)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. JAN - MAR 1873-BET. JAN - MAR 1968)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. APR - JUN 1897-21 MAR 1918)
Hardisty, Fred (1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fred (1867-BET. JAN - MAR 1939)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. JAN - MAR 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fred (--living--)
Hardisty, Fred (1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Fred (2 AUG 1907-BET. APR - JUN 1908)
Hardisty, Fred (--living--)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. JAN - MAR 1890-BET. JUL - SEP 1943)
Hardisty, Fred (BET. OCT - DEC 1884-20 MAR 1920)
Hardisty, Fred (1861-BET. APR - JUN 1943)
Hardisty, Fred (--living--)
Hardisty, Fred Russell (BET. APR - JUN 1898-BET. JAN - MAR 1958)
Hardisty, Fred Vernon (11 FEB 1901-BET. JAN - MAR 1981)
Hardisty, Frederick (15 FEB 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frederick (5 MAR 1894-16 APR 1918)
Hardisty, Frederick (1806-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frederick (18 FEB 1911-OCT 1988)
Hardisty, Frederick (--living--)
Hardisty, Frederick (BET. JAN - MAR 1855-11 MAR 1930)
Hardisty, Frederick (1842-1905)
Hardisty, Frederick (BET. JUL - SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frederick (ABT. 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frederick (BET. JUL - SEP 1870-BET. OCT - DEC 1919)
Hardisty, Frederick (BET. JAN - MAR 1877-BET. JAN - MAR 1953)
Hardisty, Frederick (1891-1891)
Hardisty, Frederick (18 DEC 1901-5 MAY 1970)
Hardisty, Frederick A (1834-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, Frederick A (BET. JAN - MAR 1925-BET. OCT - DEC 1926)
Hardisty, Frederick Adolphus (BET. OCT - DEC 1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Frederick Adolphus (19 AUG 1888-BET. OCT - DEC 1969)
Hardisty, Frederick Adolphus (1805-BET. JUL - SEP 1890)
Hardisty, Frederick Allan (Private-)
Hardisty, Frederick Arthur (BET. JAN - MAR 1892-BET. APR - JUN 1892)
Hardisty, Frederick Herbert (18 DEC 1902-APR 1986)
Hardisty, Frederick Laurence (--living--)
Hardisty, Frederick Valentine (BET. JAN - MAR 1884-BET. APR - JUN 1943)
Hardisty, Frederick William (24 SEP 1912-JAN 1987)
Hardisty, Gail (--living--)
Hardisty, Gail E (--living--)
Hardisty, Gareth Rhys (--living--)
Hardisty, Garfield (16 JUL 1914-NOV 1989)
Hardisty, Garfield Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Garry (--living--)
Hardisty, Garry (--living--)
Hardisty, Garry Stephen (7 AUG 1955-MAR 1990)
Hardisty, Gary (--living--)
Hardisty, Gary (--living--)
Hardisty, Gaynor (--living--)
Hardisty, Gemma Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Geneva (31 AUG 1910-23 JUN 1985)
Hardisty, Genevieve N (--living--)
Hardisty, Geoffrey (--living--)
Hardisty, Geoffrey (--living--)
Hardisty, Geoffrey A (--living--)
Hardisty, George (BET. OCT - DEC 1879-BET. APR - JUN 1927)
Hardisty, George (1793-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (JAN 1627/28-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1792-BET. JAN - MAR 1868)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (16 SEP 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1762-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (BET. APR - JUN 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (1813-BET. JUL - SEP 1887)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1905-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (13 NOV 1855-BET. JUL - SEP 1876)
Hardisty, George (BET. JAN - MAR 1868-BET. APR - JUN 1946)
Hardisty, George (1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (17 APR 1691-20 AUG 1775)
Hardisty, George (BET. JAN - MAR 1844-BET. APR - JUN 1907)
Hardisty, George (1835-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1738-27 JUN 1807)
Hardisty, George (26 JUL 1807-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (22 FEB 1883-BET. APR - JUN 1954)
Hardisty, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (BET. JAN - MAR 1876-BET. OCT - DEC 1895)
Hardisty, George (BET. APR - JUN 1867-BET. APR - JUN 1946)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1826-BET. JAN - MAR 1889)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1751-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (24 JUN 1871-8 APR 1872)
Hardisty, George (BET. JUL - SEP 1875-BET. OCT - DEC 1952)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (BET. OCT - DEC 1881-29 AUG 1961)
Hardisty, George (ABT. 1847-BET. OCT - DEC 1927)
Hardisty, George (BET. JAN - MAR 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (1906-1998)
Hardisty, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (BET. JAN - MAR 1846-BET. APR - JUN 1894)
Hardisty, George (18 MAR 1909-23 JUL 1983)
Hardisty, George (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (APR 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George (--living--)
Hardisty, George (BET. JUL - SEP 1841-BET. APR - JUN 1877)
Hardisty, George Arthur (9 DEC 1915-23 OCT 1982)
Hardisty, George B (--living--)
Hardisty, George Clifford (8 MAY 1914-19 OCT 1914)
Hardisty, George E (19 JUL 1914-26 MAR 1915)
Hardisty, George E (9 OCT 1919-BET. OCT - DEC 1983)
Hardisty, George Edmund (BET. JUL - SEP 1896-BET. APR - JUN 1942)
Hardisty, George Edward (BET. JAN - MAR 1887-BET. APR - JUN 1950)
Hardisty, George Farrah (31 MAR 1848-BET. SEP - OCT 1877)
Hardisty, George Henry (17 AUG 1937-DEC 2002)
Hardisty, George Henry (20 MAY 1904-OCT 1986)
Hardisty, George Herbert (ABT. 1873-1952)
Hardisty, George Herbert (ABT. 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George Herbert (4 DEC 1884-BET. JAN - MAR 1957)
Hardisty, George Herbert (12 JAN 1924-JUN 1991)
Hardisty, George Illingworth (BET. JAN - MAR 1854-BET. JAN - MAR 1904)
Hardisty, George K (27 MAY 1856-25 FEB 1858)
Hardisty, George Kevin (--living--)
Hardisty, George Ray (6 JAN 1851-8 SEP 1898)
Hardisty, George Thomas (BET. OCT - DEC 1898-BET. JUL - SEP 1904)
Hardisty, George W (--living--)
Hardisty, George W (23 OCT 1913-MAR 1999)
Hardisty, George Washington (21 DEC 1849-31 MAR 1931)
Hardisty, George Washington (3 FEB 1888-1 AUG 1949)
Hardisty, George Washington (1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George William (1829-AFT. 1881)
Hardisty, George William (26 DEC 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George William (17 JAN 1884-10 DEC 1952)
Hardisty, George William (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-BET. APR - JUN 1952)
Hardisty, George William (1 NOV 1899-BET. JUL - SEP 1972)
Hardisty, George William (24 MAR 1920-BET. OCT - DEC 1969)
Hardisty, George William (ABT. 1799-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, George Wilson (BET. JUL - SEP 1871-BET. APR - JUN 1930)
Hardisty, Georgina (22 OCT 1879-APR 1937)
Hardisty, Georgina (--living--)
Hardisty, Gertrude (6 NOV 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gertrude (BET. APR - JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gertrude (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gertrude (BET. JAN - MAR 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gertrude (BET. JAN - MAR 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gertrude Ann (31 DEC 1877-25 MAY 1959)
Hardisty, Gertrude M (1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gertrude Martha (BET. JAN - MAR 1880-BET. OCT - DEC 1946)
Hardisty, Gibley Ray (1 JUN 1880-28 JUN 1910)
Hardisty, Giles Francis (Private-)
Hardisty, Gillian Catherine (--living--)
Hardisty, Gillian K F (--living--)
Hardisty, Gillian L (--living--)
Hardisty, Ginny (1793-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Girl (ABT. 1824-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Gladys (--living--)
Hardisty, Gladys (Private-)
Hardisty, Gladys (--living--)
Hardisty, Gladys (Private-)
Hardisty, Gladys Lilian (--living--)
Hardisty, Gladys M (--living--)
Hardisty, Gladys R (9 DEC 1920-JAN 1988)
Hardisty, Glen (1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Glen (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Glenn (7 OCT 1908-1 JUL 1971)
Hardisty, Glenn Louis (Private-)
Hardisty, Glenys M (--living--)
Hardisty, Glyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Gordon (--living--)
Hardisty, Grace (--living--)
Hardisty, Grace (BET. JAN - MAR 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Grace (11 NOV 1923-BET. JAN - MAR 1933)
Hardisty, Grace (Private-)
Hardisty, Grace (12 MAR 1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Grace (BET. JUL - SEP 1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Grace Darlene (Private-)
Hardisty, Grace Eudora (18 OCT 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Grace Marie (19 APR 1893-20 NOV 1972)
Hardisty, Gracie (1865-1868)
Hardisty, Graham (--living--)
Hardisty, Graham (--living--)
Hardisty, Graham Lawrence (--living--)
Hardisty, Graham R (--living--)
Hardisty, Grant Meuchel (--living--)
Hardisty, Grant Russell (--living--)
Hardisty, Greta A G (--living--)
Hardisty, Grover (--living--)
Hardisty, Grover Kemp (BET. JAN - MAR 1868-BET. JAN - MAR 1870)
Hardisty, Grover Kemp (BET. JAN - MAR 1885-BET. JAN - MAR 1955)
Hardisty, Gwendoline (--living--)
Hardisty, Gwendoline M A (--living--)
Hardisty, Hainsworth (BET. JUL - SEP 1879-BET. JUL - SEP 1946)
Hardisty, Hannah (BET. JUL - SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (BET. JAN - MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (24 MAR 1777-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (BET. APR - JUN 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (16 DEC 1810-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (ABT. 1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah (1820-1891)
Hardisty, Hannah (--living--)
Hardisty, Hannah (9 JAN 1773-29 JAN 1806)
Hardisty, Hannah (1825-6 JAN 1853)
Hardisty, Hannah (ABT. 1825-4 AUG 1868)
Hardisty, Hannah (1751-NOV 1751)
Hardisty, Hannah (6 JAN 1830-24 JAN 1897)
Hardisty, Hannah (8 APR 1756-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah Frances (12 JUN 1852-20 DEC 1929)
Hardisty, Hannah H (1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah Lizzie (BET. OCT - DEC 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah Lydia (18 JUN 1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hannah Rose (--living--)
Hardisty, Harold (--living--)
Hardisty, Harold (BET. JAN - MAR 1902-BET. JAN - MAR 1951)
Hardisty, Harold (--living--)
Hardisty, Harold (--living--)
Hardisty, Harold (24 JAN 1912-BET. APR - JUN 1981)
Hardisty, Harold (--living--)
Hardisty, Harold (1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harold William (12 DEC 1922-30 MAR 1998)
Hardisty, Harriet (1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harriet (BET. JAN - MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harriet (BET. APR - JUN 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harriet Ann (BET. OCT - DEC 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harriet Hattie (NOV 1862-1904)
Hardisty, Harry (15 MAY 1916-BET. JUL - SEP 1972)
Hardisty, Harry (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JUL - SEP 1915-BET. APR - JUN 1916)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JAN - MAR 1869-BET. APR - JUN 1937)
Hardisty, Harry (1862-1867)
Hardisty, Harry (11 APR 1911-29 SEP 1984)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JUL - SEP 1940-BET. APR - JUN 1941)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JUL - SEP 1879-BET. JUL - SEP 1884)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JUL - SEP 1874-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. APR - JUN 1916-1922)
Hardisty, Harry (--living--)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JAN - MAR 1875-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, Harry (ABT. 1892-BET. JAN - MAR 1934)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JUL - SEP 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. OCT - DEC 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harry (BET. JAN - MAR 1906-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Harry (13 MAR 1915-OCT 2001)
Hardisty, Harry Huw Dryhurst (--living--)
Hardisty, Harry Irwin (--living--)
Hardisty, Harry John (--living--)
Hardisty, Harry Reginald (17 JAN 1903-BET. JAN - MAR 1972)
Hardisty, Harry Thomas (--living--)
Hardisty, Hayley Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Hazel H E (--living--)
Hardisty, Heather Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Helen (--living--)
Hardisty, Helen (7 JAN 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Helen Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Henderson H (28 DEC 1811-8 DEC 1886)
Hardisty, Henrietta (ABT. 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. APR - JUN 1866-BET. JUL - SEP 1931)
Hardisty, Henry (1806-BET. JUL - SEP 1882)
Hardisty, Henry (ABT. 1632-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. APR - JUN 1858-BET. JAN - MAR 1929)
Hardisty, Henry (-BEF. 1884)
Hardisty, Henry (12 OCT 1769-20 FEB 1841)
Hardisty, Henry (21 JAN 1738/39-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (4 SEP 1921-BET. OCT - DEC 1969)
Hardisty, Henry (1762-1825)
Hardisty, Henry (27 DEC 1923-APR 2001)
Hardisty, Henry (14 AUG 1835-21 MAR 1911)
Hardisty, Henry (ABT. 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (BEF. 3 AUG 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (ABT. 1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. JUL - SEP 1865-27 DEC 1933)
Hardisty, Henry (ABT. 1810-BEF. 23 AUG 1852)
Hardisty, Henry (6 APR 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (7 NOV 1902-10 NOV 1903)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. OCT - DEC 1846-BET. APR - JUN 1922)
Hardisty, Henry (1876-1901)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. APR - JUN 1891-BET. JUL - SEP 1953)
Hardisty, Henry (1836-1876)
Hardisty, Henry (10 MAR 1810-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. JAN - MAR 1918-BET. OCT - DEC 1918)
Hardisty, Henry (12 APR 1903-OCT 1984)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. APR - JUN 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (ABT. 1833-22 JUN 1895)
Hardisty, Henry (2 MAY 1880-25 FEB 1938)
Hardisty, Henry (18 OCT 1701-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (BET. OCT - DEC 1879-BET. JAN - MAR 1945)
Hardisty, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry (2 NOV 1832-30 JAN 1900)
Hardisty, Henry A (1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry Binns (16 JUN 1883-BET. JUL - SEP 1884)
Hardisty, Henry Earl (31 MAY 1928-15 NOV 2003)
Hardisty, Henry Edward (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry Edward (ABT. 1809-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry Edward Redfern (ABT. 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry George (2 JAN 1873-BET. JAN - MAR 1942)
Hardisty, Henry H (1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry H (1801-1891)
Hardisty, Henry Norman (1 JAN 1913-BET. JUL - SEP 1982)
Hardisty, Henry Richard (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Henry Smithson (BET. JAN - MAR 1867-BET. JAN - MAR 1947)
Hardisty, Herbert (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Herbert (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Herbert (1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Herbert (DEC 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Herbert (BET. JUL - SEP 1870-24 MAR 1955)
Hardisty, Herbert (BET. APR - JUN 1869-BET. JAN - MAR 1951)
Hardisty, Herbert (--living--)
Hardisty, Herbert Baines (--living--)
Hardisty, Herbert Dean (5 MAY 1886-BET. APR - JUN 1952)
Hardisty, Herbert Harry (9 AUG 1910-4 JAN 2002)
Hardisty, Herbert Henry (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-BET. APR - JUN 1925)
Hardisty, Herbert Law (BET. OCT - DEC 1892-BET. APR - JUN 1924)
Hardisty, Herbert Stanley (4 OCT 1916-BET. JAN - MAR 1974)
Hardisty, Hershel Bill (16 JUN-1992)
Hardisty, Hershel Bullock (15 DEC 1893-16 NOV 1921)
Hardisty, Hester Jane (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hilda (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda Cecelia (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda E (1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hilda M (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda Mae (--living--)
Hardisty, Hilda Mary (14 SEP 1896-13 MAY 1969)
Hardisty, Hiram (APR 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hiram (29 FEB 1840-12 FEB 1917)
Hardisty, Hollings (BET. JAN - MAR 1850-BET. JUL - SEP 1902)
Hardisty, Homer T. (MAY 1889-25 APR 1908)
Hardisty, Horace (9 NOV 1919-AUG 1991)
Hardisty, Hubert (8 AUG 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Hubert White (6 JUL 1910-2 APR 1949)
Hardisty, Hugh (27 NOV 1860-14 JUN 1903)
Hardisty, Humphrey (5 DEC 1797-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Humphrey (1754-18 FEB 1820)
Hardisty, Hylton (Private-)
Hardisty, Ian (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian E W (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian G (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian Jonathan (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian Neil (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian P (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian Rand (--living--)
Hardisty, Ian T (--living--)
Hardisty, Ida (ABT. 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ida (BET. JUL - SEP 1903-BET. APR - JUN 1931)
Hardisty, Ida Augusta (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ida Lois (Private-)
Hardisty, Ina (ABT. 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ines (--living--)
Hardisty, Inez (14 MAR 1900-18 FEB 1989)
Hardisty, Infant (1847-1847)
Hardisty, Infant Sister (5 FEB 1906-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Irene Louise (Private-)
Hardisty, Iris D (BET. APR - JUN 1926-1996)
Hardisty, Irma (Private-)
Hardisty, Isaac (14 AUG 1911-SEP 1985)
Hardisty, Isaac (26 FEB 1808-6 JUL 1844)
Hardisty, Isabel (BET. APR - JUN 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Isabella (BET. JAN - MAR 1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Isabella (1762-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Isabella Sophia (4 MAY 1825-12 NOV 1913)
Hardisty, Ivan (Private-)
Hardisty, Ivan Glen (7 NOV 1910-12 AUG 1977)
Hardisty, Ivor Allen (3 MAR 1927-APR 1997)
Hardisty, Ivor R (--living--)
Hardisty, Ivy (--living--)
Hardisty, Ivy (29 DEC 1906-26 MAY 1974)
Hardisty, Ivy (--living--)
Hardisty, Ivy (--living--)
Hardisty, Ivy J (--living--)
Hardisty, J (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jack (BET. OCT - DEC 1887-BET. OCT - DEC 1901)
Hardisty, Jack (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jack (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jack (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jack (BET. JAN - MAR 1922-BET. APR - JUN 1922)
Hardisty, Jack (23 APR 1937-DEC 2001)
Hardisty, Jack (3 NOV 1898-9 OCT 1917)
Hardisty, Jack (--living--)
Hardisty, Jack Bradley (--living--)
Hardisty, Jack Felton (31 OCT 1920-1993)
Hardisty, Jackie (--living--)
Hardisty, Jackson (BET. OCT - DEC 1892-BET. JAN - MAR 1949)
Hardisty, Jackson (BET. OCT - DEC 1892-BET. JAN - MAR 1949)
Hardisty, Jacob H (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jacob T (1848-MAR 1888)
Hardisty, Jacob Thomas (--living--)
Hardisty, Jacob Wayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Jacqueline (--living--)
Hardisty, Jacqueline Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Jacqueline Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Jade Amanda (--living--)
Hardisty, Jade Ellen (--living--)
Hardisty, James (1748-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (16 NOV 1800-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (BET. JAN - MAR 1880-BET. APR - JUN 1935)
Hardisty, James (1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James First (NOV 1801-1 SEP 1876)
Hardisty, James (--living--)
Hardisty, James (11 APR 1838-1919)
Hardisty, James (BET. OCT - DEC 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (27 MAY 1814-31 AUG 1815)
Hardisty, James (--living--)
Hardisty, James (15 FEB 1864-14 JUN 1914)
Hardisty, James (1839-BET. JAN - MAR 1889)
Hardisty, James (20 NOV 1790-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (28 AUG 1757-14 JAN 1818)
Hardisty, James (--living--)
Hardisty, James (11 SEP 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (25 JUN 1836-3 JUL 1836)
Hardisty, James (13 FEB 1824-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (1819-BET. JAN - MAR 1894)
Hardisty, James (1807-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (BET. APR - JUN 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (ABT. 1812-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (ABT. 1833-BET. APR - JUN 1871)
Hardisty, James (ABT. 1831-BET. JUL - SEP 1891)
Hardisty, James (26 DEC 1806-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James (1785-BET. OCT - DEC 1874)
Hardisty, James (23 OCT 1860-2 APR 1926)
Hardisty, James (BET. APR - JUN 1870-BET. APR - JUN 1953)
Hardisty, James A (--living--)
Hardisty, James Alva (18 SEP 1883-17 FEB 1932)
Hardisty, James Anthony (--living--)
Hardisty, James Arthur (BET. JAN - MAR 1876-BET. JAN - MAR 1924)
Hardisty, James Brindley (--living--)
Hardisty, James Buck (1858-15 MAR 1885)
Hardisty, James Calvin (27 AUG 1905-11 AUG 1966)
Hardisty, James Christopher (BET. JUL - SEP 1916-18 DEC 1996)
Hardisty, James Coalbank (18 JUN 1899-AUG 1994)
Hardisty, James Crowther (BET. JUL - SEP 1851-BET. APR - JUN 1906)
Hardisty, James David (--living--)
Hardisty, James E (--living--)
Hardisty, James Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, James Frederick (ABT. 1803-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James Henry (28 MAY 1834-26 NOV 1917)
Hardisty, James Henry (--living--)
Hardisty, James Henry (25 JAN 1925-MAR 1993)
Hardisty, James Henry (7 OCT 1904-8 FEB 1964)
Hardisty, James Henry (16 JUN 1930-APR 1989)
Hardisty, James Henry (10 FEB 1807-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James Kippen Duff (20 AUG 1901-BET. JAN - MAR 1963)
Hardisty, James Lee (10 FEB 1918-10 MAR 1993)
Hardisty, James Madison (4 AUG 1891-1944)
Hardisty, James Major (17 JAN 1847-9 OCT 1906)
Hardisty, James Mitchell (--living--)
Hardisty, James Padgett (BET. JUL - SEP 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James Richard (--living--)
Hardisty, James S (25 MAR 1821-1 NOV 1892)
Hardisty, James Stuart (9 JAN 1931-NOV 1984)
Hardisty, James Taylor (--living--)
Hardisty, James W (10 APR 1878-17 AUG 1890)
Hardisty, James W (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James William (5 AUG 1902-BET. OCT - DEC 1979)
Hardisty, James William (BET. APR - JUN 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, James William (BET. OCT - DEC 1894-8 JUN 1933)
Hardisty, James Willie (BET. OCT - DEC 1889-BET. JUL - SEP 1949)
Hardisty, James Willie (20 JUN 1859-30 APR 1905)
Hardisty, Jan (Private-)
Hardisty, Jan Botli (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (17 DEC 1799-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (BET. JUL - SEP 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (BET. APR - JUN 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (BET. JAN - MAR 1909-3 FEB 1944)
Hardisty, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (1792-1792)
Hardisty, Jane (BET. APR - JUN 1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (30 MAR 1834-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (BET. OCT - DEC 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane (17 JUL 1791-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (1829-1832)
Hardisty, Jane (ABT. 1830-31 JAN 1889)
Hardisty, Jane (BET. JUL - SEP 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane (6 JAN 1882-DEC 1932)
Hardisty, Jane Alison (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane Ann (BET. JAN - MAR 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane C (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane E (1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane Elizabeth (1835-BET. OCT - DEC 1913)
Hardisty, Jane Elizabeth Crowther (BET. OCT - DEC 1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jane Ellen (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane Margaret (BET. JUL - SEP 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Janet (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet (ABT. 1920-ABT. 1990)
Hardisty, Janet (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet (ABT. 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Janet (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet A (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet A (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet A (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet H (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet M (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet M (--living--)
Hardisty, Janet M M (--living--)
Hardisty, Jane[Unc] (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Janice (--living--)
Hardisty, Janice (--living--)
Hardisty, Janice Diane (--living--)
Hardisty, Janice Elizabeth (12 SEP 1957-19 APR 1997)
Hardisty, Janice P (--living--)
Hardisty, Jasmine Rose (--living--)
Hardisty, Jason (--living--)
Hardisty, Jason Stuart (--living--)
Hardisty, Jasper (1845-11 FEB 1863)
Hardisty, Jasper Newton (9 MAR 1862-19 DEC 1948)
Hardisty, Jasper Oyvind Edington (--living--)
Hardisty, Jayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Jayne A (--living--)
Hardisty, Jayne Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (Private-)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean G (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Jean Margaret (--living--)
Hardisty, Jeanette Nelly (BET. JUL - SEP 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jeffery (--living--)
Hardisty, Jeffrey (--living--)
Hardisty, Jeffrey (--living--)
Hardisty, Jemima (13 OCT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jemima (1761-APR 1800)
Hardisty, Jenit (16 JUL 1615-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jenna Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Jennifer Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Jennifer Rose (--living--)
Hardisty, Jenny Lynn (--living--)
Hardisty, Jeremy Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Jeremy Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Jerome Oyvind (--living--)
Hardisty, Jerrod (1851-1851)
Hardisty, Jerry (Private-)
Hardisty, Jesse (AUG 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jesse (2 DEC 1905-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jessica (--living--)
Hardisty, Jessie (BET. APR - JUN 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jessie (BET. JAN - MAR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jessie (MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jessie Gertrude (29 MAR 1912-11 APR 1997)
Hardisty, Jill Denise (--living--)
Hardisty, Jill L K (--living--)
Hardisty, Jill P (--living--)
Hardisty, Jimmie Dow (--living--)
Hardisty, Jo (--living--)
Hardisty, Jo (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (Private-)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (BET. JAN - MAR 1923-BET. JAN - MAR 1928)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan E (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan M (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan M (--living--)
Hardisty, Joan P (--living--)
Hardisty, Joanna Susan (--living--)
Hardisty, Joanne (--living--)
Hardisty, Joanne (--living--)
Hardisty, Joanne Lesley (--living--)
Hardisty, Joanne Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Joanne Susan (--living--)
Hardisty, Jocelyn Sandra (--living--)
Hardisty, John (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (3 AUG 1837-BET. JAN - MAR 1886)
Hardisty, John (1810-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1862-BET. OCT - DEC 1926)
Hardisty, John (9 FEB 1804-20 JUL 1857)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (28 SEP 1796-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (11 DEC 1832-30 JAN 1907)
Hardisty, John (18 MAR 1826-1909)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1873-BET. OCT - DEC 1946)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1835-BET. OCT - DEC 1898)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1912-BET. OCT - DEC 1913)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1856-BET. JAN - MAR 1911)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1793-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1751-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (8 FEB 1859-BET. JAN - MAR 1947)
Hardisty, John (21 JUN 1668-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1751-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (9 OCT 1845-BET. OCT - DEC 1922)
Hardisty, John (1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (4 SEP 1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (FEB 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1889-BET. OCT - DEC 1953)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1792-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1774-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (10 AUG 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1703-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1 FEB 1935-JUN 1998)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1803-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1828-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1800-JUN 1801)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1762-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (29 JAN 1757-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (29 JUN 1897-29 JUN 1962)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1839-2 FEB 1841)
Hardisty, John (OCT 1814-1 JUL 1845)
Hardisty, John (7 FEB 1784-20 MAR 1834)
Hardisty, John (BET. OCT - DEC 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1849-BET. JAN - MAR 1930)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (1842-JUL 1866)
Hardisty, John (BET. OCT - DEC 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (20 FEB 1789-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (1907-1929)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (11 AUG 1875-28 MAR 1876)
Hardisty, John (BET. OCT - DEC 1864-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (-27 DEC 1616)
Hardisty, John (26 DEC 1826-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (24 JAN 1645/46-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1872-BET. JAN - MAR 1945)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1805-BET. OCT - DEC 1846)
Hardisty, John (22 JUN 1840-1876)
Hardisty, John (9 AUG 1639-4 MAY 1656)
Hardisty, John (1752-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (7 FEB 1830-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (13 APR 1824-20 OCT 1892)
Hardisty, John (BET. JAN - MAR 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (2 MAY 1878-12 MAY 1904)
Hardisty, John (28 MAR 1760-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1861-1865)
Hardisty, John (1843-19 DEC 1913)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (9 NOV 1828-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1825-1825)
Hardisty, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1584-FEB 1626/27)
Hardisty, John (17 MAR 1861-20 JAN 1926)
Hardisty, John (BET. JUL - SEP 1849-BET. JUL - SEP 1937)
Hardisty, John (1874-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (29 APR 1727-1790)
Hardisty, John (2 JUL 1903-BET. OCT - DEC 1990)
Hardisty, John (1820-AFT. 1881)
Hardisty, John (1803-1890)
Hardisty, John (--living--)
Hardisty, John (BET. OCT - DEC 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. APR - JUN 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1816-AFT. 1881)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1788-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (BET. OCT - DEC 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (20 OCT 1669-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (20 NOV 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (22 APR 1775-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (ABT. 1763-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John (1818-2 SEP 1858)
Hardisty, John (BET. JUL - SEP 1862-10 JUL 1899)
Hardisty, John (25 JUN 1900-OCT 1984)
Hardisty, John A (--living--)
Hardisty, John A (--living--)
Hardisty, John A (--living--)
Hardisty, John A L (--living--)
Hardisty, John Aldred (BET. APR - JUN 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John Alfred (7 MAR 1911-JAN 1990)
Hardisty, John Arthur (13 SEP 1885-30 APR 1924)
Hardisty, John B (ABT. 1801-ABT. 1862)
Hardisty, John Bernard (--living--)
Hardisty, John Brian (--living--)
Hardisty, John Charles (ABT. 1833-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John D (--living--)
Hardisty, John D (--living--)
Hardisty, John David (--living--)
Hardisty, John David (--living--)
Hardisty, John David (--living--)
Hardisty, John David Beatty (BET. APR - JUN 1915-BET. OCT - DEC 1944)
Hardisty, John Dowson (BET. JUL - SEP 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John E (--living--)
Hardisty, John E (--living--)
Hardisty, John Edgar (20 DEC 1908-BET. JAN - MAR 1966)
Hardisty, John Edward (BET. JAN - MAR 1877-BET. JUL - SEP 1918)
Hardisty, John Edward (22 MAR 1904-20 JUN 1985)
Hardisty, John Edward (BET. APR - JUN 1909-20 JUN 1942)
Hardisty, John Edward (1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John Edward (26 OCT 1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John H (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John Harry (BET. APR - JUN 1878-BET. APR - JUN 1931)
Hardisty, John Harry C (1849-BET. OCT - DEC 1906)
Hardisty, John Henderson (2 SEP 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John Henry (BET. JAN - MAR 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John Henry (2 DEC 1924-25 JUL 1964)
Hardisty, John Herbert (BET. APR - JUN 1893-6 OCT 1915)
Hardisty, John Hollis (1873-7 JAN 1933)
Hardisty, John James (BET. JUL - SEP 1878-BET. JAN - MAR 1963)
Hardisty, John James (30 JUL 1924-BET. JAN - MAR 1980)
Hardisty, John James (3 FEB 1846-15 MAY 1893)
Hardisty, John Lafayette (20 OCT 1844-15 JAN 1914)
Hardisty, John Lawrence (--living--)
Hardisty, John Leslie (18 DEC 1914-13 NOV 1978)
Hardisty, John Leslie (--living--)
Hardisty, John Leslie (--living--)
Hardisty, John Lewis Augustus (5 APR 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John M (--living--)
Hardisty, John M (--living--)
Hardisty, John Mann (BET. JUL - SEP 1896-6 SEP 1918)
Hardisty, John Maurice (5 JUN 1917-1991)
Hardisty, John Olmar (1923-1959)
Hardisty, John Richard (22 FEB 1818-6 NOV 1822)
Hardisty, John Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, John Robert (BET. OCT - DEC 1890-BET. JAN - MAR 1910)
Hardisty, John Robert (22 FEB 1854-5 APR 1901)
Hardisty, John Roderick Elliott (1 FEB 1923-30 NOV 1986)
Hardisty, John S (--living--)
Hardisty, John Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, John T (--living--)
Hardisty, John Thomas (9 OCT 1849-18 DEC 1849)
Hardisty, John Thomas (21 NOV 1889-11 MAR 1910)
Hardisty, John Thomas (23 JUN 1918-MAY 1994)
Hardisty, John Turner H (BET. JAN - MAR 1875-BET. OCT - DEC 1959)
Hardisty, John Vincent (13 MAY 1793-3 SEP 1875)
Hardisty, John Vincent Morgan Dr (12 DEC 1821-22 OCT 1911)
Hardisty, John W (--living--)
Hardisty, John W (--living--)
Hardisty, John W (ABT. 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John W (--living--)
Hardisty, John W (--living--)
Hardisty, John Walter (29 DEC 1882-9 MAR 1966)
Hardisty, John Walter (6 JUN 1913-BET. APR - JUN 1983)
Hardisty, John Walter (BET. JUL - SEP 1893-BET. JAN - MAR 1975)
Hardisty, John Whitworth (BET. JUL - SEP 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John William (20 APR 1868-12 DEC 1940)
Hardisty, John William (BET. OCT - DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John William (BET. JUL - SEP 1855-BET. JUL - SEP 1891)
Hardisty, John William (BET. OCT - DEC 1848-BET. OCT - DEC 1929)
Hardisty, John William (17 JUN 1900-26 FEB 1964)
Hardisty, John William (20 FEB 1898-BET. JAN - MAR 1972)
Hardisty, John William (BET. OCT - DEC 1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John William (BET. JAN - MAR 1893-BET. APR - JUN 1958)
Hardisty, John William (BET. JAN - MAR 1856-BET. APR - JUN 1932)
Hardisty, John William (Private-)
Hardisty, John William (4 JUN 1923-25 OCT 2000)
Hardisty, John William (ABT. 1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, John William (BET. JAN - MAR 1892-31 DEC 1964)
Hardisty, John William (26 AUG 1855-BET. JAN - MAR 1919)
Hardisty, Jonah E. (6 JUL 1861-6 APR 1863)
Hardisty, Jonas (21 JAN 1808-22 NOV 1850)
Hardisty, Jonas Blakey (1772-5 NOV 1829)
Hardisty, Jonathan (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathan Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathan David (Private-)
Hardisty, Jonathan Dryhurst (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathan Kit (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathan Lupton (23 DEC 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Jonathan Neil (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathan Richard (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathan Robert Adrian (--living--)
Hardisty, Jonathon William Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph (BET. JAN - MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (8 JUL 1902-BET. JUL - SEP 1973)
Hardisty, Joseph (9 JUN 1846-16 JUN 1846)
Hardisty, Joseph (1814-26 JAN 1877)
Hardisty, Joseph (1909-1925)
Hardisty, Joseph (1831-1832)
Hardisty, Joseph (BET. JUL - SEP 1881-BET. APR - JUN 1962)
Hardisty, Joseph (1871-BET. JAN - MAR 1942)
Hardisty, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1835-BET. JAN - MAR 1873)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1736-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (1756-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1726-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (14 MAY 1927-OCT 1990)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1751-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1780-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1822-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1740-16 FEB 1746/47)
Hardisty, Joseph (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (BET. JAN - MAR 1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph (5 APR 1899-BET. JUL - SEP 1971)
Hardisty, Joseph (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph (BET. JAN - MAR 1851-22 MAR 1932)
Hardisty, Joseph (BET. JAN - MAR 1872-BET. JAN - MAR 1943)
Hardisty, Joseph (ABT. 1832-BET. APR - JUN 1887)
Hardisty, Joseph Benjamin (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph Clayton (15 OCT 1911-15 JAN 2000)
Hardisty, Joseph Frederick W (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph Hopkinson (BET. APR - JUN 1857-BET. JAN - MAR 1918)
Hardisty, Joseph James Borba (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph John (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph John R (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph M (12 APR 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph Payne (BET. APR - JUN 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph Podmore (BET. OCT - DEC 1872-BET. APR - JUN 1954)
Hardisty, Joseph Robert (BET. JUL - SEP 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph Robert (BET. OCT - DEC 1891-BET. APR - JUN 1961)
Hardisty, Joseph S (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1850-20 OCT 1887)
Hardisty, Joseph W (--living--)
Hardisty, Joseph Walter (10 FEB 1927-JAN 2002)
Hardisty, Joseph Weatherhead (BET. APR - JUN 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joseph Wheatley (18 MAR 1927-1981)
Hardisty, Joseph Wheatley (24 JUN 1855-7 DEC 1913)
Hardisty, Joseph Wheatley (19 OCT 1885-13 NOV 1904)
Hardisty, Joseph Wordsworth (1828-1906)
Hardisty, Josephine (--living--)
Hardisty, Joshua (11 APR 1796-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (ABT. 1771-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (10 JAN 1824-1881)
Hardisty, Joshua (10 JUL 1744-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (BET. JUL - SEP 1853-28 MAY 1928)
Hardisty, Joshua (25 AUG 1764-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (BET. APR - JUN 1862-BET. JAN - MAR 1937)
Hardisty, Joshua (SEP 1877-SEP 1877)
Hardisty, Joshua (BET. APR - JUN 1848-BET. JUL - SEP 1921)
Hardisty, Joshua (1 APR 1604-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (BET. JAN - MAR 1874-SEP 1940)
Hardisty, Joshua (13 JUL 1894-BET. APR - JUN 1971)
Hardisty, Joshua (12 DEC 1669-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (18 APR 1713-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (5 MAR 1793-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (1830-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (1834-BET. JAN - MAR 1893)
Hardisty, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (1769-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (--living--)
Hardisty, Joshua (--living--)
Hardisty, Joshua (1789-14 DEC 1855)
Hardisty, Joshua (1822-BET. APR - JUN 1881)
Hardisty, Joshua (--living--)
Hardisty, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Joshua (BET. OCT - DEC 1882-18 NOV 1916)
Hardisty, Joshua (29 SEP 1844-21 SEP 1910)
Hardisty, Joshua Elwood (--living--)
Hardisty, Joshua John S (--living--)
Hardisty, Joy L (--living--)
Hardisty, Joy Winifred (30 JUL 1930-OCT 1989)
Hardisty, Joyce (--living--)
Hardisty, Joyce E (--living--)
Hardisty, Joyce Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Joyce M (--living--)
Hardisty, Joyce May (Private-)
Hardisty, Judith (ABT. 1736-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Judith A (--living--)
Hardisty, Judith Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Judy Ann (Private-)
Hardisty, Julia A (FEB 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Julia Alice (BET. JAN - MAR 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Julia Ann (30 JUN 1830-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Julia Ann Adaline (9 FEB 1845-17 MAY 1923)
Hardisty, Julia Francesca (--living--)
Hardisty, Julia M (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie A (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie A (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie Carol (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie D (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie E (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie J (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Julie Y (--living--)
Hardisty, June (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen Bea (Private-)
Hardisty, Karen Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, Karen Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Karen S (--living--)
Hardisty, Kate Eliza (4 JUL 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Kate Suzanne (--living--)
Hardisty, Katherine Louisa M (--living--)
Hardisty, Katherine Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen E (BET. JAN - MAR 1944-BET. JAN - MAR 1944)
Hardisty, Kathleen Honora (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen J (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen M (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen M (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathleen V (--living--)
Hardisty, Kathy Lynn (Private-)
Hardisty, Katie (SEP 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Katie (--living--)
Hardisty, Katie Laura (--living--)
Hardisty, Katie Louisa (--living--)
Hardisty, Kay Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Kayleigh Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Kayleigh Sarah (--living--)
Hardisty, Kea Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Keenan Lexie (--living--)
Hardisty, Keith (--living--)
Hardisty, Keith (--living--)
Hardisty, Keith (--living--)
Hardisty, Keith Abbott Manning (21 OCT 1932-13 FEB 2001)
Hardisty, Keith Melvin (--living--)
Hardisty, Keith R (--living--)
Hardisty, Keith William Douglas (--living--)
Hardisty, Kelly Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Kelly Gene (Private-)
Hardisty, Kelly May (--living--)
Hardisty, Kendle Craig (--living--)
Hardisty, Kenneth (BET. OCT - DEC 1924-BET. JUL - SEP 1977)
Hardisty, Kenneth (--living--)
Hardisty, Kenneth (--living--)
Hardisty, Kenneth Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Kenneth H (--living--)
Hardisty, Kenneth John (--living--)
Hardisty, Kenneth Raymond (5 JAN 1930-BET. APR - JUN 1976)
Hardisty, Kenneth Win (--living--)
Hardisty, Kerry Raymond (2 NOV 1945-7 OCT 1968)
Hardisty, Kevan P (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin Anthony (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin Ervin (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin G (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin G (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin J (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin J (--living--)
Hardisty, Kevin J (--living--)
Hardisty, Kim (Private-)
Hardisty, Kinsey Ray (10 OCT 1904-6 JUN 1997)
Hardisty, Kirstie Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Kirstin Alexandra (--living--)
Hardisty, Kirsty (--living--)
Hardisty, Kirsty Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Kristina Cherie (--living--)
Hardisty, Kristine (--living--)
Hardisty, Kym Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, L R (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lance William (Private-)
Hardisty, Larissa Jane A (--living--)
Hardisty, Larry James (Private-)
Hardisty, Laura (--living--)
Hardisty, Laura (BET. OCT - DEC 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Laura Ida Lois (MAR 1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Laura Rachel (--living--)
Hardisty, Laurel Malcolm (--living--)
Hardisty, Lauren Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Lauren Eva (--living--)
Hardisty, Laurence Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, LaVern Joy (Private-)
Hardisty, Lavinia (18 NOV 1882-FEB 1885)
Hardisty, Lavinia (BET. JAN - MAR 1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lavinia (--living--)
Hardisty, Lavinia (1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lawrence (15 MAY 1913-JUN 1997)
Hardisty, Lawrence (7 MAR 1897-15 OCT 1945)
Hardisty, Lawrence (--living--)
Hardisty, Lawrence (--living--)
Hardisty, Lawrence (--living--)
Hardisty, Lawrence Edwin (DEC 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lee (8 FEB 1899-10 DEC 1966)
Hardisty, Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Lee Elmont (17 APR 1889-17 FEB 1942)
Hardisty, Lee Everett (Private-)
Hardisty, Lee Felton (--living--)
Hardisty, Lee Ronald (--living--)
Hardisty, Lela Ellen (30 DEC 1915-19 FEB 1970)
Hardisty, Lena Olive (19 JUL 1898-10 OCT 1969)
Hardisty, Leona (--living--)
Hardisty, Leonard (BET. JAN - MAR 1893-BET. JAN - MAR 1948)
Hardisty, Leonard (BET. APR - JUN 1856-BET. JUL - SEP 1891)
Hardisty, Leonard Arthur (13 FEB 1920-BET. JAN - MAR 1980)
Hardisty, Leroy (--living--)
Hardisty, Lesley J (--living--)
Hardisty, Leslie (21 JUN 1922-25 MAY 1983)
Hardisty, Leslie (BET. JUL - SEP 1918-BET. JUL - SEP 1918)
Hardisty, Leslie (--living--)
Hardisty, Leslie (--living--)
Hardisty, Leslie (--living--)
Hardisty, Leslie Albert (9 MAR 1905-BET. APR - JUN 1974)
Hardisty, Leslie James (--living--)
Hardisty, Leta Matilda (BET. OCT - DEC 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Letitia E P (27 FEB 1867-13 SEP 1871)
Hardisty, Lettia Emaline (14 SEP 1888-1909)
Hardisty, Lettie P (22 SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lewis Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Lewis William (--living--)
Hardisty, Lexie (--living--)
Hardisty, Lexie Ellis (29 JUN 1903-20 JUN 1986)
Hardisty, Liam James (--living--)
Hardisty, Liam Patrick (--living--)
Hardisty, Lilian (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lilian D A (--living--)
Hardisty, Lilian Gweneth (BET. JUL - SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lilian Maria (20 DEC 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lilian Mary (28 FEB 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lillian (28 JAN 1875-18 FEB 1946)
Hardisty, Lillian (20 FEB 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lillias (--living--)
Hardisty, Lillie (BET. OCT - DEC 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lilly (BET. JUL - SEP 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lily (BET. OCT - DEC 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lily (BET. JAN - MAR 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lily (--living--)
Hardisty, Lily (22 MAY 1903-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lily (--living--)
Hardisty, Linda (--living--)
Hardisty, Linda (--living--)
Hardisty, Linda J (--living--)
Hardisty, Linda Jane (Private-)
Hardisty, Linden (--living--)
Hardisty, Lindsay Clare (--living--)
Hardisty, Lindsay R (--living--)
Hardisty, Lisa Christine (--living--)
Hardisty, Lisa Jan (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living Jr (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living Jr (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living Jr (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (Private-)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living Jr (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living Jr (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living Jr (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Living (--living--)
Hardisty, Lloyd (--living--)
Hardisty, Lloyd (--living--)
Hardisty, Lloyd Enlow (29 JUL 1920-30 DEC 1973)
Hardisty, Lois (--living--)
Hardisty, Lois Roberta (Private-)
Hardisty, Lola (17 SEP 1896-1917)
Hardisty, Lon Neal (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Loren Charles (Private-)
Hardisty, Loren Gerald (Private-)
Hardisty, Loren Merrill (18 MAR 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Loren Oscar (27 MAR 1875-20 MAY 1953)
Hardisty, Lori Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Lornie (22 NOV 1894-30 JUL 1975)
Hardisty, Lorraine Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Lorraine I (--living--)
Hardisty, Louis (JAN 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Louis (6 SEP 1835-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Louisa (BET. APR - JUN 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Louisa (BET. JUL - SEP 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Louisa (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Louisa (--living--)
Hardisty, Louisa (BET. APR - JUN 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Louisa Isabella (9 JAN 1847-24 MAY 1921)
Hardisty, Louise Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Louise Sarah (ABT. 1801-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Loyd N (1864-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lucinda (1823-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lucinda (11 APR 1812-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lucy (BET. JAN - MAR 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Lucy Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Lucy Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Lucy M (--living--)
Hardisty, Lucy Z (BET. APR - JUN 1866-BET. APR - JUN 1928)
Hardisty, Luke (--living--)
Hardisty, Luke Jonathan (--living--)
Hardisty, Lurena Catherine (23 MAY 1878-FEB 1879)
Hardisty, Lydda (17 FEB 1854-9 JUL 1927)
Hardisty, Lydia M (--living--)
Hardisty, Lyle Glenn (Private-)
Hardisty, Lynda Clare (--living--)
Hardisty, Lynda M E (--living--)
Hardisty, Lyndon J L (--living--)
Hardisty, Lynn (--living--)
Hardisty, Lynn F (--living--)
Hardisty, Lynne (--living--)
Hardisty, M T (1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mabel (BET. JUL - SEP 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mabel (--living--)
Hardisty, Mabel (BET. OCT - DEC 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mabel (1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mabel (BET. JAN - MAR 1920-18 DEC 1960)
Hardisty, Mabel (--living--)
Hardisty, Mabel Elizabeth (BET. APR - JUN 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Madelon (30 MAR 1606-OCT 1641)
Hardisty, Madge (--living--)
Hardisty, Madison (9 SEP 1873-13 SEP 1930)
Hardisty, Maggie (BET. OCT - DEC 1886-JUL 1887)
Hardisty, Major (24 JUN 1829-10 FEB 1847)
Hardisty, Malcolm (--living--)
Hardisty, Malcolm (--living--)
Hardisty, Male (BET. OCT - DEC 1917-BET. OCT - DEC 1917)
Hardisty, Male (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Malinda (1816-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mally (20 FEB 1779-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mamie Leona (12 DEC 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mandy (--living--)
Hardisty, Mandy Gail (--living--)
Hardisty, Marc (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret (26 APR 1809-30 MAR 1867)
Hardisty, Margaret (1802-BET. OCT - DEC 1894)
Hardisty, Margaret (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret (ABT. 1812-25 OCT 1812)
Hardisty, Margaret (Private-)
Hardisty, Margaret (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret (25 SEP 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret (13 OCT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret (26 MAR 1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret (ABT. 1763-11 MAY 1823)
Hardisty, Margaret A (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret A (BET. JUL - SEP 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret A (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret A (2 MAY 1942-NOV 1986)
Hardisty, Margaret A (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret Alice (20 SEP 1800-26 AUG 1890)
Hardisty, Margaret Ann (14 DEC 1896-13 MAY 1961)
Hardisty, Margaret Ann (21 APR 1920-BET. 2003 - 2004)
Hardisty, Margaret Ann (ABT. 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret Ann (BET. JAN - MAR 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret Annie (4 MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret Annie (24 JUN 1872-21 JUL 1918)
Hardisty, Margaret Annie (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret Catherine (29 OCT 1866-11 SEP 1901)
Hardisty, Margaret E (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret Elsie (30 APR 1915-27 MAR 1984)
Hardisty, Margaret Ethel (22 OCT 1900-12 FEB 1970)
Hardisty, Margaret Hannah (BET. APR - JUN 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Margaret M (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret M (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret Rose (--living--)
Hardisty, Margaret S (--living--)
Hardisty, Margery (--living--)
Hardisty, Maria (BET. JAN - MAR 1889-BET. OCT - DEC 1929)
Hardisty, Maria (BEF. 24 OCT 1861-BET. JAN - MAR 1918)
Hardisty, Maria (1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maria (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maria Ana (--living--)
Hardisty, Marian (BET. JAN - MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Marian (BET. JAN - MAR 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Marie (15 FEB 1605/06-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Marie (--living--)
Hardisty, Marie (Private-)
Hardisty, Marion Dean Jr (Private-)
Hardisty, Marion Dean Sr (9 NOV 1933-NOV 1999)
Hardisty, Marjorie (-1969)
Hardisty, Marjorie (--living--)
Hardisty, Marjorie (--living--)
Hardisty, Marjorie Elizabeth (BET. JAN - MAR 1915-BET. OCT - DEC 1969)
Hardisty, Marjorie Esther (--living--)
Hardisty, Marjorie Kathleen (BET. JUL - SEP 1905-BET. JAN - MAR 1967)
Hardisty, Marjorie W (25 OCT 1912-2 JAN 1993)
Hardisty, Mark (28 NOV 1917-MAY 1992)
Hardisty, Mark (1820-BET. JUL - SEP 1891)
Hardisty, Mark (--living--)
Hardisty, Mark (--living--)
Hardisty, Mark (BET. JAN - MAR 1848-BET. OCT - DEC 1917)
Hardisty, Mark (12 FEB 1888-2 AUG 1969)
Hardisty, Mark Andrew (4 AUG 1958-5 MAR 1988)
Hardisty, Mark Bates (BET. APR - JUN 1878-BET. APR - JUN 1956)
Hardisty, Mark Charles (--living--)
Hardisty, Mark Eldon (Private-)
Hardisty, Mark W (--living--)
Hardisty, Mark William (--living--)
Hardisty, Martha (20 DEC 1761-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (BET. OCT - DEC 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (--living--)
Hardisty, Martha (7 OCT 1848-17 MAR 1849)
Hardisty, Martha (6 FEB 1851-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (1871-1 APR 1893)
Hardisty, Martha (BET. OCT - DEC 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (BET. JUL - SEP 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (28 MAR 1774-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (12 OCT 1887-6 APR 1966)
Hardisty, Martha (ABT. 1812-29 JUL 1812)
Hardisty, Martha (BET. JAN - MAR 1841-5 OCT 1846)
Hardisty, Martha (ABT. 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha (ABT. 1805-7 AUG 1805)
Hardisty, Martha (BET. OCT - DEC 1880-BET. OCT - DEC 1961)
Hardisty, Martha J (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martha Jane (25 JAN 1862-20 FEB 1934)
Hardisty, Martha Jane (1841-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Martin (--living--)
Hardisty, Martin (--living--)
Hardisty, Martin A (--living--)
Hardisty, Martin L (1871-1871)
Hardisty, Martin Weatherhead (--living--)
Hardisty, Marvin Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, Mary (1796-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (4 JUL 1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. OCT - DEC 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (6 OCT 1631-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. OCT - DEC 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (18 DEC 1630-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (1834-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (16 MAY 1613-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. APR - JUN 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (12 MAR 1804-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (16 AUG 1806-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (ABT. 1851-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary (1783-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary (ABT. 1805-7 AUG 1805)
Hardisty, Mary (1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (1 JUN 1814-2 NOV 1895)
Hardisty, Mary (28 APR 1711-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. JAN - MAR 1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (ABT. 1835-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (1833-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (ABT. 1783-ABT. 1850)
Hardisty, Mary (Private-)
Hardisty, Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. JAN - MAR 1847-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (12 MAY 1706-30 MAR 1708)
Hardisty, Mary (15 FEB 1818-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (JUL 1900-1926)
Hardisty, Mary (9 OCT 1721-1785)
Hardisty, Mary (3 NOV 1747-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary (19 APR 1767-4 JUN 1767)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. JAN - MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (BET. APR - JUN 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (27 DEC 1795-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (17 MAR 1698/99-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary (1779-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary A (1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary A (1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary A (1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary A (BET. JAN - MAR 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Alice (Private-)
Hardisty, Mary Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (ABT. 1817-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (1821-3 FEB 1857)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (BET. OCT - DEC 1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (DEC 1821-3 FEB 1857)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (ABT. 1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (2 NOV 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (22 JAN 1827-16 JUN 1914)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (BET. APR - JUN 1877-2 AUG 1963)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann (BET. APR - JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Ann Eleanor (ABT. 1797-1868)
Hardisty, Mary B (1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Caroline Scarr (BET. JUL - SEP 1888-29 JAN 1936)
Hardisty, Mary Carolyn (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary Cecelia (21 JAN 1916-30 NOV 1989)
Hardisty, Mary Dinah (BET. JAN - MAR 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary E (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary E (BET. APR - JUN 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary E (15 APR 1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary E (1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary E (8 OCT 1847-8 AUG 1935)
Hardisty, Mary E (BET. JUL - SEP 1885-BET. APR - JUN 1960)
Hardisty, Mary Elizabeth (29 JAN 1888-30 MAR 1947)
Hardisty, Mary Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary Elizabeth (25 MAR 1854-BEF. 1939)
Hardisty, Mary Elizabeth (BET. OCT - DEC 1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Elizabeth (15 MAY 1853-13 JUL 1939)
Hardisty, Mary Ella (23 SEP 1896-29 JAN 1972)
Hardisty, Mary F (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary Frances (13 DEC 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Hannah (BET. JAN - MAR 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Hannah (1831-1883)
Hardisty, Mary Helen (BET. OCT - DEC 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary J (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (3 MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (BET. OCT - DEC 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (BET. OCT - DEC 1841-BET. APR - JUN 1919)
Hardisty, Mary Jane (26 DEC 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mary Joan (--living--)
Hardisty, Mary Maria Fletcher (1833-23 JUL 1872)
Hardisty, Mary T (1842-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mathias (3 JUN 1764-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Matilda (BET. JUL - SEP 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Matilda (BET. JUL - SEP 1865-BET. APR - JUN 1933)
Hardisty, Matthew (BET. OCT - DEC 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Matthew (1819-BET. APR - JUN 1897)
Hardisty, Matthew Brian (--living--)
Hardisty, Matthew Craig (--living--)
Hardisty, Matthew David (--living--)
Hardisty, Matthew Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Matthew John (--living--)
Hardisty, Matthew Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Matthias (24 APR 1806-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maud (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maud Annie (--living--)
Hardisty, Maude M (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maudie B. (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maudie Blanche (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Maureen (--living--)
Hardisty, Maureen (--living--)
Hardisty, Maurice (25 DEC 1926-DEC 1999)
Hardisty, Maurice E (BET. APR - JUN 1947-BET. APR - JUN 1947)
Hardisty, Maurice William (15 AUG 1922-BET. JAN - MAR 1971)
Hardisty, Mavis (Private-)
Hardisty, Mavis (--living--)
Hardisty, Mavis A (--living--)
Hardisty, Mavis Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Max (--living--)
Hardisty, Max Oscar (--living--)
Hardisty, May (BET. OCT - DEC 1943-2000)
Hardisty, May (--living--)
Hardisty, May B (ABT. 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Megan Sean (Private-)
Hardisty, Melissa (ABT. 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Merle Oral (Private-)
Hardisty, Metcalfe (30 JAN 1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael (BET. OCT - DEC 1933-BET. OCT - DEC 1933)
Hardisty, Michael Bryn (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael D (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael E (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael Felton (BET. OCT - DEC 1942-6 OCT 1998)
Hardisty, Michael Frank (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael Frederick (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael Henry (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael J (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael J (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael James (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael John Hylton (Private-)
Hardisty, Michael Keith (--living--)
Hardisty, Michael Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, Michael Roy (18 DEC 1952-20 DEC 1986)
Hardisty, Michael William John (--living--)
Hardisty, Micheal Alan (23 FEB 1943-11 MAY 1976)
Hardisty, Michelle (--living--)
Hardisty, Michelle Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Mildred (--living--)
Hardisty, Millie Kate (--living--)
Hardisty, Millie Zoula (13 MAR 1873-1958)
Hardisty, Minerva Jane (12 OCT 1868-25 MAR 1921)
Hardisty, Minnie (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-BET. JAN - MAR 1882)
Hardisty, Minnie (5 FEB 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Minnie (BET. JUL - SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Minnie Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Mintie Margaret (1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Miriam (--living--)
Hardisty, Miriam Alice (31 MAR 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Mitchell John (--living--)
Hardisty, Mitchell Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Monica Mavis (23 MAY 1933-25 SEP 1989)
Hardisty, Morris Leon (--living--)
Hardisty, Murial (--living--)
Hardisty, Muriel (--living--)
Hardisty, Muriel (--living--)
Hardisty, Muriel Annie (18 FEB 1922-2 JUN 2001)
Hardisty, Muriel Constance (Private-)
Hardisty, Muriel Florence (BET. OCT - DEC 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Myrtle Dean (28 FEB 1889-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Myrtle Olive (16 SEP 1885-18 NOV 1972)
Hardisty, Nadine (2 APR 1961-22 APR 1961)
Hardisty, Nancy (--living--)
Hardisty, Nancy (30 MAY 1798-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nancy (18 JUN 1767-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nancy (18 OCT 1840-15 JAN 1892)
Hardisty, Nancy (1813-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nancy (29 JUL 1799-17 SEP 1854)
Hardisty, Nancy Catharine (4 JUN 1859-5 MAY 1948)
Hardisty, Nancy Ellen (7 JUN 1832-23 MAR 1875)
Hardisty, Nancy Jane (6 FEB 1861-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nancy Proctor (16 MAR 1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nancy S (Private-)
Hardisty, Naomi Fay (10 OCT 1904-28 NOV 1968)
Hardisty, Napoleon Bonaparte (9 FEB 1859-6 JUL 1942)
Hardisty, Natasha (--living--)
Hardisty, Neil Dr (--living--)
Hardisty, Neil Edward (--living--)
Hardisty, Neil P (--living--)
Hardisty, Neil S (--living--)
Hardisty, Nellie (--living--)
Hardisty, Nellie (--living--)
Hardisty, Nellie (1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nellie (6 DEC 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nelson (30 DEC 1917-SEP 1998)
Hardisty, Neva Pauline (--living--)
Hardisty, Neville A (--living--)
Hardisty, Neville Leslie (17 APR 1930-28 FEB 1933)
Hardisty, Nichola (--living--)
Hardisty, Nichola (--living--)
Hardisty, Nicholas Allen (--living--)
Hardisty, Nicholas James (--living--)
Hardisty, Nicholas John (--living--)
Hardisty, Nicola Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Nicola Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Nigel G (--living--)
Hardisty, No Name (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Noah (17 OCT 1916-14 JAN 1978)
Hardisty, Noah Franklin (1872-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Noelene Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Nora (--living--)
Hardisty, Nora (--living--)
Hardisty, Nora Jane (3 SEP 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Nora M (BET. JUL - SEP 1926-BET. JAN - MAR 1930)
Hardisty, Norah (--living--)
Hardisty, Norma (Private-)
Hardisty, Norma Joyce (--living--)
Hardisty, Norman (30 AUG 1920-26 JUL 1975)
Hardisty, Norman (Private-)
Hardisty, Norman (--living--)
Hardisty, Norman C (--living--)
Hardisty, Norman Frank (26 OCT 1909-AUG 1995)
Hardisty, Norman Joseph E (12 DEC 1912-NOV 1993)
Hardisty, Obediah T (1853-8 SEP 1934)
Hardisty, Octavia (--living--)
Hardisty, Ola (17 SEP 1896-23 OCT 1982)
Hardisty, Ola (--living--)
Hardisty, Olaf (15 OCT 1918-2 FEB 1919)
Hardisty, Olive (--living--)
Hardisty, Olive (--living--)
Hardisty, Olive Elizabeth Law (8 JAN 1916-FEB 2002)
Hardisty, Olive M (--living--)
Hardisty, Olive R (--living--)
Hardisty, Oliver (--living--)
Hardisty, Oliver (BET. JAN - MAR 1893-BET. OCT - DEC 1963)
Hardisty, Oliver James (--living--)
Hardisty, Opal Skye (--living--)
Hardisty, Orlinda (BET. JAN - MAR 1885-BET. JUL - SEP 1958)
Hardisty, Orval Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Oscar (26 JUL 1874-BET. JUL - SEP 1930)
Hardisty, Owen (--living--)
Hardisty, Owen D (--living--)
Hardisty, Pamela (--living--)
Hardisty, Pamela (--living--)
Hardisty, Pamela (BET. JAN - MAR 1940-BET. JAN - MAR 1940)
Hardisty, Pamela L (--living--)
Hardisty, Patric Michael (Private-)
Hardisty, Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia (Private-)
Hardisty, Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia A (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia A (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia L (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Patricia M (--living--)
Hardisty, Patrick James (--living--)
Hardisty, Patty (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul (12 FEB 1697/98-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Paul (10 JAN 1922-26 DEC 1982)
Hardisty, Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul (1816-BET. JUL - SEP 1888)
Hardisty, Paul A (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul Brian (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul E (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul Frederick (Private-)
Hardisty, Paul Girling (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul Jeremy (--living--)
Hardisty, Paul L (--living--)
Hardisty, Paula M (--living--)
Hardisty, Paula Susan (--living--)
Hardisty, Pauline A (--living--)
Hardisty, Pauline Ethel (27 SEP 1905-28 OCT 1995)
Hardisty, Pearl (--living--)
Hardisty, Pearl D (--living--)
Hardisty, Penelope (--living--)
Hardisty, Penelope A (--living--)
Hardisty, Penney (--living--)
Hardisty, Penny (--living--)
Hardisty, Penny Jo (Private-)
Hardisty, Percilla Ellen (1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Percival Felton (BET. APR - JUN 1891-BET. OCT - DEC 1967)
Hardisty, Percy (BET. OCT - DEC 1897-BET. JUL - SEP 1898)
Hardisty, Percy (19 DEC 1892-24 OCT 1965)
Hardisty, Percy (27 MAY 1886-22 JAN 1970)
Hardisty, Percy Charles (19 APR 1890-BET. JUL - SEP 1974)
Hardisty, Percy Hopley (BET. OCT - DEC 1890-BET. OCT - DEC 1949)
Hardisty, Peter (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter (Private-)
Hardisty, Peter (1694-SEP 1772)
Hardisty, Peter (11 JUL 1937-2000)
Hardisty, Peter (19 SEP 1723-1776)
Hardisty, Peter (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter A (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter Busirus (9 JAN 1879-9 JUN 1967)
Hardisty, Peter Evans (4 JAN 1921-APR 1994)
Hardisty, Peter Girling (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter John (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter Ronald (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter Shaun (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter T (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter W (--living--)
Hardisty, Peter Weatherhead (--living--)
Hardisty, Phebe Roxie (29 MAR 1892-22 DEC 1982)
Hardisty, Philip (--living--)
Hardisty, Philip Garry (--living--)
Hardisty, Philip George E (--living--)
Hardisty, Philip James (--living--)
Hardisty, Philip John (--living--)
Hardisty, Philip Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Philip R (--living--)
Hardisty, Phillip (--living--)
Hardisty, Phillipa Jayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Phillipa M (--living--)
Hardisty, Phyllis (--living--)
Hardisty, Phyllis (23 OCT 1921-27 JAN 1923)
Hardisty, Pippa Alison (--living--)
Hardisty, Polly (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Polly (BET. APR - JUN 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Poppy Jessica (--living--)
Hardisty, Priscilla (BET. APR - JUN 1880-20 APR 1971)
Hardisty, Quincy J. (24 SEP 1880-8 NOV 1901)
Hardisty, Rachel (27 DEC 1798-15 MAR 1852)
Hardisty, Rachel (1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Rachel Ann Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Rachel Christine (--living--)
Hardisty, Rachel Dawn (--living--)
Hardisty, Rachel Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Rachel Janet (--living--)
Hardisty, Rae (19 DEC 1906-28 MAY 1965)
Hardisty, Ralph (--living--)
Hardisty, Ralph (--living--)
Hardisty, Ralph James (19 SEP 1911-16 MAR 1972)
Hardisty, Ralph W (BET. APR - JUN 1915-BET. APR - JUN 1916)
Hardisty, Randy Ray (Private-)
Hardisty, Ray General (5 JUL 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Raymond (--living--)
Hardisty, Raymond L (--living--)
Hardisty, Raymond W (--living--)
Hardisty, Raymond W (--living--)
Hardisty, Reazin (1780-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Rebecca (ABT. 1798-23 DEC 1849)
Hardisty, Rebecca (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Rebecca (--living--)
Hardisty, Rebecca Alison (--living--)
Hardisty, Rebecca Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Rebecca Ellen (--living--)
Hardisty, Rebecca Leanne (--living--)
Hardisty, Rebecca Louisa (Private-)
Hardisty, Reece Ian (--living--)
Hardisty, Reginald (BET. OCT - DEC 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Reginald (BET. JAN - MAR 1937-BET. APR - JUN 1958)
Hardisty, Reuben (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Reuben Turner (BET. JUL - SEP 1871-BET. JUL - SEP 1928)
Hardisty, Rhoda (BET. OCT - DEC 1882-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Rianne Ellis (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard (2 OCT 1785-7 JUL 1854)
Hardisty, Richard (ABT. 1675-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Richard (1809-BET. APR - JUN 1875)
Hardisty, Richard (20 JUL 1849-20 JUL 1850)
Hardisty, Richard (1790-13 OCT 1865)
Hardisty, Richard (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard (1774-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Richard (15 SEP 1853-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Richard (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard (9 MAR 1880-BET. JAN - MAR 1972)
Hardisty, Richard (BET. APR - JUN 1891-BET. OCT - DEC 1946)
Hardisty, Richard (ABT. 1733-1823)
Hardisty, Richard Charles (1831-15 OCT 1889)
Hardisty, Richard E. (FEB 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Richard George (1871-1943)
Hardisty, Richard Henry (1852-BET. OCT - DEC 1891)
Hardisty, Richard Ingram (BET. APR - JUN 1877-BET. JUL - SEP 1912)
Hardisty, Richard James (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard Job (BET. OCT - DEC 1909-BET. JAN - MAR 1962)
Hardisty, Richard Joseph (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard Little (BET. JAN - MAR 1896-BET. JAN - MAR 1958)
Hardisty, Richard Milver (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard P (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard Podmore (BET. APR - JUN 1880-BET. APR - JUN 1932)
Hardisty, Richard Robert (-1885)
Hardisty, Richard S (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard Thomas Nicholas (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard White (19 NOV 1866-BET. APR - JUN 1868)
Hardisty, Richard William (--living--)
Hardisty, Richard William Stuart (21 DEC 1898-8 SEP 1973)
Hardisty, Richard Willie S (21 DEC 1898-BET. JUL - SEP 1973)
Hardisty, Richard? (1829-BET. OCT - DEC 1878)
Hardisty, Rita E (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (10 APR 1856-16 OCT 1912)
Hardisty, Robert (-1817)
Hardisty, Robert (15 MAY 1883-BET. APR - JUN 1918)
Hardisty, Robert (1811-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (23 OCT 1730-16 MAY 1790)
Hardisty, Robert (9 JUN 1792-27 JUN 1860)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (1781-9 MAY 1850)
Hardisty, Robert (BET. JAN - MAR 1850-BET. JAN - MAR 1932)
Hardisty, Robert (14 JAN 1903-28 MAR 1989)
Hardisty, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (BET. JUL - SEP 1875-BET. JUL - SEP 1942)
Hardisty, Robert (4 MAR 1624/25-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (13 SEP 1880-2 SEP 1917)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (25 AUG 1853-17 OCT 1855)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (1809-BET. OCT - DEC 1885)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (29 AUG 1824-3 FEB 1905)
Hardisty, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (ABT. 1831-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (1820-BET. OCT - DEC 1890)
Hardisty, Robert (BET. OCT - DEC 1840-BET. JUL - SEP 1913)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (20 FEB 1824-26 DEC 1892)
Hardisty, Robert (ABT. 1822-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert (1833-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert (BET. OCT - DEC 1900-BET. JAN - MAR 1922)
Hardisty, Robert Alfred (9 OCT 1900-BET. APR - JUN 1976)
Hardisty, Robert Arthur (3 APR 1877-28 JAN 1950)
Hardisty, Robert Brewis (5 FEB 1874-15 FEB 1920)
Hardisty, Robert C (8 MAY 1864-18 JUN 1935)
Hardisty, Robert Edwin (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert Ernest (22 MAR 1901-27 JUN 1967)
Hardisty, Robert G (1777-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert G (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert H B (BET. JAN - MAR 1921-BET. OCT - DEC 1927)
Hardisty, Robert J (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert James (ABT. 1858-1928)
Hardisty, Robert James (16 FEB 1863-30 MAR 1888)
Hardisty, Robert James (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert Lee (3 OCT 1890-10 JUL 1959)
Hardisty, Robert Mark (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert Neil (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert Neville (BET. JAN - MAR 1906-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Robert Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Robert W W (--living--)
Hardisty, Robyn Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Robyn Frances (--living--)
Hardisty, Rodney Stuart (--living--)
Hardisty, Roger Michael Professor (19 SEP 1922-18 SEP 1997)
Hardisty, Roger Russell (Private-)
Hardisty, Roger Wayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Ronald (29 SEP 1925-APR 1984)
Hardisty, Ronald (29 SEP 1925-1984)
Hardisty, Ronald A (--living--)
Hardisty, Ronald A (--living--)
Hardisty, Ronald Glenn (Private-)
Hardisty, Ronald J (17 MAY 1927-NOV 2001)
Hardisty, Rory John (--living--)
Hardisty, Rosa Agnes (26 OCT 1891-3 MAR 1983)
Hardisty, Rosa Lena (27 SEP 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Roscoe (31 DEC 1893-20 FEB 1975)
Hardisty, Rose Anna (1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Rose E (--living--)
Hardisty, Rose K (--living--)
Hardisty, Rose Marie (Private-)
Hardisty, Rose Viola (16 JUL 1870-13 AUG 1870)
Hardisty, Rosemary (--living--)
Hardisty, Rosemary (--living--)
Hardisty, Rosemary N (--living--)
Hardisty, Rosie Victoria (--living--)
Hardisty, Ross Meuchel (--living--)
Hardisty, Rowan Lydia (--living--)
Hardisty, Roxanne Kay (Private-)
Hardisty, Roy (--living--)
Hardisty, Roy (12 JUN 1929-JUN 2000)
Hardisty, Ruby Charlotte (29 DEC 1904-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ruby Katherine (Private-)
Hardisty, Rupert Woodville (--living--)
Hardisty, Rushworth (26 MAY 1828-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Russell (--living--)
Hardisty, Russell Carl (--living--)
Hardisty, Russell E M (--living--)
Hardisty, Russell Edward (Private-)
Hardisty, Ruth (BET. OCT - DEC 1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ruth (--living--)
Hardisty, Ruth (--living--)
Hardisty, Ruth (--living--)
Hardisty, Ruth (--living--)
Hardisty, Ruth (ABT. 1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ruth (10 FEB 1893-23 NOV 1971)
Hardisty, Ruth (Private-)
Hardisty, Ruth (BET. JAN - MAR 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Ruth (--living--)
Hardisty, Ruth Ann (Private-)
Hardisty, Ruth Emma (--living--)
Hardisty, Sadie (BET. APR - JUN 1966-BET. APR - JUN 1966)
Hardisty, Sally (--living--)
Hardisty, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sally (2 FEB 1795-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sally (--living--)
Hardisty, Sally Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Sally Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Sam (BET. OCT - DEC 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sam (BET. JUL - SEP 1894-BET. OCT - DEC 1958)
Hardisty, Sam (29 JUN 1902-1959)
Hardisty, Sam (BET. JUL - SEP 1890-BET. JUL - SEP 1912)
Hardisty, Samantha Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Samantha Jo (--living--)
Hardisty, Samantha Lynn (Private-)
Hardisty, Samantha Nicole (--living--)
Hardisty, Sampson (BET. OCT - DEC 1872-BET. OCT - DEC 1939)
Hardisty, Samuel (1825-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel (18 DEC 1597-26 DEC 1616)
Hardisty, Samuel (BET. JAN - MAR 1889-BET. APR - JUN 1938)
Hardisty, Samuel (ABT. 1780-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel (BET. OCT - DEC 1845-17 OCT 1885)
Hardisty, Samuel (19 MAY 1761-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel (BET. JUL - SEP 1862-BET. JAN - MAR 1946)
Hardisty, Samuel (4 JUN 1817-12 NOV 1891)
Hardisty, Samuel (ABT. 1834-30 DEC 1850)
Hardisty, Samuel (2 DEC 1792-BET. JAN - MAR 1843)
Hardisty, Samuel (1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel (BET. JAN - MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel (1817-BET. JAN - MAR 1903)
Hardisty, Samuel (1771-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel Addinell (BET. JUL - SEP 1838-BET. OCT - DEC 1918)
Hardisty, Samuel B (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel C (1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Samuel G (FEB 1849-28 MAY 1929)
Hardisty, Samuel Garfield (--living--)
Hardisty, Samuel Glenn (--living--)
Hardisty, Samuel John (--living--)
Hardisty, Samuel Lewis (BET. JAN - MAR 1873-BET. APR - JUN 1947)
Hardisty, Samuel Lothrup Tilden Walton (19 JAN 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sandra (--living--)
Hardisty, Sandra (--living--)
Hardisty, Sandra Dawn (--living--)
Hardisty, Sandra J (--living--)
Hardisty, Sara Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Sara Jayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Sara Michelle (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah (1783-1784)
Hardisty, Sarah (SEP 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (BET. OCT - DEC 1846-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (1789-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (25 DEC 1829-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (ABT. 1695-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (20 NOV 1789-BET. 1851 - 1861)
Hardisty, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (BET. OCT - DEC 1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (SEP 1875-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah (1827-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (14 SEP 1645-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (BET. JAN - MAR 1850-BET. JAN - MAR 1924)
Hardisty, Sarah (7 AUG 1769-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (5 MAY 1819-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (ABT. 1792-JAN 1846)
Hardisty, Sarah (1890-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ada (BET. OCT - DEC 1887-1978)
Hardisty, Sarah Alice (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ann (BET. JAN - MAR 1849-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ann (8 APR 1857-MAY 1911)
Hardisty, Sarah Augusta (27 MAY 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Dover (1816-1 MAY 1844)
Hardisty, Sarah E (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah E (1846-22 MAR 1916)
Hardisty, Sarah E (ABT. 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Elizabeth (BET. JAN - MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Elizabeth (6 DEC 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (BET. JAN - MAR 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (BET. OCT - DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (15 APR 1859-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (BET. APR - JUN 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (BET. JUL - SEP 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (1852-1940)
Hardisty, Sarah Ellen (1869-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Emily (BET. JUL - SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Emma (1857-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Frances (23 MAY 1864-23 MAY 1932)
Hardisty, Sarah Hannah (6 FEB 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Hannah (BET. JAN - MAR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Hardin (17 AUG 1829-16 AUG 1910)
Hardisty, Sarah Jane (1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Jane (BET. OCT - DEC 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Jane (1874-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Jane (BET. JAN 1847 - 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah L (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Lavinia (BET. JUL - SEP 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Lizzie (BET. APR - JUN 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarah Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah Nicole (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah R (22 FEB 1835-23 MAR 1875)
Hardisty, Sarah Rosita (--living--)
Hardisty, Sarah Siswick (BET. JUL - SEP 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sarale Augusta (12 MAR 1856-3 AUG 1856)
Hardisty, Savannah (1886-BET. OCT - DEC 1961)
Hardisty, Scott James (--living--)
Hardisty, Scott Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, Sela Vivian (30 OCT 1898-BET. APR - JUN 1978)
Hardisty, Selina (BET. OCT - DEC 1852-BET. APR - JUN 1930)
Hardisty, Serena (Private-)
Hardisty, Sharon Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Sharon Rita (--living--)
Hardisty, Shaun (--living--)
Hardisty, Shaun (--living--)
Hardisty, Sheard (BET. OCT - DEC 1855-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sheila (--living--)
Hardisty, Sheila (--living--)
Hardisty, Sheila Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Sheila Mary (--living--)
Hardisty, Shellie Rene (--living--)
Hardisty, Sherman (1851-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sheryl L (--living--)
Hardisty, Shirley (--living--)
Hardisty, Shirley A (--living--)
Hardisty, Shirley M (--living--)
Hardisty, Sidney (ABT. 1905-BET. JAN - MAR 1914)
Hardisty, Sidney E (BET. OCT - DEC 1901-BET. APR - JUN 1964)
Hardisty, Simon Ashley (Private-)
Hardisty, Simon Charles (--living--)
Hardisty, Simon Christopher (3 MAR 1889-17 APR 1891)
Hardisty, Simon David (--living--)
Hardisty, Simon Graham (--living--)
Hardisty, Simon James (--living--)
Hardisty, Simon Michael (--living--)
Hardisty, Solomon (3 NOV 1733-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Solomon H (1858-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Solomon Leander (3 AUG 1852-3 MAY 1929)
Hardisty, Solomon Lee (12 MAY 1896-9 MAR 1988)
Hardisty, Spencer William (--living--)
Hardisty, Stacey Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Stamper (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-BET. JAN - MAR 1934)
Hardisty, Stanley (--living--)
Hardisty, Stanley (--living--)
Hardisty, Stanley (BET. JUL - SEP 1900-BET. OCT - DEC 1952)
Hardisty, Stanley Fawcett (BET. OCT - DEC 1898-BET. APR - JUN 1930)
Hardisty, Stella (--living--)
Hardisty, Stella (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Stella (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Stella Ester (5 JAN 1896-22 AUG 1929)
Hardisty, Stella J (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephanie (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephanie J (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen (ABT. 1555-30 JUN 1619)
Hardisty, Stephen (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen (1756-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Stephen (21 MAR 1790-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Stephen C (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen George Charles (19 DEC 1871-14 MAR 1942)
Hardisty, Stephen J (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen John (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen John (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen Paul (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen R (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen Raymond (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen W (--living--)
Hardisty, Stephen Weatherhead (--living--)
Hardisty, Steve William (Private-)
Hardisty, Steven (--living--)
Hardisty, Steven (--living--)
Hardisty, Steven A (--living--)
Hardisty, Steven Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, Steven James (--living--)
Hardisty, Steven M (--living--)
Hardisty, Steven P (BET. JUL - SEP 1958-BET. OCT - DEC 1958)
Hardisty, Steven Percy (--living--)
Hardisty, Stewart Peter (--living--)
Hardisty, Stillborn (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Stillborn (Private-)
Hardisty, Stuart Lee (--living--)
Hardisty, Stuart Neil (--living--)
Hardisty, Sue Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan (1 OCT 1627-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Susan (DEC 1844-1907)
Hardisty, Susan (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan (1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Susan (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan (10 NOV 1830-28 SEP 1890)
Hardisty, Susan A (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan A (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan Ann (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan E (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan Elizabeth (12 JUN 1965-23 AUG 1998)
Hardisty, Susan J (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan Josephine (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan M (--living--)
Hardisty, Susan M (--living--)
Hardisty, Susanna (1826-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Susanna (2 NOV 1678-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Susanna Rachel (--living--)
Hardisty, Susannah (4 JAN 1785-12 AUG 1858)
Hardisty, Susannah (BET. JAN - MAR 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Susanne L (--living--)
Hardisty, Susie (--living--)
Hardisty, Suzanne Margaret (--living--)
Hardisty, Suzanne W (--living--)
Hardisty, Sydney (BET. JAN - MAR 1894-BET. APR - JUN 1935)
Hardisty, Sydney (BET. OCT - DEC 1901-BET. APR - JUN 1964)
Hardisty, Sydney (--living--)
Hardisty, Sydney (--living--)
Hardisty, Sydney (21 APR 1920-BET. APR - JUN 1971)
Hardisty, Sydney (BET. APR - JUN 1904-BET. OCT - DEC 1905)
Hardisty, Sydney Burgess (BET. APR - JUN 1899-BET. OCT - DEC 1960)
Hardisty, Sydney Frank (23 AUG 1902-BET. OCT - DEC 1980)
Hardisty, Sydney Spink (BET. JAN - MAR 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Sydney White (10 OCT 1906-BET. OCT - DEC 1906)
Hardisty, Sylvia (--living--)
Hardisty, Sylvia (--living--)
Hardisty, Sylvia (30 JAN 1933-27 AUG 1987)
Hardisty, Sylvia Annie (18 MAR 1897-7 DEC 1980)
Hardisty, Sylvia C (--living--)
Hardisty, Sylvia M (--living--)
Hardisty, Tabitha Louise (1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Tania Imelda (--living--)
Hardisty, Tanya (--living--)
Hardisty, Ted (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Terence (12 FEB 1937-FEB 1996)
Hardisty, Terence M (--living--)
Hardisty, Terrie Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, Terry Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, Thelma (Private-)
Hardisty, Theresa A (BET. OCT - DEC 1950-BET. OCT - DEC 1950)
Hardisty, Theresa Margaret Elizabeth (--living--)
Hardisty, Thomas (6 MAR 1721/22-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (10 NOV 1771-4 APR 1842)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1833-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (4 SEP 1641-1699)
Hardisty, Thomas (26 MAY 1764-4 APR 1859)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1833-BET. APR - JUN 1901)
Hardisty, Thomas (1811-BET. OCT - DEC 1885)
Hardisty, Thomas (1852-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1818-BET. JUL - SEP 1893)
Hardisty, Thomas (1758-11 JUN 1839)
Hardisty, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1820-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (24 MAR 1898-22 MAR 1899)
Hardisty, Thomas (MAR 1806-BET. JAN - MAR 1882)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1843-BET. JAN - MAR 1871)
Hardisty, Thomas (1546-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1748-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1814-AFT. 1881)
Hardisty, Thomas (1798-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (--living--)
Hardisty, Thomas (7 DEC 1905-15 SEP 1944)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. JAN - MAR 1841-BET. OCT - DEC 1934)
Hardisty, Thomas (15 MAY 1709-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1825-24 JUL 1911)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. OCT - DEC 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (-BEF. 1833)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1843-BET. JUL - SEP 1901)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. OCT - DEC 1844-BET. OCT - DEC 1883)
Hardisty, Thomas (1835-BET. OCT - DEC 1914)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1760-11 JUN 1839)
Hardisty, Thomas (--living--)
Hardisty, Thomas (1665-24 SEP 1742)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. JUL - SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1780-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1814-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1817-BET. OCT - DEC 1901)
Hardisty, Thomas (16 APR 1880-12 AUG 1954)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1725-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. OCT - DEC 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1842-1875)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1734-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (1760-1 DEC 1854)
Hardisty, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (2 MAR 1846-16 JUL 1877)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. JUL - SEP 1873-BET. OCT - DEC 1963)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. JUL - SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (21 MAY 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1903-BET. JAN - MAR 1956)
Hardisty, Thomas (1836-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (ABT. 1673-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1870-BET. OCT - DEC 1943)
Hardisty, Thomas (29 JUN 1783-ABT. 1784)
Hardisty, Thomas (4 AUG 1847-BET. JAN - MAR 1884)
Hardisty, Thomas (1795-BET. 1846 - 1881)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. APR - JUN 1838-BET. JAN - MAR 1901)
Hardisty, Thomas (3 SEP 1902-FEB 1986)
Hardisty, Thomas (BET. JAN - MAR 1914-BET. JUL - SEP 1928)
Hardisty, Thomas A (--living--)
Hardisty, Thomas Arthur (BET. JUL - SEP 1877-BET. OCT - DEC 1947)
Hardisty, Thomas Brewis (BET. JAN - MAR 1900-13 MAY 1970)
Hardisty, Thomas Charles (BET. JAN - MAR 1920-17 MAR 1920)
Hardisty, Thomas E (--living--)
Hardisty, Thomas Edward (BET. JUL - SEP 1882-BET. APR - JUN 1955)
Hardisty, Thomas Evans (21 MAR 1899-MAR 1984)
Hardisty, Thomas H (BET. JUL - SEP 1887-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas Henry (6 JAN 1847-BET. APR - JUN 1902)
Hardisty, Thomas Henry (BET. OCT - DEC 1877-BET. APR - JUN 1944)
Hardisty, Thomas Henry (BET. JUL - SEP 1903-BET. JAN - MAR 1945)
Hardisty, Thomas Henry (BET. OCT - DEC 1893-BET. OCT - DEC 1957)
Hardisty, Thomas Henry (BET. JAN - MAR 1864-BET. APR - JUN 1932)
Hardisty, Thomas Hollas (BET. OCT - DEC 1920-8 DEC 1941)
Hardisty, Thomas Irvine (--living--)
Hardisty, Thomas Jefferson (8 DEC 1854-27 APR 1936)
Hardisty, Thomas Jefferson (10 AUG 1885-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas Ramsden (BET. OCT - DEC 1866-BET. JAN - MAR 1927)
Hardisty, Thomas Reginald (BET. APR - JUN 1906-APR 1992)
Hardisty, Thomas Richard (24 JUN 1868-22 FEB 1919)
Hardisty, Thomas Rufus (11 JUL 1870-31 MAR 1957)
Hardisty, Thomas Rushworth (26 OCT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas Sidney (BET. JUL - SEP 1888-BET. APR - JUN 1963)
Hardisty, Thomas Snape (20 MAR 1910-JAN 1986)
Hardisty, Thomas Snarey (13 OCT 1898-BET. JUL - SEP 1971)
Hardisty, Thomas White (BET. APR - JUN 1901-BET. APR - JUN 1901)
Hardisty, Thomas White (19 APR 1875-5 NOV 1957)
Hardisty, Thomas William (19 JAN 1903-BET. JAN - MAR 1976)
Hardisty, Thomas William (BET. OCT - DEC 1892-BET. OCT - DEC 1965)
Hardisty, Thomas Wilson (SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Thomas[Unc] (1817-BET. JUL - SEP 1882)
Hardisty, Thornton (28 APR 1826-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Timothy (--living--)
Hardisty, Timothy (--living--)
Hardisty, Timothy Binns (16 JUN 1850-BET. JUL - SEP 1872)
Hardisty, Timothy Felton (--living--)
Hardisty, Timothy M (BET. OCT - DEC 1868-BET. OCT - DEC 1931)
Hardisty, Timothy Mark (1830-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Timothy Roger (Private-)
Hardisty, Tom (1854-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Tom (10 MAR 1905-14 JAN 1977)
Hardisty, Tom (5 FEB 1906-JAN 1988)
Hardisty, Tom (BET. OCT - DEC 1870-BET. JAN - MAR 1959)
Hardisty, Tom (--living--)
Hardisty, Tom (30 MAR 1897-BET. JAN - MAR 1972)
Hardisty, Tom Harry (BET. JAN - MAR 1885-BET. APR - JUN 1946)
Hardisty, Tom Weatherhead (2 DEC 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Tony Kay (Private-)
Hardisty, Tracey Diane (--living--)
Hardisty, Tracey J (--living--)
Hardisty, Tracey M (--living--)
Hardisty, Tracy Dennis (--living--)
Hardisty, Tracy K (--living--)
Hardisty, Trevor (--living--)
Hardisty, Trevor (--living--)
Hardisty, Trevor C (--living--)
Hardisty, Trevor N (--living--)
Hardisty, Trevor Ralph (--living--)
Hardisty, Ursula (24 DEC 1856-18 MAR 1922)
Hardisty, Ursula A (APR 1888-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Valerie (--living--)
Hardisty, Valerie A (--living--)
Hardisty, Valerie J (--living--)
Hardisty, Vanessa (--living--)
Hardisty, Vanessa Caroline (--living--)
Hardisty, Velma Esther (Private-)
Hardisty, Vera (--living--)
Hardisty, Vera (--living--)
Hardisty, Vera (--living--)
Hardisty, Vera Lettie (Private-)
Hardisty, Vera May (12 MAR 1909-1995)
Hardisty, Vicci L (--living--)
Hardisty, Vicky Angela (--living--)
Hardisty, Victor (BET. OCT - DEC 1890-BET. OCT - DEC 1918)
Hardisty, Victor (BET. JUL - SEP 1932-BET. JAN - MAR 1934)
Hardisty, Victor (--living--)
Hardisty, Victor (10 SEP 1938-JUL 1998)
Hardisty, Victor Redfern (ABT. 1883-18 MAR 1900)
Hardisty, Victoria (Private-)
Hardisty, Victoria Jane (--living--)
Hardisty, Victoria Jayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Victoria Jayne (--living--)
Hardisty, Victoria Lavinia (BET. JUL - SEP 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Victoria Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Victoria Margaret (--living--)
Hardisty, Vincent (BET. OCT - DEC 1911-BET. APR - JUN 1964)
Hardisty, Vincent John (--living--)
Hardisty, Violet (13 DEC 1900-10 JAN 1975)
Hardisty, Violet (BET. APR - JUN 1883-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Violet Jane (BET. JAN - MAR 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Violet Mary (BET. JAN - MAR 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Virginia Abigail (22 JUL 1914-3 FEB 1995)
Hardisty, Virginia E (1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Vivien (--living--)
Hardisty, Vivien (--living--)
Hardisty, Volness (BET. APR - JUN 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Walter (7 MAY 1894-BET. OCT - DEC 1981)
Hardisty, Walter (--living--)
Hardisty, Walter (BET. JUL - SEP 1879-BET. OCT - DEC 1903)
Hardisty, Walter (1871-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Walter (23 AUG 1854-BEF. 1901)
Hardisty, Walter (1 OCT 1872-BET. OCT - DEC 1958)
Hardisty, Walter (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Walter (BET. APR - JUN 1889-BET. APR - JUN 1938)
Hardisty, Walter (BET. OCT - DEC 1876-BET. APR - JUN 1944)
Hardisty, Walter (--living--)
Hardisty, Walter (BET. OCT - DEC 1860-BET. APR - JUN 1935)
Hardisty, Walter (BET. APR - JUN 1867-BET. APR - JUN 1935)
Hardisty, Walter Ethelbert (BET. JAN - MAR 1907-BET. APR - JUN 1983)
Hardisty, Walter Henry (14 FEB 1903-SEP 1987)
Hardisty, Walter R (BET. JAN - MAR 1933-BET. APR - JUN 1934)
Hardisty, Walter Reginald (12 AUG 1899-BET. JUL - SEP 1974)
Hardisty, Walter Russell (--living--)
Hardisty, Wanda Jean (Private-)
Hardisty, Wayne Ian (8 DEC 1967-BET. JAN - MAR 1972)
Hardisty, Wayne Leslie (Private-)
Hardisty, Wendy (--living--)
Hardisty, Wendy Anne (--living--)
Hardisty, Wendy Carole (--living--)
Hardisty, Wendy E (--living--)
Hardisty, Wendy Michelle (--living--)
Hardisty, Wilda M (25 JUL 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Wilfred (4 AUG 1898-BET. OCT - DEC 1969)
Hardisty, Wilfred (19 NOV 1915-APR 1994)
Hardisty, Wilfred Ettenfield (14 JUN 1915-NOV 1988)
Hardisty, Wilfred T (--living--)
Hardisty, William (BET. JUL - SEP 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. JAN - MAR 1844-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (30 JUL 1907-BET. JUL - SEP 1907)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1766-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1785-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. OCT - DEC 1896-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. JUL - SEP 1881-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (--living--)
Hardisty, William (BET. JAN - MAR 1855-BET. JAN - MAR 1914)
Hardisty, William (25 JUN 1822-25 DEC 1887)
Hardisty, William (13 DEC 1892-BET. OCT - DEC 1976)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1826-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1811-AFT. 1881)
Hardisty, William (BET. OCT - DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (23 DEC 1805-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. APR - JUN 1838-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1872-BET. JUL - SEP 1962)
Hardisty, William (--living--)
Hardisty, William (BET. JUL - SEP 1843-BET. JAN - MAR 1885)
Hardisty, William (BET. APR - JUN 1852-BET. JUL - SEP 1939)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1825-7 JUN 1887)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1758-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. JAN - MAR 1895-BET. OCT - DEC 1947)
Hardisty, William (1630-1701)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1877-BET. OCT - DEC 1924)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1580-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (2 APR 1780-BET. JUL - SEP 1851)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1610-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1577-4 MAR 1660/61)
Hardisty, William (--living--)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1747-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. APR - JUN 1867-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1841-BET. JAN - MAR 1923)
Hardisty, William (22 JUN 1617-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (24 JAN 1779-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (5 MAR 1798-4 AUG 1888)
Hardisty, William (1840-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (30 MAR 1629-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1828-BET. OCT - DEC 1916)
Hardisty, William (28 FEB 1845-18 MAR 1845)
Hardisty, William (1819-BET. JAN - MAR 1908)
Hardisty, William (1835-11 SEP 1874)
Hardisty, William (1785-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (BET. APR - JUN 1889-BET. OCT - DEC 1948)
Hardisty, William (1804-19 FEB 1818)
Hardisty, William (6 AUG 1782-ABT. 1783)
Hardisty, William (20 OCT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (6 MAR 1634/35-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (--living--)
Hardisty, William (13 NOV 1785-18 JUN 1861)
Hardisty, William (BET. JUL - SEP 1880-BET. OCT - DEC 1881)
Hardisty, William (BET. JAN - MAR 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (26 MAY 1902-1 JUL 1903)
Hardisty, William (27 JUN 1824-10 JUL 1872)
Hardisty, William (1 AUG 1866-1896)
Hardisty, William (BET. JUL - SEP 1855-BET. JAN - MAR 1927)
Hardisty, William (--living--)
Hardisty, William (30 MAR 1629-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (-BEF. 1899)
Hardisty, William (BET. JAN - MAR 1845-BET. JAN - MAR 1895)
Hardisty, William (1720-OCT 1799)
Hardisty, William (BET. APR - JUN 1870-BET. JAN - MAR 1940)
Hardisty, William (1853-BET. JAN - MAR 1916)
Hardisty, William (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (17 OCT 1839-18 JUN 1901)
Hardisty, William (1766-MAR 1767)
Hardisty, William (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (13 JAN 1905-BET. OCT - DEC 1981)
Hardisty, William (1820-BET. JAN - MAR 1897)
Hardisty, William (1822-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (1816-1892)
Hardisty, William (14 JUL 1787-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (28 NOV 1688-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1834-1836)
Hardisty, William (BET. OCT - DEC 1895-BET. JUL - SEP 1952)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1631-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (ABT. 1604-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William (8 DEC 1804-26 JAN 1846)
Hardisty, William (9 FEB 1906-27 JUN 1909)
Hardisty, William A (BET. OCT - DEC 1875-BET. JAN - MAR 1947)
Hardisty, William Alford (9 FEB 1869-23 FEB 1938)
Hardisty, William Andrew (--living--)
Hardisty, William Butler (4 APR 1875-31 AUG 1915)
Hardisty, William C (BET. OCT - DEC 1928-BET. JAN - MAR 1929)
Hardisty, William Cecil (BET. JUL - SEP 1855-BET. JAN - MAR 1921)
Hardisty, William Demaine (BET. JUL - SEP 1872-BET. JAN - MAR 1897)
Hardisty, William Donald S (--living--)
Hardisty, William E (--living--)
Hardisty, William Edward (BET. APR - JUN 1909-BET. OCT - DEC 1974)
Hardisty, William Edward (BET. JAN - MAR 1875-BET. APR - JUN 1947)
Hardisty, William Edward (23 MAR 1856-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William Edward M (BET. OCT - DEC 1914-MAR 1994)
Hardisty, William Forbes F (BET. JAN - MAR 1879-BET. OCT - DEC 1960)
Hardisty, William Forbes Richard (4 JAN 1859-BET. JUL - SEP 1929)
Hardisty, William Francis (16 DEC 1891-BET. OCT - DEC 1979)
Hardisty, William George (ABT. 1772-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William George (25 JUL 1924-1 FEB 1990)
Hardisty, William H (--living--)
Hardisty, William H (ABT. 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William Henry (15 APR 1821-1865)
Hardisty, William Henry (2 JUN 1857-6 JUL 1916)
Hardisty, William Henry (17 FEB 1878-BET. OCT - DEC 1938)
Hardisty, William Henry (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William Henry (18 OCT 1888-BET. OCT - DEC 1976)
Hardisty, William Henry (30 MAR 1868-1 APR 1868)
Hardisty, William Henry (BET. APR - JUN 1878-BET. JAN - MAR 1962)
Hardisty, William Henry (1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William Hobson (1836-BET. JUL - SEP 1896)
Hardisty, William Hudspith (--living--)
Hardisty, William J (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William James (5 MAR 1912-OCT 2001)
Hardisty, William James (BET. JAN - MAR 1867-BET. JAN - MAR 1927)
Hardisty, William James (BET. JUL - SEP 1859-BET. JAN - MAR 1927)
Hardisty, William Jeffrey (BET. JUL - SEP 1870-BET. JUL - SEP 1884)
Hardisty, William John (20 OCT 1911-DEC 1996)
Hardisty, William Joseph (--living--)
Hardisty, William Lane (1820-BET. OCT - DEC 1886)
Hardisty, William Lee (Private-)
Hardisty, William Lucas (1784-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William Lucas (1822-16 JAN 1881)
Hardisty, William Percy (1879-1955)
Hardisty, William Pollard (BET. OCT - DEC 1862-BET. OCT - DEC 1946)
Hardisty, William Richard Forbes (1 JAN 1832-13 JAN 1910)
Hardisty, William Taylor (17 SEP 1819-20 AUG 1895)
Hardisty, William Taylor (21 DEC 1848-27 SEP 1936)
Hardisty, William Thomas (12 JUL 1846-28 JAN 1896)
Hardisty, William Wade (-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, William Wellbury (BET. JUL - SEP 1848-15 FEB 1878)
Hardisty, Willian Wilcher (ABT. 1842-1914)
Hardisty, Willie (BET. APR - JUN 1917-17 JUN 1940)
Hardisty, Willie (12 NOV 1884-5 MAR 1949)
Hardisty, Wilma Jean (--living--)
Hardisty, Wilma May (Private-)
Hardisty, Wilson (--living--)
Hardisty, Wilson Thomas (BET. JUL - SEP 1901-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Winfred Melvin (--living--)
Hardisty, Winifred (--living--)
Hardisty, Winifred G (--living--)
Hardisty, Winifred Katherine (--living--)
Hardisty, Winifred M (--living--)
Hardisty, Winnifred Irene (--living--)
Hardisty, Winston (--living--)
Hardisty, Yvonne (--living--)
Hardisty, Yvonne (--living--)
Hardisty, Yvonne (--living--)
Hardisty, Yvonne J (--living--)
Hardisty, Zelma (--living--)
Hardisty, Zelma (NOV 1884-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Zena Louise (--living--)
Hardisty, Zillah Jane (BET. APR - JUN 1866-UNKNOWN)
Hardisty, Zo Lena (6 APR 1871-12 SEP 1872)
Hardisty, Zoe Michelle (--living--)
Hardisty, Zoe Rebecca (--living--)
Hardsty, Dinah (22 MAY 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hardwick, Judith (ABT. 1799-1 JUL 1857)
Hardy, ? (--living--)
Hardy, Catherine (1 AUG 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hardy, Fred (ABT. 1886-UNKNOWN)
Hardy, James (ABT. 1830-BEF. 1881)
Hardy, Jennifer (Private-)
Hardy, John (ABT. 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hardy, John (Private-)
Hardy, Rose Ann (6 FEB 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hardy, Stephen (Private-)
Hardy, Susan (Private-)
Hardy, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hare, Isabella (ABT. 1757-MAR 1818)
Hare, Margaret (ABT. 1742-24 JAN 1824)
Hargreaves, Bella (--living--)
Hargreaves, Ernest (--living--)
Hargreaves, Mary Isabella (-UNKNOWN)
Harker, ? (--living--)
Harker, William (-UNKNOWN)
Harlan, Armilda Ann (1860-1961)
Harland, ? (--living--)
Harling, Eva (13 AUG 1918-JUL 1990)
Harlow, Anna Belle (1852-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Charlie (19 MAY 1867-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Edward F (-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Elizabeth (27 OCT 1846-25 JUN 1935)
Harlow, Emma (5 JUN 1865-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Isaac Walker (20 SEP 1856-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, James Walker (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Lycurgus (24 MAY 1848-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Lydia H (11 MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Martha Jane (11 SEP 1858-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Mary Evelyn (14 JAN 1850-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, Phoebe Augusta (18 FEB 1853-UNKNOWN)
Harlow, William Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Harman, Eugene B (1880-26 APR 1923)
Harman, Ivan Dale (3 APR 1922-28 NOV 1986)
Harman, Living (--living--)
Harmer, Brett (--living--)
Harmer, Lee (--living--)
Harmer, Peter (--living--)
Harper, (--living--)
Harper, Alvadore (--living--)
Harper, Alvadore (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Barbara (ABT. 1729-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Cassandra (1844-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Catherine Ann (24 MAR 1834-24 JUL 1917)
Harper, Cora Almeda (--living--)
Harper, Dadie (--living--)
Harper, Dadie Lewis McClellan (1890-UNKNOWN)
Harper, David Alvador (1875-1949)
Harper, Eliza (1857-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Emery (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Emery (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Ethel (--living--)
Harper, Eva (--living--)
Harper, George (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Grafton (--living--)
Harper, Harriett (1820-1872)
Harper, Harrison (1899-1946)
Harper, Hattie (NOV 1883-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Hubert (--living--)
Harper, James R (1845-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Jeremiah (1860-UNKNOWN)
Harper, John (--living--)
Harper, Lida (--living--)
Harper, Mary (--living--)
Harper, Mary Ann (1849-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Mathew (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Nancy (--living--)
Harper, Ossie (--living--)
Harper, Patrick C (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Penelope (1858-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Ralph (--living--)
Harper, Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, Ruth (--living--)
Harper, Susan (27 JUL 1825-9 MAR 1904)
Harper, Susan Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, William (-UNKNOWN)
Harper, William (--living--)
Harper, William (1817-UNKNOWN)
Harper, William (-UNKNOWN)
Harrell, Living (--living--)
Harriet, (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)
Harriet, Elsie (1899-UNKNOWN)
Harrinson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, ? (--living--)
Harris, ? (--living--)
Harris, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, ? (--living--)
Harris, ? (--living--)
Harris, ? (--living--)
Harris, ? (--living--)
Harris, Alice (ABT. 1844-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Baby A (Private-)
Harris, Baby B (Private-)
Harris, Baby C (Private-)
Harris, Baby D (Private-)
Harris, Baby E (Private-)
Harris, Baby F (Private-)
Harris, Baby G (Private-)
Harris, Baby H (Private-)
Harris, Baby I (Private-)
Harris, Barbara (--living--)
Harris, Barry (--living--)
Harris, Bobbie (--living--)
Harris, Charles Henry (13 NOV 1891-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Chester Harold (3 SEP 1903-5 OCT 1903)
Harris, Colin (--living--)
Harris, David Benjamin (--living--)
Harris, Ederick (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Edith (--living--)
Harris, Edward John (--living--)
Harris, Elizabeth Lenora (14 FEB 1872-14 JAN 1954)
Harris, Ellen Lucille (Private-)
Harris, Emma (1 AUG 1864-17 JUN 1943)
Harris, Estelle (--living--)
Harris, Eugene (--living--)
Harris, Eva Vera (5 FEB 1905-FEB 1970)
Harris, Frankie (--living--)
Harris, George LeRoy (1 AUG 1873-11 JUN 1961)
Harris, Gilbert (--living--)
Harris, Gladys (--living--)
Harris, Graham Edison (Private-)
Harris, Grayson Curt (--living--)
Harris, Helena (--living--)
Harris, Ida A (5 OCT 1874-JUN 1947)
Harris, Iva (--living--)
Harris, James Pleasant (24 DEC 1866-24 AUG 1887)
Harris, John Albert (3 NOV 1868-20 DEC 1946)
Harris, John William (10 MAR 1840-23 JAN 1875)
Harris, Kitty (Private-)
Harris, Lettice (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Lewis Henry (15 MAY 1870-30 OCT 1948)
Harris, Lisa (--living--)
Harris, Louise (--living--)
Harris, Louise (--living--)
Harris, Lula (--living--)
Harris, Madison (--living--)
Harris, Maggie Jeanette (8 OCT 1865-22 JUL 1926)
Harris, Marvin (--living--)
Harris, Oleta (--living--)
Harris, Pauline (--living--)
Harris, Rai Nell (--living--)
Harris, Reeal (--living--)
Harris, Rex Oren (26 MAY 1924-21 NOV 1924)
Harris, Robert (--living--)
Harris, Roger Leroy (Private-)
Harris, Roy (--living--)
Harris, Steven Barry (--living--)
Harris, Suzanne Julia (--living--)
Harris, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Valna (--living--)
Harris, Vernon Pleasant (25 JUN 1910-21 NOV 1910)
Harris, William Herschel (27 JAN 1927-20 MAY 2000)
Harrison, ? (--living--)
Harrison, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, ? (--living--)
Harrison, ? (--living--)
Harrison, ? (--living--)
Harrison, ? (--living--)
Harrison, ? (--living--)
Harrison, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Anthony (--living--)
Harrison, Betty (-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Beverley Lynn (Private-)
Harrison, Herbert (-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Isaac (1845-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Jessica (--living--)
Harrison, Lucille Aliene (28 JUN 1912-6 MAY 1971)
Harrison, Mary (--living--)
Harrison, Mary (ABT. 1747-1831)
Harrison, Myrtle (-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Paul (--living--)
Harrison, Richard (--living--)
Harrison, Teresa (ABT. 1831-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Thomas (ABT. 1699-UNKNOWN)
Harrison, Thomas William (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)
Harryman, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Harryman, ? (--living--)
Hart, ? (--living--)
Hart, Annie Eleanor (29 JAN 1877-3 SEP 1966)
Hart, Arthur George (27 DEC 1874-23 JUN 1970)
Hart, Ashley (--living--)
Hart, Clara Edith (2 MAY 1879-15 JUL 1930)
Hart, Doris (15 MAY 1904-4 FEB 1989)
Hart, Eleanor (BEF. 13 OCT 1837-14 MAR 1910)
Hart, Gaynor (Private-)
Hart, Gerald (15 OCT 1906-24 MAR 1956)
Hart, Harry Percival (12 JUL 1870-25 JUL 1958)
Hart, Herbert James (27 SEP 1868-17 MAY 1962)
Hart, Herbert Warren (26 JUN 1839-8 MAR 1925)
Hart, James (1804-29 JUN 1877)
Hart, James Dalgetty (BEF. 24 JUN 1831-UNKNOWN)
Hart, Jessie (20 AUG 1881-17 AUG 1958)
Hart, John (--living--)
Hart, Louisa Eleanor (BEF. 24 APR 1836-14 DEC 1901)
Hart, Ruby (8 JUL 1909-22 JUN 1990)
Hart, Ruth Ann (22 NOV 1844-30 DEC 1918)
Hartford, Baby A (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hartford, Baby B (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hartford, Baby C (1870-UNKNOWN)
Hartford, William Frederick (1846-UNKNOWN)
Hartley, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hartley, Alan (--living--)
Hartley, Alfred (ABT. 1856-UNKNOWN)
Hartley, Alice A (ABT. 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hartley, Benjamin (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Hartley, Frank (--living--)
Hartley, Joseph (1906-1995)
Hartley, Julie (--living--)
Hartley, Lisa (--living--)
Hartley, Marian (--living--)
Hartley, Mary Ann (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)
Hartley, Tracy (--living--)
Harvey, Gail Ann (16 JAN 1955-21 APR 1983)
Hash, Claudine Ruth (--living--)
Hash, Emma Pauline (4 SEP 1935-14 NOV 1997)
Hash, Gerald Andrew (--living--)
Hash, Ivan Dewayne (--living--)
Hash, Loran Ray (--living--)
Hash, Paul B. (-UNKNOWN)
Hasler, Lawrence (--living--)
Hasler, Lester (1890-UNKNOWN)
Hasler, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hasselbring, Jeffrey Alan (Private-)
Haston, Living (--living--)
Hatcher, Alexander (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Amy (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Asahel (1811-1864)
Hatcher, Commodore Perry (4 FEB 1817-15 SEP 1888)
Hatcher, Eli (1837-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Elizabeth (1860-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, George (1843-1851)
Hatcher, Hannah (1847-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Hannah (1815-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Henrietta Hester (ABT. 1849-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Jane (1821-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, John (1784-21 OCT 1839)
Hatcher, John (1849-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, John (1856-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, John Boyd (4 JAN 1827-2 SEP 1911)
Hatcher, Joshua (1805-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Lula Blanche (-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Lydia (1839-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Margaret (1806-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Margaret Rebecca (21 OCT 1871-1 DEC 1956)
Hatcher, Mary (1833-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Mary J (1853-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Obediah (1810-21 DEC 1881)
Hatcher, Rachel (1825-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Reazin (1841-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Rebecca (1819-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Sarah (1808-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Sarah R (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Sherman (1876-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Thomas E (-UNKNOWN)
Hatcher, Wilson (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Hatfield, Dusty Lynn (--living--)
Hatfield, Lynn M (--living--)
Hatherall, ? (--living--)
Hatton, David Thomas (--living--)
Hatton, James Daniel Lamb (--living--)
Haught, Roy (--living--)
Haught, Ruth (7 APR 1895-UNKNOWN)
Haun, William H (-UNKNOWN)
Haw, Nellie (18 OCT 1899-DEC 1990)
Haward, Harry (1821-22 NOV 1889)
Haward, Henry (1785-1868)
Haward, John (1722-1802)
Haward, John (1756-1801)
Hawes, Edna May Davidson (25 MAR 1905-17 APR 1978)
Hawk, Melissa J (-UNKNOWN)
Hawkins, Mildred (--living--)
Hawkins, Timothy Luke (Private-)
Hawkins, Timothy Luke (Private-)
Hay, James (-27 SEP 1946)
Haycox, ? (--living--)
Haydamaka, Theodosia (-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, Austin (-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, George H (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, John (1853-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, Mary A (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, Mary A (1875-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, Richard L (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, Richard Miles (1850-UNKNOWN)
Hayden, William (1879-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, Ashly Danyell (--living--)
Hayes, Charles (--living--)
Hayes, Charles Gore (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, Travis Shane (--living--)
Hayes, William Jonas (21 NOV 1861-1 AUG 1935)
Haygill, Martha (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)
Haykin, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Haynes, ? (--living--)
Haynes, Hazel (Private-)
Hays, ? (--living--)
Hays, Lucille (--living--)
Hays, Quentin (--living--)
Hays, Rebecca Michelle (--living--)
Hayward, Duncan Ronald (Private-)
Hayward, George Rayment (1880-1953)
Hayward, Harry (23 FEB 1849-1904)
Hayward, Jack Jonathan (Private-)
Hayward, Jennifer Margaret (Private-)
Hayward, Nichola (Private-)
Hayward, Oliver (Private-)
Hayward, Rodney Harry (Private-)
Hayward, Ronald Harry (Private-)
Hayward, Susanna (Private-)
Haywood, ? (--living--)
Hazard, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hazard, Jack (-1919)
Hazard, Kitty (1899-UNKNOWN)
Hazard, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hazelden, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hazeldine, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Headley, Maria (26 DEC 1819-27 DEC 1891)
Headly, Ruth (--living--)
Heady, Arch (-UNKNOWN)
Heald, John Wm (-UNKNOWN)
Healey, Peter (--living--)
Healy, ? (--living--)
Healy, Karen (--living--)
Heath, Lisa (--living--)
Heaton, Fern Maxine (--living--)
Heaton, May (-UNKNOWN)
Heaton, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Heck, Living (--living--)
Hedden, Etta (-UNKNOWN)
Hedden, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Hedden, Jessie (OCT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Hedden, Jim (OCT 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hedden, Mary (MAY 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hedden, William (-UNKNOWN)
Heddy, Living (--living--)
Hedges, Alexander (1843-UNKNOWN)
Hedges, Elizabeth Ellen (15 OCT 1882-25 MAR 1932)
Heighton, ? (--living--)
Helen, (1910-1985)
Helenor, Nelly or (-UNKNOWN)
Heller, John D'Lantz (2 MAY 1880-14 MAR 1955)
Helm, Anne-Marie (Private-)
Helm, Jennifer Marie (Private-)
Helm, Jeromy Thomas (Private-)
Helm, Thomas Frederick (Private-)
Helm, Thomas Joseph (Private-)
Helms, Barbara (--living--)
Helms, Lorie Jane (--living--)
Helms, Marla Sue (--living--)
Helms, Marvin (--living--)
Helms, Michael Lane (--living--)
Helms, Rachel E (21 FEB 1856-14 FEB 1884)
Hemmings, Augustine Raymont (-UNKNOWN)
Hemmings, Mable (-UNKNOWN)
Hempshell, Joyce (1904-1973)
Hemsley, Simon (-UNKNOWN)
Hendershot, (Private-)
Hendershot, Margaret Arabella (14 APR 1860-15 FEB 1921)
Hendershot, Nancy (9 NOV 1864-27 MAR 1946)
Hendershot, Savilla Jane (1854-UNKNOWN)
Henderson, Sarah Cyrena (JUN 1844-UNKNOWN)
Henman, ? (--living--)
Hennigan, Sandra (Private-)
Hennis, Arminta May (14 JUL 1871-9 NOV 1901)
Henrickson, Judith (Private-)
Henrietta, (ABT. 1821-UNKNOWN)
Henry, Alison (--living--)
Henry, Angela Marie (--living--)
Henry, Betty Sue (--living--)
Henry, David (--living--)
Henry, David Leslie (ABT. 1909-19 JAN 1970)
Henry, Derek (--living--)
Henry, Jean (--living--)
Henry, Walter E (--living--)
Henson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Henson, Wesley Ray (Private-)
Hepburn, ? (--living--)
Hepfer, Clarence Jerome (1 DEC 1875-5 JUL 1940)
Hepples, Hilda (1875-BET. JUL - SEP 1939)
Hepworth, ? (--living--)
Herbert, ? (--living--)
Herbert, Andrew (--living--)
Herbert, Geoffrey (--living--)
Herbert, Hannah (--living--)
Herbert, Joseph (--living--)
Herbert, Katharine (--living--)
Herbert, Nicholas (--living--)
Herbert, Patrick (--living--)
Herbert, Rachel (OCT 1970-JUL 1976)
Herbert, Ruth (--living--)
Herbert, William (--living--)
Herrick, June (Private-)
Herring, Larry (--living--)
Herring, Lonja (--living--)
Herring, Robert C. (28 NOV 1921-29 APR 1970)
Herring, Wilabob (--living--)
Herrington, Dale (--living--)
Heseltine, William (-UNKNOWN)
Heshiser, Glendon Austin (2 JUL 1897-UNKNOWN)
Hesket, Catherine Ann (1829-1865)
Hesketh, Elizabeth (Private-)
Hewitt, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Hewson, ? (--living--)
Hey, Betsy Alice (1876-BET. OCT - DEC 1947)
Hezmalhalch, Charles Garrett (-UNKNOWN)
Hezmalhalch, David Charles (Private-)
Hezmall, Nancy Lee (--living--)
Hezmall, Susan Jean (Private-)
Hibbard, Alberta Sue (Private-)
Hibberd, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hibbert, Douglas James (--living--)
Hibbert, Elizabeth (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hibbert, James (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Hibbert, James Brewis (ABT. 1907-UNKNOWN)
Hibbert, Lorna Margaret (Private-)
Hibbert, Margaret Elizabeth (--living--)
Hibbert, Martha (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hibbert, Samuel Brewis (ABT. 1874-9 APR 1954)
Hickman, Eric (Private-)
Hickman, Evelyn (--living--)
Hickman, Gary (Private-)
Hickman, Leigh Ann (Private-)
Hickok, Elizabeth (12 NOV 1682-AFT. 1729)
Hickok, Samuel Sgt. (14 NOV 1643-BEF. 27 FEB 1694/95)
Hickox, Edward (1543-WFT Est. 1562-1633)
Hickox, Thomas (WFT Est. 1562-1586-WFT Est. 1612-1669)
Hickox, William (10 DEC 1609-1645)
Hicks, Collin (--living--)
Hicks, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Hicks, Ethel (--living--)
Hicks, J H (-UNKNOWN)
Hicks, Kathy (--living--)
Hicks, Marshall (--living--)
Hicks, Mary (Private-)
Hicks, Robert (--living--)
Hickson, John R (--living--)
Higgins, Agnes (--living--)
Higgins, Steven (--living--)
Hilburn, Daisy M (-UNKNOWN)
Hildred, Anna Marie (--living--)
Hildred, Brian John (--living--)
Hildred, Callum Jonathon (--living--)
Hildred, Casey Amanda (--living--)
Hildred, Erin Rosemary (--living--)
Hildred, Graeme William (--living--)
Hildred, Jack William (--living--)
Hildred, John William (--living--)
Hildred, Murray David (--living--)
Hildred, Philip Andrew (--living--)
Hildred, Zachary James (--living--)
Hill, ? (--living--)
Hill, Amanda Kay (--living--)
Hill, Anne (1554-7 NOV 1635)
Hill, Ara Lou (--living--)
Hill, Clara (25 DEC 1884-8 JAN 1960)
Hill, Don (Private-)
Hill, Helen (--living--)
Hill, Ian Richard (--living--)
Hill, Janet Josephine (--living--)
Hill, Karen Joy (--living--)
Hill, Lindsay (--living--)
Hill, Mabel (27 APR 1887-1 AUG 1944)
Hill, Malcolm (--living--)
Hill, Martha (25 DEC 1879-1 MAY 1970)
Hill, Miriam (12 SEP 1878-17 SEP 1962)
Hill, Russell (--living--)
Hill, Sam (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Hill, Thomas Ackroyd (-UNKNOWN)
Hill, William (ABT. 1858-BEF. 1900)
Hillam, ? (--living--)
Hills, ? (--living--)
Hills, ? (--living--)
Hillyard, Charlotte (ABT. 1851-UNKNOWN)
Hillyard, Harry (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
Hilyer, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
Hinchley, ? (--living--)
Hindle, Margaret (--living--)
Hindmarsh, ? (--living--)
Hine, ? (--living--)
Hine, ? (--living--)
Hine, ? (--living--)
Hine, Derek (--living--)
Hine, Jack (--living--)
Hine, Jack (--living--)
Hine, Jeffrey (--living--)
Hine, John (--living--)
Hine, Julie (--living--)
Hine, Mark (--living--)
Hine, Patricia (--living--)
Hine, Philip (--living--)
Hines, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Hinkins, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hinrichs, Sophia Catherine (29 SEP 1911-22 APR 1961)
Hipworth, Marie Louise (--living--)
Hitchings, Pauline Anne (--living--)
Hitchon, ? (--living--)
Hoang, Lieu Thi (Private-)
Hoberth, John (1756-UNKNOWN)
Hobes, Fannie (-UNKNOWN)
Hobson, Henry (ABT. 1720-UNKNOWN)
Hobson, Jennie (1881-UNKNOWN)
Hobson, Sarah (16 MAY 1755-1835)
Hobson, William (1 FEB 1759-UNKNOWN)
Hockenberry, Ellen Jane (--living--)
Hodgen, Beryl Burton (31 OCT 1905-24 DEC 1970)
Hodgen, Cecil Inez (21 NOV 1895-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Clara Mittie (29 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Danny (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Donald (24 JUN 1921-6 OCT 1989)
Hodgen, Donna Jean (Private-)
Hodgen, Etta (3 DEC 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Forrest (19 MAY 1916-JUL 1969)
Hodgen, Fred Lewis (5 AUG 1883-2 APR 1956)
Hodgen, Fred Lewis (5 AUG 1913-5 AUG 1992)
Hodgen, Gilbert Nelson (19 JUN 1917-30 MAY 1983)
Hodgen, Gregory Lynn (Private-)
Hodgen, Hal (7 NOV 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Harriet (1876-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Jack Quinter (15 AUG 1915-11 DEC 1984)
Hodgen, James Clinton (19 JAN 1835-28 JUN 1909)
Hodgen, James Clinton (8 JUN 1909-4 JUN 1967)
Hodgen, Jesse (12 AUG 1892-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Jesse Clayton (Private-)
Hodgen, Jimmy (1864-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Judith (Private-)
Hodgen, Kenneth Everette (13 JUL 1907-4 JUN 1963)
Hodgen, Lewis (12 AUG 1870-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Lula Zula (18 SEP 1899-FEB 1978)
Hodgen, Margaret (15 JUL 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Margaret Imogene (28 APR 1911-12 FEB 1977)
Hodgen, Martha (1867-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Mary Ann (Private-)
Hodgen, Mary Jane (23 JUL 1919-27 NOV 1993)
Hodgen, Matt (1862-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Orlando (29 OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Philip Wayne (10 JAN 1922-10 FEB 1977)
Hodgen, Rex Brunard (25 SEP 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Violet (Private-)
Hodgen, William Dervious (11 MAY 1860-UNKNOWN)
Hodgen, Wreatha (Private-)
Hodges, Colleen (1897-UNKNOWN)
Hodges, Lee (Private-)
Hodges, M (Private-)
Hodges, Mary Drury (-UNKNOWN)
Hodges, Mary Lamb (-UNKNOWN)
Hodges, Maty Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Hodges, Paul (Private-)
Hodges, William H (-UNKNOWN)
Hodgkinson, Eric (Private-)
Hodgkinson, George (Private-)
Hodgkinson, John (Private-)
Hodgkinson, Leslie (Private-)
Hodgkinson, Mabel (Private-)
Hodgkinson, Norma (Private-)
Hodgkinson, Patricia Mabel (Private-)
Hodgson, ? (--living--)
Hodgson, George (-UNKNOWN)
Hodgson, Rebecca (-16 MAY 1870)
Hoffman, Mary Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Hoffman, Roberta E (Private-)
Hoffman, Ted (Private-)
Hogg, Alice Matilda (5 JAN 1903-7 SEP 1983)
Hogg, Charles (1830-UNKNOWN)
Hogg, Henry (1797-1869)
Hogg, John (1753-1817)
Hogg, John William (1886-1945)
Hogg, John William (1857-1924)
Hogg, Keith (--living--)
Hogg, Maretta (--living--)
Hogg, Sheila (--living--)
Hogg, William Stanley (1909-1988)
Holdgate, Thomas (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)
Holding, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Holgate, Jennie (Private-)
Holiday, Susanna (1791-UNKNOWN)
Holland, (Private-)
Holland, ? (--living--)
Holland, Joyce Felicity (16 FEB 1918-8 JAN 1969)
Holland, Living (--living--)
Holland-Moritz, Bruce (Private-)
Holland-Moritz, Claire (Private-)
Hollas, Lillie (--living--)
Hollings, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Hollingsworth, ? (--living--)
Hollingworth, Hazel May (30 NOV 1907-15 FEB 1982)
Hollinrake, ? (--living--)
Holloway, Leona (-UNKNOWN)
Holloway, Mary Rosetta (-UNKNOWN)
Holloway, Thomas R (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Brett David (--living--)
Holmes, Brett Graham (--living--)
Holmes, Dean Murray (--living--)
Holmes, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Ellen (1868-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Jane (1860-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, John (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Karen E (--living--)
Holmes, Lafayette (1850-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Lister (23 OCT 1829-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Living (--living--)
Holmes, Mary (1865-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Megan Julie (--living--)
Holmes, Nancy (22 FEB 1846-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Patricia (--living--)
Holmes, Ruth (1866-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Sam (1864-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, Sarah Jane (ABT. 1864-5 OCT 1941)
Holmes, Sarah Jane (1833-1884)
Holmes, William (-UNKNOWN)
Holmes, William (1859-UNKNOWN)
Holoway, Amy (--living--)
Holoway, Joanne (--living--)
Holoway, Michael (--living--)
Holroyd, Albert (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Annie (ABT. 1876-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Annie (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Benjamin (ABT. 1812-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Christiana (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Eileen (--living--)
Holroyd, Eliza A (ABT. 1872-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Elizabeth (ABT. 1873-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Ernest (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Ethel (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, George (ABT. 1875-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Grorge (ABT. 1841-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Hannah J (ABT. 1871-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Henry (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Ivine (ABT. 1873-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, James (ABT. 1844-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, James William (19 JUL 1902-8 MAY 1984)
Holroyd, John (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Joseph (2 DEC 1869-BEF. 1929)
Holroyd, Joseph (ABT. 1853-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Kathleen (--living--)
Holroyd, Malcolm (--living--)
Holroyd, Mary (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, May (ABT. 1898-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Monica (1 DEC 1929-ABT. 1933)
Holroyd, Peter (--living--)
Holroyd, Peter (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Samuel (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Tom (18 MAY 1907-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Walter (ABT. 1868-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, Wilfrer (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Holroyd, William (ABT. 1847-1881)
Holroyd, Winnie (ABT. 1896-UNKNOWN)
Holtsclaw, (--living--)
Holtsclaw, Benjamin W (-UNKNOWN)
Holtsclaw, Ernest Benjamin (--living--)
Holtsclaw, Ivan (--living--)
Holtsclaw, Paul Mason (--living--)
Holtsclaw, Ray (--living--)
Holtsclaw, Viola Gertrude (--living--)
Holtsclaw, William Wesley (--living--)
Hood, ? (--living--)
Hoofard, Wilbur Clyde (--living--)
Hook, ? (--living--)
Hoover, Daniel Brian (--living--)
Hoover, David Bradley (--living--)
Hoover, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hoover, Jason Gregory Thomas (--living--)
Hoover, Jeffrey Lee (--living--)
Hoover, Jennifer Renee (14 MAY 1981-20 MAR 1991)
Hoover, Kristina Marie Compton (--living--)
Hoover, Michael Bradley (--living--)
Hoover, Pamela Sue (--living--)
Hoover, Samuel Lee (--living--)
Hopkins, ? (--living--)
Hopkins, Diana (--living--)
Hopkinson, Betty (--living--)
Hopkinson, Harold Edward (1 JAN 1905-31 MAY 1973)
Hopkinson, Janit Elizabeth (--living--)
Hopkinson, Jonethan Micheal (--living--)
Hopkinson, Lyn Patricia (--living--)
Hopkinson, Michael Edward (--living--)
Hopkinson, Philip Michael (--living--)
Hopkinson, Victoria Mary (--living--)
Hopwood, ? (--living--)
Hopwood, Ann (ABT. 1826-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, Eliza (ABT. 1829-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, George (ABT. 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, Jane (ABT. 1827-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, Sarah (ABT. 1824-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, Stephen (ABT. 1834-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, Thomas (ABT. 1802-UNKNOWN)
Hopwood, Thomas (ABT. 1831-UNKNOWN)
Hord, Aileen H (--living--)
Hord, Alsie Oswald (--living--)
Hord, Betty Jane (--living--)
Hord, Carolyn Kay (--living--)
Hord, Cheryl Rae (--living--)
Hord, Clarice Alma (1 FEB 1908-1994)
Hord, Deronda Kay (--living--)
Hord, Earl Elmo (16 AUG 1903-6 SEP 1987)
Hord, Elizabeth Jane (--living--)
Hord, Heather Nicole (--living--)
Hord, Holly Amber (--living--)
Hord, Jackie Mae (--living--)
Hord, Janice Sue (--living--)
Hord, Jessie Allene (1 JUN 1902-13 MAY 1986)
Hord, John Henry (--living--)
Hord, Madge Evelyn (4 FEB 1915-9 JAN 1937)
Hord, Mary Sue (--living--)
Hord, Peggy Joyce (--living--)
Hord, Robert Earl (--living--)
Hord, Robert Earl Jr. (--living--)
Hord, Russell Therold (--living--)
Hord, Tami Lyrae (21 APR 1964-UNKNOWN)
Hord, Virginia Ann (--living--)
Hord, Wilbur Charles (--living--)
Hord, William Charles (15 MAR 1876-16 JUN 1946)
Hord, William Charles (--living--)
Hord, William Charles (--living--)
Horn, (--living--)
Horn, A Dale (--living--)
Horn, Adeline (--living--)
Horn, Benjamin (1863-1932)
Horn, Bert (--living--)
Horn, Charles (--living--)
Horn, Claude (1903-1906)
Horn, Cora (1893-1919)
Horn, Ed (1888-3 JUL 1951)
Horn, Estella (--living--)
Horn, Ethel (--living--)
Horn, Everett (-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Frances (1831-12 MAR 1909)
Horn, Frank (1882-1949)
Horn, Gayle (--living--)
Horn, Gene (--living--)
Horn, George (1885-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Ida Bell (1874-1897)
Horn, James (1882-1949)
Horn, John Thomas (1882-1958)
Horn, Judith (9 JUL 1848-14 DEC 1937)
Horn, Leonard C (--living--)
Horn, Marshall E (--living--)
Horn, Martin (1870-1945)
Horn, Mary Jane (1871-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Mary M (-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Max (--living--)
Horn, Nell (1880-1952)
Horn, Norma (--living--)
Horn, Rachel (1878-1935)
Horn, Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Robert Meredith (1920-1941)
Horn, Sampson (4 APR 1831-7 OCT 1919)
Horn, Simeon Aaron (-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Stanley (--living--)
Horn, Stephen A. (1865-1938)
Horn, Susan (1867-UNKNOWN)
Horn, Timothy (1890-UNKNOWN)
Horn, William H. (26 DEC 1863-3 APR 1945)
Horne, Edith May (1886-1943)
Horne, Ernest (1895-1918)
Horne, Gilbert Edwin (1916-1990)
Horne, Irene Harvey (1903-1970)
Horne, Jane Grace (1889-1967)
Horne, Mary (1905-1964)
Horne, Maud Elizabeth (1888-UNKNOWN)
Horne, Monica (1906-1989)
Horne, Patricia Mary (Private-)
Horne, Robert (1870-UNKNOWN)
Horne, Robert (ABT. 1870-UNKNOWN)
Horne, Robert Lindsay (Private-)
Horne, Susan Margaret (Private-)
Horne, Vera Marguerita (1901-1972)
Horne, Winifred (1894-1973)
Horner, Jean (--living--)
Horsley, ? (--living--)
Horsman, Isabel (ABT. 1726-10 JUL 1815)
Horst, Charles (Private-)
Horton, ? (--living--)
Hoskins, Mary Elizabeth (15 MAR 1873-UNKNOWN)
Hosler, Jerry (Private-)
Hottel, Living (--living--)
Houck, Gordon Homer (Private-)
Houck, Homer (-UNKNOWN)
Houck, Joyce (-UNKNOWN)
Houghtaling, Al (--living--)
Houghtaling, Ila Jean Marie (--living--)
Houghtaling, Jon Allen (--living--)
Houghtaling, Les James (--living--)
Houghton, Doreen (Private-)
Houseman, Jane (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)
Houseman, Lily (1888-17 JAN 1966)
Houseman, Mary (1829-UNKNOWN)
Housley, Valerie (--living--)
Houstan, Chuck (--living--)
Houstan, LaDonna (--living--)
Howard, ? (--living--)
Howard, Ada (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Alice (ABT. 1874-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Amy (--living--)
Howard, Annie (ABT. 1868-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Arthur Jared (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Betty (-1959)
Howard, Cassandra Elizabeth (--living--)
Howard, Charles Landon (--living--)
Howard, Charles Wood (--living--)
Howard, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Clara Broadhurst (16 JUL 1886-26 APR 1909)
Howard, Cole (--living--)
Howard, Dale (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Dina (--living--)
Howard, Donald Sterling (1891-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Doris (9 NOV 1904-21 FEB 1993)
Howard, E (Private-)
Howard, Edith Mary (1895-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Eleanor Nell (ABT. 1869-12 MAY 1961)
Howard, Elizabeth (ABT. 1842-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Elizabeth Betty (10 MAR 1908-18 SEP 1979)
Howard, Ernest H (6 FEB 1894-13 MAY 1961)
Howard, Esther (ABT. 1839-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Frances Margaret (1889-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Fred (ABT. 1880-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Hannah (1776-1815)
Howard, Herbert (21 MAY 1881-26 MAR 1965)
Howard, Isaac (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Isaiah (ABT. 1876-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Isaiah (ABT. 1847-UNKNOWN)
Howard, John (ABT. 1871-UNKNOWN)
Howard, John (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Howard, John (28 MAY 1805-AFT. 1881)
Howard, John (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, John (21 JUN 1775-12 OCT 1841)
Howard, John William (28 MAY 1845-7 APR)
Howard, Jonathan (ABT. 1840-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Kathryn (-2000)
Howard, Keely Marie (--living--)
Howard, Kimberly Ann (--living--)
Howard, Lilly (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Mary (ABT. 1872-21 JUN 1937)
Howard, Rachel (ABT. 1851-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Raymond Axel (13 OCT 1921-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Robert Henry (1893-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Robert Jared Bliss (ABT. 1859-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Roger (--living--)
Howard, Roger (--living--)
Howard, Sarah (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Teresa (--living--)
Howard, Theron (--living--)
Howard, Tom (--living--)
Howard, Wendy (Private-)
Howard, William (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, William (1816-UNKNOWN)
Howard, William (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Willie (ABT. 1876-UNKNOWN)
Howarth, Eliza (19 SEP 1832-3 OCT 1906)
Howarth, John Walter (ABT. 1863-UNKNOWN)
Howcroft, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Howcroft, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Howe, Dorothy Ann (Private-)
Howell, Ambur Aniah (--living--)
Howell, Catherine Louise (Private-)
Howell, Charles Emerson (Private-)
Howell, Craig (--living--)
Howell, Edwin (Private-)
Howell, John (--living--)
Howell, John (--living--)
Howell, Mandy (--living--)
Howell, Neilly Jayme (--living--)
Howell, Surepa (-UNKNOWN)
Howell, Sysun Danay (--living--)
Howerton, Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
Howland, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)
Howlett, Amy (ABT. 1700-UNKNOWN)
Howley, ? (--living--)
Hoyt, Angela Dawn (2 APR 1967-OCT 1971)
Hoyt, Dale (--living--)
Hoyt, Timothy Alan (--living--)
Hubbard, Andrew Duncan (--living--)
Hubbard, Catherine Hinemoa (--living--)
Hubbard, John Francis (--living--)
Hubbard, Maritge (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbard, Matthew Te Kotuka (--living--)
Huck, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, (--living--)
Hudson, ? (--living--)
Hudson, ? (--living--)
Hudson, Adella (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Albert (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Ann (ABT. 1832-BET. APR - JUN 1856)
Hudson, Burgess (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Charlene May (--living--)
Hudson, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Edith (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Elizabeth (18 FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Elizabeth Victoria (15 JAN 1861-3 MAR 1861)
Hudson, Estelle Savannah (ABT. 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Faye (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Flora (24 JAN 1865-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Guy (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Joda W (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Lilliam (5 OCT 1880-3 JAN 1941)
Hudson, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Living (--living--)
Hudson, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Living (--living--)
Hudson, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Matilda (2 OCT 1859-7 OCT 1859)
Hudson, Minnie McLeskey (14 SEP 1885-5 AUG 1967)
Hudson, Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Ralph (3 JUN 1872-31 AUG 1894)
Hudson, Reba Helen (--living--)
Hudson, Rosa (3 JUN 1872-4 JUN 1876)
Hudson, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Walter D (6 MAR 1868-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, William (1863-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, William Professor (1819-31 OCT 1901)
Hudson, William Albert (15 MAY 1862-18 NOV 1950)
Hudspith, Lilly (1887-BET. JAN - MAR 1916)
Huested, John (1510-UNKNOWN)
Huff, Betty Lou (Private-)
Hughes, ? (--living--)
Hughes, Douglas (1917-18 FEB 1949)
Hughes, Florence (-30 JUN 1946)
Hughes, Rebecca J (-UNKNOWN)
Hugill, Mary Jane (1880-MAR 1967)
Hull, (-UNKNOWN)
Hull, Ernest (-UNKNOWN)
Hull, Louisa (1815-UNKNOWN)
Humble, Jane (ABT. 1713-25 JUN 1803)
Hume, Judith (--living--)
Hume, Robert Ross (--living--)
Humphrey, ? (--living--)
Hungate, Charles (1745-1828)
Hungate, Elizabeth (14 FEB 1795-26 FEB 1880)
Hungate, John Colonel (1774-9 NOV 1813)
Hungate, William (1715-1755)
Hunsaker, Martha J (29 JUN 1830-3 FEB 1870)
Hunt, Carol (--living--)
Hunt, Christopher Edward (--living--)
Hunt, David (--living--)
Hunt, Diana Nicola (--living--)
Hunt, Edie (--living--)
Hunt, Jack (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, Steven (--living--)
Hunt, Tania Louise (--living--)
Hunter, (Lilian?) (--living--)
Hunter, ? (--living--)
Hunter, Dale (Private-)
Hunter, Margaret (-21 DEC 1956)
Hunter, Rose (11 APR 1888-9 JUL 1946)
Huntington, Sarah Jane (1872-BET. JAN - MAR 1917)
Huntley, Nellie Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Huntsman, Janice Larae (Private-)
Hupp, George S (-UNKNOWN)
Hupp, John Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Hurt, Jace Edward Lee (--living--)
Hurt, Paul Edward (--living--)
Hurtt, Eva Maria (Private-)
Husted, Abigail (-BET. 1725 - 1727)
Husted, Angell (1625-1706)
Husted, Joseph (30 MAR 1713-UNKNOWN)
Husted, Lawrence (1545-UNKNOWN)
Husted, Robert (1596-1652)
Husted, Samuel (1670-1741)
Huston, Penelope (-UNKNOWN)
Hustwick, Julie Amanda (Private-)
Hutchinson, ? (--living--)
Hutchinson, ? (--living--)
Hutchinson, ? (--living--)
Hutchinson, Annie (ABT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Christopher (ABT. 1862-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Christopher (ABT. 1834-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Edwin Bert (1875-1939)
Hutchinson, Elizabeth (ABT. 1876-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Elizabeth (FEB 1759-7 MAR 1838)
Hutchinson, Isabella (ABT. 1863-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Isabella (ABT. 1837-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, James Newton (ABT. 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Janice (--living--)
Hutchinson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Margaret (ABT. 1877-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Martha (ABT. 1647-1713)
Hutchinson, Mary Eleanor (ABT. 1861-24 JUL 1921)
Hutchinson, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Hutchinson, Susan Lillian (Private-)
Hutchinson, Walter (25 DEC 1890-18 JUL 1964)
Hutton, ? (--living--)
Hutton, Albert Edwin (1863-1954)
Hutton, Andrew (ABT. 1890-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Arthur (ABT. 1890-1917)
Hutton, Baby (-27 OCT 1834)
Hutton, Charles (17 AUG 1900-2 APR 1983)
Hutton, Corynn (Private-)
Hutton, Fiona Anne (Private-)
Hutton, Frederick (ABT. 1890-1917)
Hutton, George (1865-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Hannah (1871-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Hannah (-16 SEP 1802)
Hutton, Hannah Maria (1865-1881)
Hutton, John (18 FEB 1801-29 JUN 1812)
Hutton, John (10 DEC 1839-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, John Edward (22 FEB 1903-1978)
Hutton, John Grant (Private-)
Hutton, Joshua (1857-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Malcolm Grant (Private-)
Hutton, Marion (Private-)
Hutton, Marjorie Mary (Private-)
Hutton, Mary (30 JUL 1812-11 DEC 1817)
Hutton, Mary Ann (1861-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Mary Anne (1851-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Mary E (1867-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Mercy (1853-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Paige Joanna (Private-)
Hutton, Sally (25 JAN 1810-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Sarah (1867-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Thomas (2 MAY 1814-24 DEC 1834)
Hutton, Thomas (10 DEC 1837-8 MAY 1916)
Hutton, Tom (23 OCT 1890-9 MAY 1992)
Hutton, William (ABT. 1890-1915)
Hutton, William (19 MAR 1808-17 AUG 1880)
Hutton, William (1848-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, William (1778-1829)
Huttonloeher, G Herman (-UNKNOWN)
Huxoll, Charles (Private-)
Hyde, ? (ABT. 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hyde, Goldie Lillian (23 NOV 1908-21 OCT 1983)
Hyde, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hyde, Philo Pete (-UNKNOWN)
Hyman, Tony (Private-)

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